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Only The Best Boyfriends Will Send These 8 Texts

Only The Best Boyfriends Will Send These 8 Texts

In a world of toxic guys, it is really hard to find that one ‘unicorn’ real man who will treat you the way you deserve.

It is really hard to find a boyfriend who will be the best for you.

If you’re wondering whether your boyfriend belongs to this crew, one way to find it out is through texting.

So, if you’ve ever received one of these 8 texts, you know you’re lucky because your boyfriend is simply the best!

A text where he calls you beautiful

Yes, only the best boyfriends will call their girlfriend beautiful because they know how much it actually means to them.

If your boyfriend has ever sent this one to you, it means he wants to make you feel special and beautiful because your happiness is a reflection of his own!

A text where he says those three magic words

Only the best boyfriends always keep in mind those three magic words ‘I love you’ and text them to their girlfriend to remind them how special they are to them.

If your boyfriend often writes those three magic words at the beginning or at the end of a text, you know you’re blessed with the best boyfriend on earth!

A ‘You are the one’ text

You are the one girl and you know that is true…

These lyrics are pure proof of Ed Sheeran being a hopeless romantic and being a boyfriend who knows how to express his feelings and make his woman feel really special!

If you have a boyfriend like this, who never fails to surprise you by reminding you that you’re the one for him, you should be really happy because he’s one of the few romantic souls out there who still believe in real values and that vintage kind of love. Ahh…

A ‘Miss you’ text

Many men are afraid to text this one because they don’t want to appear too needy or vulnerable in their girlfriend’s eyes.

So, when they miss them, many of them simply keep this thought to themselves.

If your boyfriend is not one of them and he actually has the courage to tell you that he misses you, you know he belongs to ‘the best boyfriends’ crew.

It means he’s not afraid to tell you how he really feels. It means he wants you to know that he’s thinking of you always and forever. So cute, right?

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A funny text to brighten up your day

Only the best boyfriends always find time to brighten up their girlfriend’s day with a funny text no matter how busy they are.

It could be something funny that happened to you recently and he just wants to remind you of it or it can be a joke that he had just heard from someone.

If your boyfriend sends you one of these, you know that he’s always thinking about how you feel and he wants to make sure that you always wear a smile on your face!

A hot text

Usually, girls are the ones who send hot texts to their guys, so if you’ve ever received one from your boyfriend where he tells you how much he wants you and how much he can’t wait to see you and give you the special treatment (if you know what I mean), you simply know that he’s the best!

And you can be proud of your man and his determination to keep things exciting and spicy in your relationship because Lord knows that it is really easy to fall into a rut if you don’t do those little things that mean so much!

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A special ‘Good morning’ or ‘Goodnight’ text

Is there anything sweeter than receiving a cute ‘Good morning’ or ‘Goodnight’ text from the person who means the world to you? I thought not.

And let’s be honest, only the best boyfriends do it for their girlfriend on a regular basis.

They never forget to remind her that they’re thinking of her when they wake up and that they can’t stop thinking about her once they’re about to fall asleep.

A random text where something reminded him of you

We all love to receive those random special texts where something reminded our loved one of us and we simply melt at the thought that they wanted to share it with us and relive it again because only then would they feel complete.

If your boyfriend is one of those men who likes to send random texts to tell you something funny or to simply share something that reminded them of you, look no more because your boyfriend is simply the best!