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She Overthinks But She Also Overloves

She Overthinks But She Also Overloves

The truth is that this girl is a champion of overthinking. Analyzing and thinking through every possible situation is a part of her nature.

She rewinds everything that went on in the past and she thinks of all the possible case scenarios that might happen in the future.

She thinks of everything that could and should have been and everything that might be.

The truth is that her overthinking doesn’t allow her to trust people. That it always makes her doubt everyone’s intentions and actions.

That she has a hard time believing in promises and that someone means her well, even when they prove it to her.

You know, she always expects the worse and she thinks that this is the only way to prepare herself for all the negative things that might happen to her.

This girl has been disappointed so many times and she is scared of being optimistic. She is scared of going with the flow and she is scared of losing control.

Yes, she will dissect and examine literally every word you say, in the search for hidden meanings. She will inspect and investigate every single thing you do, trying to find what is buried underneath the surface.

This girl will constantly doubt that you care for her and she will always ask for reassurance of your love. She will always wonder if everything is OK between the two of you and she will always wonder if she is enough.

The truth is that this girl is hard to handle and that a relationship with her is anything but easy. The truth is that she has a complex mind which makes her challenging.

Knowing all of this, the first impulse you have is to run as fast as you can from her.

Naturally, you assume that this girl is too much for you and that you shouldn’t even give her a chance to become a part of your life because she’ll only bring you trouble.

But before you give up on her completely, there is one thing you need to know. Despite all of this, she is worth all the problems she brings with herself.

Yes, she overthinks but she also overloves. And she will overlove you, I can guarantee you that.

If you just put an effort into getting to know this girl, you’ll see all of her qualities. You’ll see that she actually has a huge, caring and loving heart, hidden behind her complicated mind.

You’ll see all the layers of her personality and you’ll love each one of them.

You’ll see that this girl is anything but selfish. You’ll see that she is an empath who will always put your needs in front of her own.

That she can be an amazing friend, a shoulder to cry on and the wind beneath your wings.

You’ll see that she enjoys taking care of the people she loves. That she is the type of girl who will always have your back and who will always look after you.

The type of girl who will hold your hand through the roughest of times and the type of girl who won’t back out on you, no matter what. A girl who won’t give up on you, even if everyone else does.

A girl who will give you her endless support and a girl who will always push you forward. You’ll see that she is a girl who won’t lose her faith in you, even when you stop believing in yourself.

And the best part is that she’ll let you see the parts of herself that she didn’t show to anyone else before you, if you just put an effort into seeing the real her.

If you treat her right, she’ll let you see her vulnerabilities and she’ll open up to you, the way she never opened up to anyone else.

If you put an effort in around this girl and if you let her love you, you’ll become the center of her universe and the most important person in the world to her.

No, it doesn’t mean that she’ll become too clingy or needy the moment you let her in.

She’ll just show you what unconditional love is and how a girl who really loves you will treat you.

She’ll give you all the things you’ve been missing and searching for, without even knowing it.

Because she is no ordinary girl and she doesn’t love in an ordinary way.