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How To Be A Good Boyfriend (55 Foolproof Ways To Make Her Happy)

How To Be A Good Boyfriend (55 Foolproof Ways To Make Her Happy)

I think all men would like to solve the ‘perfect boyfriend’ mystery.

Well, let me tell you something: the perfect boyfriend doesn’t exist. However, we’ll share a secret with you and tell you how to be a good boyfriend and win over your girlfriend’s heart forever.

Women aren’t as mysterious and complicated as most men think. They know what they want from life, from their relationships, and they’ll be direct about those things.

You just have to listen carefully. Being a great boyfriend isn’t a Sisyphean task. With just a little bit of effort, you can become a better boyfriend and make your girlfriend much happier.

If you think you have found your better half, your soulmate, and Miss. Right, you should try very hard to be a better man for her.

Love isn’t easy; maintaining a romantic relationship will always be challenging, but those things will always be worth fighting for.

How to be a good boyfriend: 55 practical ways

Trying to be a better boyfriend will also help you establish and maintain a great relationship with the girl you like.

What does it take to be a good boyfriend? Find it out below and learn how to become the man of her dreams.

Love her with actions too, not just with words

It’s okay to express your love with words and tell her more often how much you love her and how much she means to you. But the thing is that your words have to be backed up by your actions.

Don’t make her jealous. Don’t take her for granted. No matter how angry you are with her, don’t call her names or do something you’ll regret later.

Simply, don’t do things you know will hurt her because that would only show that your feelings aren’t as honest as you say. Send her one of those cute good night paragraphs for her, make her laugh, and simply be there for her.

Embrace all of her flaws and imperfections

If you love someone, you have to accept and embrace them for who they really are. The fact is that we all have flaws and imperfections, and if you love someone, you’ll love those not so perfect parts of them too.

Remind her how much she means to you more often

Don’t just express your love on special occasions or when she asks you if you love her.

There are so many different ways you can prove your love to someone, and you should try to surprise her with something new that will show her how much she means to you every single day. Try telling her one of those romantic bedtime stories that will melt her heart. 

Learn to speak her love language

If you’re in a long term relationship, then you probably already know what her love language is. If you don’t, try to figure it out because it’s very important.

It’ll help you understand her passions and the way she functions in a relationship. You’ll also be able to meet all of her emotional needs, which will make you perfect in her eyes.

ALWAYS be honest

Don’t hide things from her even when you want to protect her from bad news or similar. Always be sincere and speak honestly with her.

That’s how you’ll build trust between you, which is one of the most important building blocks of every healthy relationship.

Loyalty is the most important quality

Do you want to know how to be a good boyfriend? It’s quite simple; don’t even think about betraying and cheating on the girl you’re dating.

Loyalty is precious and sacred to women. Remember, being faithful to only one woman makes you a real man.

Spend more quality time together

Plan a romantic date night in or, better yet, an adventurous surprise trip for just the two of you and spend some time alone.

It’s never about the amount of time you spend together; it’s how you spend it. It’s always quality over quantity when it comes to spending time together.

Flirting with other girls is a big NO

Even if you just want to make her feel jealous because she looks cute when she is, you should never do it, and you especially shouldn’t do it in front of her. You’ll only lose her trust, and it’ll harm your relationship.

Make her your number one priority

You must know your life priorities, and on the top of that list should be your relationship and the girl you love.

Love is the most precious thing in life, and you should consider yourself lucky if you have the privilege of meeting your true love.

Keep your promises

If you give her your word on something, you should keep your promise no matter what. Prove to her that you’re an honest man she can trust completely.

Be an active listener

To have a good relationship, you must learn to communicate in a healthy way. What does this mean?

It means that you should feel comfortable enough to open up to your partner about everything, and you should listen carefully when they speak to you too.

Remember the things she tells you because it’s how you’ll prove to her that you honestly care.

Prove you’re trustworthy…

To maintain a healthy relationship, you must build trust. Be her confidant. Show her she can trust you with anything and don’t ever tell someone something she has told you in absolute confidence.

Don’t lie because sooner or later, the truth comes out, and you’ll lose her trust and her respect. It’s not worth it, believe me.

But also, trust her fully

She is your other half, that part of you who knows you maybe even better than you know yourself. You should feel comfortable enough to open up to her about everything.

She needs your trust, and she’ll probably try hard to prove to you that she would never betray you or your secrets.

Be there for her always

Show her that in any situation, no matter what, you’ll always have her back. A girl needs to feel protected and safe.

She needs to know she can always count on you and that you are always there when she needs you.

Don’t try to control her

Let her maintain healthy independence in your relationship, and you should do it too. If you try to control her, you’ll only lose her.

Don’t let your fear of losing her lead to controlling behavior. If you have any reason to be jealous, be direct, and talk with her about it.

Be surprising and spontaneous

Don’t let the spark die in the relationship. If it dies, your relationship dies with it. If there is no spontaneity in a relationship, all the fun, passion, and eventually love will fly out the window.

Call her cute names

Don’t call her by her name as if she is your co-worker or roommate. There are so many cute nicknames to make her feel special and even more loved than she already is.

Trust me, calling her cute names is a great way to show her how much she means to you and how much you appreciate her. It’ll bring a smile to her face every time.

Respect her

How can you be a good boyfriend? It’s simple, actually. The most important thing is to treat your girlfriend with respect because every woman needs to feel respected when in a relationship.

Trust her, ask her for her opinion and value it, support her and her choices, laugh with her, not at her… these are all simple ways to show how much you respect her.

Show respect for her family and friends too

You want her to respect your family, right? Well, it goes both ways because she’ll want you to treat her family and friends with respect too.

Even though you may not get along with them well or you don’t agree with them on everything, you should never disrespect them because, in a way, you’ll be disrespecting her, too.

Try to win them over

To win over her heart completely and forever, you should first try to win over her family members.

Whether we want to admit it or not, our family and friends greatly impact our love life. So, hang out with them, prove to them your intentions are serious and make them love and approve of you.

Make room for personal space in the relationship

It’s good and healthy for both partners to have personal space in a relationship. Sometimes we all need some time alone.

Don’t nag her when she asks you to leave her alone for some time. She is a woman, and her needs are different from yours. You should accept it and show understanding.

Her needs should be equal to yours

In a healthy relationship, it’s all about equality. It’s putting your partner’s needs above or right next to your own. Prioritizing their needs is a true sign you deeply and honestly care for them.

Don’t take her for granted

She should never doubt your feelings. Don’t ever treat her any less than she deserves. Yes, there might be plenty of other fish in the sea, but there is no other woman like her because she’s truly unique.

If you take her for granted, if she starts feeling neglected, she’ll close the door on you and leave you with regrets for the rest of your life.

Be her biggest fan

You need to be her number one fan. Even when you disagree with her choices and decisions, you need to support her and show her you’re always rooting for her.

Show her how much you believe in her and how proud you are of everything she is.

Encourage her to follow her goals and her passions

One of the best things and most special parts of being in a relationship is the possibility of growing together with the person you love.

You don’t need to have the same goals for the future. You should only respect and support each other’s choices.

Sometimes we all doubt ourselves, but a little word of encouragement from our loved ones can remove all those doubts.

Take the lead

Think of your relationship as a dance. When dancing, one partner always has to lead the other. You’re the man, and that role belongs to you.

It doesn’t mean you should be dominant;

it only means that you should set some healthy relationship expectations, and together with your girlfriend, strive to fulfill those.

Don’t avoid conflict

Provoking a fight over irrelevant, stupid things is unhealthy, and you should avoid those kinds of arguments.

However, you have a few differences, and it’s perfectly normal that you’ll disagree on certain things.

Don’t avoid confronting her about these issues. If you choose to keep silent on those things, it’ll only raise bigger problems between you and make you grow apart.

Communicate your needs

Don’t ever allow her to wonder if there is something wrong with you or your relationship just because you are more quiet than usual.

If something is bothering you, tell her. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome, and there are no issues you can’t solve with healthy and honest communication.

Be ready to make some compromises

If you want to keep your girlfriend happy and the relationship healthy, you have to be ready to make some compromises from time to time.

Sometimes you need to give up certain things you want to reach an understanding. One of the greatest qualities of a good boyfriend is being open to compromise on certain things in a relationship.

Don’t stop investing in yourself

Just because you’ve been dating for a long time and you’ve already won over her heart doesn’t mean you should stop working on yourself.

To have a successful relationship with another person, you first need to have a good relationship with yourself.

Appreciate her efforts

She tries hard every day to be a better girlfriend to you, and you should show gratitude to her for all the things she does for you every day.

Say ‘thank you’ more often because it means a lot to a woman when she knows that even those small efforts are appreciated.

Don’t ask her to change

If you love her, you’ll accept her just the way she is. Of course, we all have some flaws, but the point is that you shouldn’t make her change those imperfect parts of her.

You should encourage her to embrace her imperfections, not to make her feel insecure.

Be forgiving

We all make mistakes. It’s a part of human nature. The ability to forgive is key to a healthy and successful relationship.

If you feel that she is deeply remorseful for something she has done, find the strength to forgive her and let it go.

Also, if you’ve decided to forgive something, there is no point in going back to that topic. You chose to move on, and you should leave it in the past.

Be understanding and patient

If someone had to ask me what the qualities of a good boyfriend are, I would definitely say understanding and patience (especially on those days of the month, right?)

Don’t hide your feelings

Learn to communicate and express your feelings in a healthy way. You shouldn’t suppress your feelings, even the negative ones, because they will come to the surface sooner or later.

They’ll explode and damage your relationship greatly.

Introduce her to your family and friends

This is something all women want when they’re in a serious relationship. If you introduce her to your family and friends, it’ll show her your intentions are serious and make her feel respected.

Don’t compare her with your ex

Don’t bring up your exes, and don’t ever compare your girlfriend to other girls. It’s not fair, and you’ll only make her doubt her self-worth.

She’s not like other women and never will be because she’s a unique, one of a kind girl.

Be more affectionate

A girl needs to feel loved, and you should prove how much you love her every day.

Give her a back rub after a difficult day at work, schedule cuddle time, hold hands in public, hug her from the back and kiss her by surprise, give her daily affirmations…

You see, there are so many different ways you can be more affectionate and express how much she truly means to you.

She deserves to be spoiled

Don’t buy her a gift only on special occasions. Don’t write her a romantic message only on Valentine’s Day. She deserves the joy of being spoiled with little things every single day.

Empathize with her

We all go through bad periods in life. Our lives are full of ups and downs. But the most important thing is to have someone you can share it all with, the beauty and the pain of life.

If your girlfriend is going through rough times, you need to be there for her and sympathize with her. It’s so much easier when you have someone to share all of your worries with.

Try to make her feel better while she’s on her period

During those couple days of the month, your girl is going through a lot, both physically and mentally, and she needs you to be there and be understanding.

It’s simple, really; you just need to buy her enough chocolate and ice cream and watch a few heartbreaking, romantic movies with her.

Be romantic

Every lady deserves a gentleman. This is probably the best answer to the question, ‘How can I be a good boyfriend?’ Just be a gentleman, respect her, express your love, and spoil her with romance and affection.

Compliment her more often

Women appreciate genuine compliments more than you may think. Complimenting her will improve her self-esteem and self-image, which will also positively affect your relationship.

Make her feel special

She is your one and only, right? That’s exactly how you should make her feel. Make her feel special, important, and wanted, and she’ll fall for you even harder.

Help with the chores

I don’t have to explain this one, right? Don’t allow it to become a ‘chore war’ and damage the relationship between you when it’s not difficult at all. Most importantly, it means a lot to a woman.

Cook for her

Surprise her with a romantic date night in and prepare her favorite meal. She cooks for you every day, and it would be nice to surprise her with her favorite dish from time to time.

Be more interested in things she enjoys

I’m not saying that you should do everything together. However, it would be nice to be more interested in her hobbies and things she likes. It would show her how much you care for her.

Make her laugh

If you can’t make her laugh, you won’t be able to keep her in her life. To be honest, we all need a little humor in our lives. I always say that being able to make her laugh is a sure way to win her heart.

Be ready to step outside your comfort zone

Even though you may not be comfortable with trying new things, you should occasionally step out of your comfort zone and do something you know she would like.

Don’t allow your relationship to become monotonous.

Little things matter the most

This is something you should remember, little things are what count for all women.

You won’t be a good boyfriend by occasionally buying her expensive gifts. You’ll be one by surprising her with small things every day.

Remember important dates

Oh, this one is important to remember too. We all know that men aren’t so good at remembering important dates, which frustrates women the most.

You don’t have to remember the first time you held hands, but anniversaries, birthdays, and other important dates should be memorized.

Find out things she likes in bed

Even though physical intimacy isn’t a vital part of a relationship, it is important.

There are some things all women secretly want in bed, and to keep your girl happy and satisfied, you should try to find these things out.

Be her hero

A girl wants to feel safe and protected when she is in a relationship. You need to show her she can count on you no matter what, that you’ll always be there, and that you’ll never allow anyone to hurt her.

To be a good boyfriend, you must first be a good friend

Do you see the ‘friend’ part of the word ‘boyfriend’? Well, that’s important. It’s important to be her friend first, gain her trust, and prove to her you’re on her side no matter what.

You’ve chosen her; now keep choosing her above everyone and everything else

She’s the girl you’ve chosen to be with because you love her and you know she deserves it.

Now, don’t allow anyone to stand in the way of your happiness and keep choosing her despite everything and everyone else.

In conclusion

I hope these inspiring tips helped you get the answer to the question ‘How can I be a good boyfriend?’ Trust me; it’s all about small things you can do for her every day.

If you have found someone you like, you should be trying to be a better boyfriend if you want to go the long run with that person.

After all, if you want a good girlfriend, you should try to be a good boyfriend first. It’s a two-way street. If you show appreciation and make her feel special, she’ll respond the same to you.

If you think you’ve found a once-in-a-lifetime girl, don’t risk losing her. Become the best possible version of yourself and make her fall endlessly in love with you.

Become a better boyfriend to win over her heart forever.