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8 Things Guys Think About During Sex

8 Things Guys Think About During Sex

Every woman would probably love to know what her man thinks of when he is making love to her.

When you start thinking about guys and the things they think of during sex, you can’t help but have the idea that he thinks about another woman while making love to you.

Also, you want to know if you are giving him all that he needs and if you are the best lover your guy ever had. But since we are talking about guys now, let’s reveal some of the things they think of during sex. So let’s start!

Did she just come?

Guys can sometimes be confused when girls come because they do that and a second later they can continue having sex with them again.

For guys, that is a mission impossible because they can come only once and when that happens, a girl will know it because they will moan and after everything passes they will collapse on the bed like they had been running a marathon.

So, don’t be surprised if your man looks at you with that confused face, thinking about whether he should be telling you more dirty things so you can come or wondering if you already climaxed.

Oh my God, her breasts are amazing!

The best breasts that a guy can see are those that he is currently holding in his hands, and he will tell himself that they are the best things he has ever held in his hands.

Even if you think that your breasts are not so nice for the man you are sleeping with, they will be the best breasts in the whole world at that time.

So, there is nothing to worry about, just relax and enjoy.

It feels so good when I am inside her

Sometimes guys just think of what it feels like when they are having sex with their partner. They think of her nice curves and her body that is amazing.

They don’t need any extra turn-ons because the feeling of having sex is something that makes them already feel on cloud nine.

They just want to capture that moment when they are connected to their partner and they don’t want that to end.

Fuck, I forgot to take a shower!

Men often think about this because sometimes they are too lazy to take a shower or they are tired from their work.

They don’t expect that they will have sex that night but when that happens, they worry about it.

They want to smell good for their partner because it feels much better when both of them are fresh and clean.

I don’t know if she would mind trying something else!

It is true that men often have sexual fantasies but they don’t reveal them to their partner because they are ashamed.

Some of them would like to try some kinky stuff while others would like to try things that they never tried before.

So, if your man is not asking you to do something for him, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want it.

You should sometimes read between the lines and give him what he really craves.

Don’t make me come yet!

This is one of the biggest problems for all guys because they want to satisfy their partner but at the same time, they may need to postpone their climax.

So, they pray that they don’t come before their partner because if that happens they won’t be satisfied.

It is their ultimate goal that their lady leaves the bedroom with a smile on her face and only then will they admit that the mission is complete.

How does she know all these things?

When a guy thinks about that, he will be probably impressed with your sexual knowledge and he will be happy for being a part of your experiment.

It will make him wonder where you learned all those new moves and he might even ask himself if maybe you watched some porn and never admitted it.

Anyway, it is a positive thing, so don’t worry, just relax and enjoy the ride!

I want to come ASAP!

One of the most important things that guys think of when they have sex is to come as soon as possible.

I mean if they have satisfied their girl, there is no need to continue that game anymore so they will just want to enjoy that sweet pleasure so they can sleep.

Believe it or not, but sex can make them feel tired, so they enjoy a good night’s sleep after feeling the best pleasure in the world.