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Not Everything In Life Makes You Happy; Some Things Make You Strong

Not Everything In Life Makes You Happy; Some Things Make You Strong

Have you ever wondered why we come into this world crying? Most people say it’s because life is difficult and intimidating.

But, did you ever think about the fact that there are a few types of crying? Crying from anger, crying from joy, crying to relieve stress…

The tears that come out of a newborn’s eyes the first time they encounter the world are tears of joy and tears from fear of the unknown.

We’re both happy and afraid of the world, of life. It’s because life is delightful, beautiful, and challenging at the same time.

My darling, the fact is that life isn’t all sunshine and roses, daisies and unicorns. Sometimes, it’s a fight – a difficult, exhausting, and emotionally draining fight whose outcome only you can determine.

Always be a fighter

In this constant and often difficult and exhausting battle, you must prove yourself as a good and strong warrior.

You’ll encounter many challenges on your way. You’ll gain many good friends but many enemies as well.

You definitely won’t always be happy, but embrace all the challenges life brings you because all those things will make you stronger.

It’s time to take off your rose-tinted glasses

You can’t always look at things in life through rose-colored glasses. Don’t try to deny all the bad and negative things that happen in your life.

It doesn’t make you an optimistic person, and it’s deeply unhealthy. You should accept and embrace everything that happens in your life, the good and the bad, as it all comes with a purpose.

Life is unpredictable. Get used to it

You can never know what will happen next because life is too unpredictable. It’s okay to be shaken up after something unexpected happens to you.

The point is that life is full of surprises, and you should get used to it.

Come to terms with the fact that there are some things in life you simply can’t influence, so there is no point in worrying about those things.

Accept all the lessons your life is giving you

Every time you’re going through a challenging period, just try to remember that God has sent you those bad moments to teach you a lesson.

Try to find a lesson in everything that happens to you and learn something from every situation you find yourself in.

Sometimes bad things happen for a good reason

I know this is a little bit confusing and difficult to understand. But everything happens for a reason.

Sometimes, after something bad happens, there is a very good reason for it. Maybe it’s God’s way of bringing us back on the right path, or perhaps he’s just trying to make us stronger or to question our faith in Him.

It’s all a part of life, believe me

Those bad moments are a part of life, just as the good ones are. Life is actually Yin and Yang. You can’t have the good moments without the bad ones.

Remember, God is always on your side

Even though bad and difficult situations in life can sometimes shake your faith in Him, you must always know that God is with you no matter what.

He is rooting for you. He is cheering for you to win in that never-ending battle between you and the challenges you face.

He has some beautiful plans for you, but first, He wants to find out whether you’re strong enough for it.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

This should be your life slogan. You’ll go through many rough patches in life, but whatever doesn’t drive you to an early grave will only make you tougher and stronger.

No matter what happens, don’t ever think of giving up

You aren’t a coward. Don’t ever think of giving up before the fight ends. No matter how many times life throws you on the floor, gather the strength to get up and punch back.

Yes, life can be tough sometimes, but you, my darling, have to be tougher. There will be some hard times in life that won’t make you happy, but it’ll always make you stronger, and with time, you’ll learn to find happiness in your strength.