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One Day, You’ll Be As Happy As You Pretend You Are Now

One Day, You’ll Be As Happy As You Pretend You Are Now

For as long as you can remember, you’ve always been known as this tough girl who can’t be easily hurt.

As a girl who is going through life carrying a wide smile on her face, a girl who will do everything possible to make someone else’s day better and a girl who makes everyone laugh.

Even when some bad things happen to you, somehow you always get the strength to overcome them the easiest way possible.

Somehow, you always manage to jump over every obstacle and not to let life’s negativity affect your inner state.

At least, that is what people think.

However, what no one knows is that all of this is nothing more than a mask.

Nobody knows a thing about your struggles and about everything you had to go through in life.

All they see is the face of a happy girl without a worry on her mind, without ever bothering to dig under the surface.

All they can see is a badass woman without noticing a little vulnerable girl hidden deep inside of her.

Nobody knows that you are actually scared of showing your true colors to the world.

That you are afraid of being emotionally naked in front of someone who might use it against you.

That you are terrified of exposing your vulnerabilities because you are convinced that you will be taken advantage of.

That you don’t want to show your true emotions because you assume that everyone around you will start considering you weak as soon as you do so.

Yes, everyone sees the way you have your life all sorted out and they see how successfully you deal with different troubles.

However, nobody is there to witness your sleepless nights, your tears which you can’t control and the moments when you feel like you’ve reached your breaking point and as if you can’t take it anymore.

Those closest to you have no idea about all the pain you’ve buried deep inside of you, which you keep hidden even from yourself.

Everyone sees your happy exterior without ever putting the effort in to deal with your unhappy interior.

Well, first and foremost, I want to tell you that you should be proud of yourself and your own personal power and remember that the strongest souls suffer in silence.

Just think of all the bullshit you went through without anyone holding your hand, telling you that everything would turn out just fine.

Nevertheless, this in no case means that you are not entitled to feel the way you feel.

I know that people got used to the happy version of you and you are probably freaked out about how they will accept the misery you’ve been feeling.

Secondly, I am begging you to have faith, both in God and in yourself.

I don’t know whether you are going through a brutal break-up right now, if you have a family emergency or a work crisis—the point is the same.

You are overwhelmed with pain which consumes you completely.

The worst part is that you can’t share this sadness with anyone.

Moreover, you are convinced that showing your true emotions is a sign of weakness.

Yes, many people probably have it worse than you do but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to feel bad.

You are convinced that you have to go out there with a happy mask on your face, because no one could stand the depth of your sadness.

That others could never take seeing you like that and could never accept the real you.

Well let me tell you one thing—maybe it’s time for you to stop running away from pain because it will catch up with you sooner or later.

Time for you to look it straight in the eyes and tell it that you are stronger and that you have what it takes to defeat it.

Time for you to start believing in a better tomorrow and time to have faith in yourself.

You might not believe me but one day, you’ll wake up and feel as if all of this weight has finally left you.

You’ll see that for the first time in ages, your smile is completely honest and that it comes from the bottom of your soul.

Before you know it, everything will magically fall into place.

Things will find a way of sorting themselves out and all the missing pieces of this puzzle called life will show up.

So please, don’t ever give up on yourself or in your pursuit of happiness.

Don’t allow the pain to define you or to eat you alive.

Trust me, one of these days, you will become truly happy without having to fake it.

And you know why? Because that is the least you deserve after everything you’ve been through.

One Day, You'll Be As Happy As You Pretend You Are Now