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10 Things That Make Him Think She’s Desperate

10 Things That Make Him Think She’s Desperate

There are times when a girl really wants to have a boyfriend.

All these romances in the movies, watching her close friends in happy relationships, and the like – these all contribute to her wanting the same thing as well.

And that is perfectly understandable, but the issue arises when a girl becomes overly determined or obsessed to have a boyfriend, which forces her to do things that make him think she’s desperate.

Girls who know how to win a guy know that they should be careful of their actions and show signs of being flirty instead of desperate.

If a girl does things that make her look desperate, a guy will think that she would choose anyone from the crowd and that she doesn’t require effort when it comes to winning her over.

He might also think that she’s only interested in casual romances instead of the real deal, which will not play in her favor (if she indeed wants the real thing).

But, the worst of all, a guy might also get the impression of a girl’s low self-esteem, which is closely connected with “acting desperate.”

To help you understand this better and keep it from happening, here is a list of things that make him think she’s desperate.


She constantly craves a guy’s attention

Constantly craving guys’ attention means dressing and talking prevocatively, and doing anything that will bring her looks or likes on social media from the opposite sex.

Doing all of this sends the message that she doesn’t really know her worth and all she’s interested in is being in the center of attention to boost her confidence.

She talks about the future immediately

She’s talking about the future immediately with someone she’s just been on a few dates with so far.

She’s doing so because she needs some kind of reassurance that the guy will stick around in her life for a longer time period.

But, talking about such things again only proves the lack of self-esteem and fear of being single.

She goes to extremes to keep her man

She changes her appearance for a guy; she changes the way she talks, her interests, and perhaps even the way she walks.

Going to extremes to keep a guy is the ultimate sign of being desperate to keep him.

It is always better to be who you really are than to drastically change things only out of fear of being judged for being your genuine self and eventually losing a guy.

She jumps from relationship to relationship

She always has the urge to jump from one relationship to another because that is her main source of self-esteem and satisfaction.

She never lets herself heal properly and spend some time alone because these are her biggest enemies and fears.

Constantly drawing attention from relationships and linking it with self-worth is a huge sign of desperation.

She’s always the first to text him

She never misses a chance to text a guy first because she’s afraid that if she doesn’t do so, neither will he.

She goes out of her way to reach him and, by doing that, she is letting him know that she’s ready to do anything for him, no matter what.

If a guy doesn’t have the space to court a girl and win her heart, he will start thinking of her as desperate.

She’s always bragging about him

She’s always talking about her new guy to her friends, colleagues, and even her neighbours.

He is the main source of her happiness and she simply has the urge to share it with the rest of the world and even brag about it.

Her relationships are her biggest success because she seldom pays attention to other things as well.

She’s actively pushing the relationship to move faster

She’s determined to keep pushing the relationship to move faster, even if she sees that there’s no point in doing so.

She does this because she wants to keep the guy by using force and convince him that she’s the right choice for him.

She has a hard time saying “no”

She always has a hard time refusing offers or contradicting her guy if he does or says something wrong.

She is convinced that if she keeps playing to his tune, everything will be alright.

But, she doesn’t know that by doing this, she’s only putting herself in a desperate light.

She constantly complains about being single

The majority of her social networks are full of connotations regarding being single and she never ceases to complain about it with her friends and other people too.

In her eyes, life without a man is an unfulfilled life and she constantly pushes herself to find a guy who will give her the desired attention.

She’s jealous of other women

She can’t help but be constantly jealous of other women.

If a random woman happened to have talked to her guy, she immediately demands explanations and gives ultimatums because she is the only woman that he is allowed to talk to.

Jealousy is closely connected with a distorted picture of oneself and lack of self-worth, which results in acts borne out of desperation (without even being aware of it).