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She Planned To Stay, But You Pushed Her Away

She Planned To Stay, But You Pushed Her Away

She never thought she was perfect, but she tried to be perfect just for you

side view of smiling couple hugging and looking each other outside

She only had eyes for you. She wanted to be worthy of you and she wanted so hard to be worthy of your love.

She hoped if she kept being a better version of herself, if she tried enough to meet your expectations, you would make a spot for her in your life.

She tried to be perfect, she tried to work on her flaws and she smiled no matter how painful the things she was going through became, always hoping for better days to come.

She wanted nothing more than to be there for you

thoughtful woman puts head on man back while standing outside

She wasn’t one of those girls who wanted to have you 24/7 even though you were on her mind all the time.

She didn’t have sky-high expectations nor did she ever wish to have something you couldn’t offer her. Actually, she was the one ready to give all of herself to you.

She just wanted to be there for you. She wanted to be a part of your life.

She wanted to be a person you would find comfort in, she wanted you to know that you had her, day and night.

When it came to you, she was selfless with how much she gave herself to you. But at the end of the day, you didn’t grant her that wish either.

She wanted to love you

thoughtful woman hugging a man

She wanted you to be the person to whom she would give her love to. She chose you over everything and everybody.

She wanted to kiss you when you were sad, she wanted to hear what went wrong when you were mad, and when you were frustrated she wanted to listen and help you to get better.

She was your person, but you were never really hers. You never allowed her get close enough to let you feel what she felt.

She knew all your flaws, but she still valued them as much as your strengths

young couple hugging on the nature

She never expected you to be extraordinary. She never wanted you to be something you weren’t. She accepted you just like that, just the way you were.

She wasn’t blind, she was perfectly aware of your flaws, but she still valued them as much as your strengths.

She knew you were just a human and with all your flaws and all your mistakes, you were still perfect to her.

She should be next to you now, but she isn’t.

She still can’t bring herself to hate you, even though you probably deserve it

young sad teenage couple in a green park.

If it was any other girl in her place, you’d be on her list of of people close to her heart to hate. But she can’t bring herself to do it.

No matter what you did, no matter how worthless you made her feel, how you made her feel not good enough and no matter how unworthy you are of her love, she will never be able to hate you.

Even though she wanted to stay, you pushed her away

woman leaving man

Truth be told, even though she is a good girl and she utterly cares about you, she wasn’t able to stay. She wanted to, but you gave her no reason to stay.

She couldn’t continue bringing herself down just so she could keep you up.

Down the road of giving you everything and getting nothing in return, she realized that sometimes you have to take care of yourself and sometimes you have to give up on love even when it’s not what you really want to do.

So she left. But she didn’t leave willingly, you pushed her away. 

You pushed her away by not telling her how much you loved her, you pushed her away by not appreciating her efforts, by not valuing all the things she did for you two.

You pushed her away by always choosing others before her.

There is no excuse for what you did to her

Young couple with relationship difficulties outside

You can’t blame it on your past and you can’t blame it on anything else. You lost a good girl and this one is on you. You broke her.

You never gave her what she deserved and all she ever wanted was to be in your life. You just needed to move and make a spot for her, but even that was too much to ask.

She was one of a kind and you let her slip away

Portrait of young couple having a conflict in the park

You should’ve loved her. You should’ve appreciated her. But you didn’t. And that’s why you don’t have her anymore.

When you showed her she had no place in your life, when you gave her nothing, she pulled herself together and she had enough dignity to walk away.

But don’t ever blame it on her. Because she didn’t just walk away.

A girl like her doesn’t just walk away like that, you pushed her away. But don’t stress about it. She couldn’t stay yours forever.

One day, you will no longer have a place in her heart because there will be someone out there who’ll notice her. Who’ll be able to see her for all she is.

Someone who’ll value her and treat her the way she deserves. But you’ll never find anyone like her again. She was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And you missed it.

She Planned To Stay, But You Pushed Her Away

  1. Alicia says:

    This article really so true! Just got argued with my boyfriend >.< Anyhow still need to move on
    Writer from

  2. Simon Cowen says:

    Yeah…. no, sorry, just doesn’t work like that, relationships are two way streets and when someone turns their side into a no traffic zone putting all the work onto you, you don’t get to say its not your fault. Sometimes people aren’t just right for each other, it’s not a matter of putting the fault of that onto someone its just the way it is.

  3. Isela Caban says:

    This article was explains it so well. Thankyou

  4. Murray says:

    I’ve lost her. She’s still here but she’s not all here. I feel pain at the thoughts of all I’ve done wrong, I lie awake at night listening to her sleep in fear because I know that no matter what improvements that I’ve made, wrongs I’ve tried to make right, it’s probably never going to be enough. The Hill is too steep and I haven’t enough time to climb it. But I will not give up and I will try until she tells me to stop. She is my life and there will never be another like her

  5. Joanne says:

    Love this! My 10 year relationship is this with two round children he’s pushed me away now I don’t care the right has gone from me! And someone else has made me feel how I wanted to be treat, now I’m the bad one! 🙁

  6. Larisa says:

    Wow… just WOW! Yes, thank you so much for saying the words I feel. Wow….

  7. Drew says:

    Both of us messed up. I’m all to blame though. I am a retard. A loser. I should feel privileged she held herself back to be with me. I gave up everything to be with this woman who fucked someone behind my back. Talked to dudes nonstop as she stayed home while I worked ot out the ass to provide for us. I took mental and physical anguish to hope for a happy ending. This is a crock. She deserves better as she gpt the best of me. And I couldnt even get loyalty or understanding as she praised herself for being so much more than I deserved. I hope that humble women out there see what a man does for them and wouldnt have the balls to be so narcissistic or above everyone else to even send this to a man who let her walk in front of him instead of beside him. Loved you like no other… Thanks for the low blow

  8. Ari says:

    I would like to say this is really true. I was in a relationship for a year and when he went to college he changed. He broke up with me and we got back together alot. Then one day I left because I couldn’t talk the hurting.

  9. Andrew Whitehill says:

    Yeah, this is a bunch of crap. I got linked to this by a woman who I did more to show her I cared than reasonable. When she got domestic abuse charges filed by her daughter, I hired an attorney. When she needed anything I did all I could to help her get it.
    In return, I was subject to the narcissistic narrative and constant whining about how I was always fucking someone other than her. If I only could have the ability to be as successful at relating to all the women she said i was bedding, I would be dead from exhaustion.
    Am I guiltless, no, I get tired of the negative Nancy talk every second. I’m not that way, I make things work, no matter what. But when I get told constantly that I am a liar and a cheater, I figure I must have missed something. If I am getting punished, I am getting the crime done.
    I pushed her away, maybe, but more like I ran away from crazy.

  10. Cindy says:

    This article hit home i have been in a 20 year relationship with a man who never planned to spend his life with me and this year i chose to walk away this article touched my heart and gave me strength to continue moving forward. Thank you to the writer for writing my story

    • Heather says:

      No way Cindy…is it really you?! You didn’t walk away; you never will. You got left and remain in denial. You can’t wait until he leaves you to step up; you should have done that over the past five years while he was warning you that you were losing him. You took him for granted and it’s about time you move on. Try to find someone more like Fonso; the man you always wanted him to be like. The man that can overlook your entitled attitude and manipulative ways and continue to be walked all over while your ugly ass shows no appreciation or gratitude. It’s time Cynthia; move the F@#& ON!!!