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No Relationship Is Perfect, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Worth It

No Relationship Is Perfect, But That Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Worth It

When two people get together, it’s not going to be perfect.

Every relationship has its ups and down and everything in between. What matters, and what’s really going to keep you together, is the love you have for each other. If you can’t live without your partner and you’re sure of that, it’s worth learning from the tough times and making amends.

It’s also important to make sure you heal through this process, though. If there is lingering resentment that simply can’t be resolved after a fight, this weight will continue to mar the relationship in a way that may eventually make it impossible to fix. So, you’ll need to be open and honest with yourself and with your partner, making sure you spend some time to digest your thoughts and feelings in the aftermath, so you have a solid understanding of what needs to be done to effectively move forward.

It’s also important to understand that you and your partner will not always be on the same frequency. Two individuals will always equal two unique personalities no matter how much you have in common. You must understand every time you’re interacting with someone else, you are causing a vibrational energy that impacts both yourself and the recipient of this energy. And, this energy will not be one hundred percent understood by everyone who feels it.

So, instead of focusing on what energy the other person is or isn’t bringing to the table, focus internally. You cannot change anyone’s thoughts, actions or feelings but your own. Once you can fully grasp this and work on your impact on the partnership, you’ll start to feel better. This is because you’re beginning to grow on the inside through the process.

Of course, you’ll need to openly communicate and understand where the other is coming from in order to adjust any toxic behavior patterns still hindering the union. If you feel like your partner isn’t putting in the amount of time and effort to work on what needs to be worked on so your relationship can make it, resentment is sure to build. If you are busy doing some major internal work so you can maintain a healthy union and you feel as if your partner is doing nothing but projecting and placing all the blame on you every time there’s a hiccup, you’ll have to be honest with yourself and realize that their heart might not be in the right place.

This isn’t to say that it can’t be eventually.  You’ll have to decide whether the relationship is possible to save or not.

Always trust your own intuition and your heart. Your heart will speak loudly, and it doesn’t lie. When you’re with this person, pay particularly close attention to where your heart is. Is it right there with you or does it feel closed off? Remember, no matter how much you try to convince your heart to like someone, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. It cannot be manipulated for long. And, this is your cue to move on.

The truth is, all relationships take work to work. It can be disheartening to feel as if you are doing all of the heavy lifting, and that simply isn’t fair. However, your partner may be processing their emotions differently, embarking on a journey that looks somewhat different from yours on the outside. Just because you’re not seeing eye to eye doesn’t always mean they don’t care about you or don’t think the relationship is worth the effort. It may just mean you two have to meet in the middle in order to ensure you’re taking care of each other’s needs.

If you both are willing to smooth out the kinks and compromise to a point where you’re both happy, you’re likely to create a lasting union.  Everything else is par for the course.

At the end of the day, you and your partner hold the power to continue moving forward. No matter what it looks like to anyone else, your feelings for one another need to come first. So, be careful not to let outside interference call the shots, but, at the same time, make sure you are taking the time to listen to what your heart wants. Then, let it guide you.