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Nice Try But I Am Not Coming Back

Nice Try But I Am Not Coming Back

How does it feel now that I am no longer there for you?

Does it hurt like it hurt me while I was suffering and you didn’t give a damn about me?

You thought that I would stay, that this time wouldn’t be any different from all those times when I waited for you, petrified that you would cheat on me with someone while you were having fun outside.

You thought that I would never change, that I would never open my eyes and that I would always be blinded by your love.

But I did change. I couldn’t stand you neglecting me and finding me only when it was convenient for you.

I couldn’t stand that the man I was madly in love with didn’t give a damn about me.

I refuse to be the one who waits, the one who cries and the one who begs for some love.

You know why?

Because I deserve all that to happen naturally. I deserve to be chased. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be taken care of.

And most of all, I deserve someone who will see how much I can love. And sorry to burst your bubble but that man isn’t you.

So, nice try but I am not coming back. I am not going back to the black hole I barely got out of.

I am not coming back to you because you didn’t know to cherish all that I gave you.

And what is most fascinating is that it never crossed your mind that all my love and sacrifices would be more than enough for someone else.

You never thought that another man would see what kind of person I am and that he would fall in love with me.

No, you thought I would always be yours, no matter how badly you treated me.

But I won’t! And I want to figure that out once and for all. I don’t want your kisses and hugs because it is too late for them now.

I don’t want your toxic hands around my waist because they make me feel sick. I don’t need you to tell me that you love me because I don’t trust you anymore.

In all this mess that you made out of our lives, I learned a valuable lesson. I learned that the only person I should give love to is myself.

And I swear to God, that is not going to happen to anyone else, especially not you.  

From now on, I decided to put myself first because you were on a pedestal for far too long and you didn’t even deserve it.

Now is the time for big changes and I will embrace every one of them.

I won’t go back to the old things that hurt me. I will erase all the toxic people from my life, including you. And I will never let anyone treat me like you did.

So, don’t try to win me back because I will pretend I don’t hear you. I am busy making my own life perfect and the last thing I need is one toxic man.

I just want to burn the bridges between the two of us and I don’t want to see you in my life anymore.

You had a diamond but you didn’t know how to cherish it. Now, be satisfied with stones because you don’t deserve anything better.

And me?

I will do what you never knew how—madly and deeply fall in love with myself!