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This Is Why Old Souls Struggle to Find Their Place In The World

This Is Why Old Souls Struggle to Find Their Place In The World

These people are old in heart, old in mind, and old in soul. They are living a life of solitude, often misunderstood in whatever they do because they are older than they look.

It is as if they’ve lived much longer than they already have. Old souls follow their own paths while the rest of the people blindly follow the masses.

Imagine seeing hundreds of people going one way and just one man going the other. You would try to warn him to come to your side.

You would try to talk him into joining you because who knows what awaits him/her at the end of the road. Even you don’t know what awaits you and the crowd at the end, but you feel safe walking along all those people in the same direction.

Old souls don’t care where all the others are going. They have their own way of seeing and comprehending things and that’s why they struggle to fit into the world they live in.

They are misunderstood because they don’t act like everybody else.

They are unique.

1. Old souls’ families don’t understand them

They are born into families who don’t get them. Their families think they are a disgrace—black sheep. Old souls can only understand each other. That’s why they are strangers anywhere they go, even in their own homes.

This can be very tricky because going through their formative years with no support from their family can screw up their lives very much.

2. They are very slow

They are not lazy and certainly not unintelligent. They simply know they have all the time in the world. There is no fuss or any kind of mess in their lives. They will do one thing at a time, with no stress or hurry.

They want to be sure they’ve lived every new experience to the fullest and in detail. They are acquiring new information and knowledge and storing it for the future.

3. They are highly empathetic

They are reliving other people’s pain. They won’t be at peace if they know someone around them is suffering. It’s no wonder they don’t fit in this cruel, heartless and selfish world.

They are healers and they will go an extra mile just to help someone in need. That is what makes their life’s purpose fulfilled.

4. They are very curious

Each new person they meet, they will bomb with questions whose answers they will safely store in their minds—new information, new experiences. They will never have enough of this.

If you ever meet an old soul, you will find yourself talking about yourself, not knowing anything about the old soul hiding behind the person you’re talking to.

5. They can’t separate sex from emotions

They simply don’t care for just physical attraction. To them, emotions and raw attraction come in a package—together. They aren’t able to be just sexually attracted to someone if there’s no deep connection underneath.

They can have sex, but they won’t enjoy it and they will avoid it until they find someone who they think is worthy of their love and attention.

6. They are indecisive

You may think they are slow or stupid, but you couldn’t be more wrong. You may think they don’t care about something you told them or asked them. You may think they aren’t listening to you— wrong!

They are very much aware of your presence and your words. God knows what goes around in their heads. They are thinking about a million other choices and a million other outcomes and that’s why it’s taking them so long to respond to you—to act.

7. It takes time for them to fall in love


It’s not easy to find love if you are an old soul. I mean, it’s not easy for anybody, let alone for loners who are outcasts to the world.

They are attracted to the people who need their help. But to find the person to spend the rest of their lives with is a bit more complicated. It’s not if that person is also an old soul—but, what are the chances?

If you ever meet an old soul, don’t judge him/her.

It doesn’t mean they are less worthy if they don’t fit in.

It just means they are different.