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5 Things You Accidentally Do Because You Had Your Heart Broken Too Many Times

5 Things You Accidentally Do Because You Had Your Heart Broken Too Many Times

We all change when our heart gets broken, especially if it happens more than once. And although you don’t know it, you are no exception to this rule.

You don’t notice these things because they’ve become a part of who you are and because these changes didn’t happen overnight.

But it is simple—some of your behavior patterns which you may not be aware of are a direct consequence of your heartbreaks and here are 5 of them.

You are negative

One of the things you may not notice that has changed about you since you had your heart broken is that you’ve become too negative.

Before all of the disappointments you went through in the past, you were always optimistic and positive about everything. But now that has changed.

You simply expect the worst outcome in every possible situation and you always assume the worst about everyone and everything.

Although you may not know it, this is actually your defense mechanism.

You simply had your hopes up too many times before and you always ended up disappointed so you don’t allow yourself for this to happen again.

You think you’ll be less hurt if you expect the worst.

And if something good happens, it will be a positive surprise for you. But if your assumptions come true then you knew it all along.

You are skeptical

Another thing that has changed about you and your world views is the fact that you’ve become too skeptical and cynical, although you try to fight it.

You simply don’t believe in love and you secretly think that people who believe in romance and in a fairy tale kind of love are actually foolish to believe in such things.

Although you are happy when the people around you are happily in love, the fact is that you are always secretly scared that they will end up hurt and that they would have to experience the same things you experienced.

You simply can’t make yourself believe in love and your behavior and comments reveal what you really think about it.

You have trust issues with people who deserve your trust

When you are hurt and left by the people you trusted the most, it is natural for you to have trust and abandonment issues.

These were the people you thought you could always rely on and the people whose hands you were ready to put your life in.

But in the end, they were the ones who caused you the most pain.

And after this happened, you felt like you couldn’t trust anyone, let alone someone who had just walked into your life.

So you simply decided not to give your trust to anyone in your life, although you do it subconsciously and you are probably not aware that you are doing it.

But what you don’t know is that not every man is the same; there are guys who deserve your trust and you are keeping these guys out because of your fears.

You sabotage yourself

Although men from your past life have hurt you multiple times, what you may not know is that now you are the only one keeping yourself from being happy.

This means that you are the one sabotaging yourself by allowing them to still have an effect on your life.

You do it every time you let your past demons get to you, every time you remind yourself of everything you’ve been through and every time you give any significance to people who don’t deserve it.

But not only that—you do it every time you assume the worst of people and every time you think a new guy you meet will be the same as a man from your past.

You sometimes appear as rude

Deep down, you are a kind and loving girl with a big heart.

But life has taught you not to show this to the world because people will see it as your vulnerability and will use it against you.

You’ve figured out that you have to protect yourself so you’ve built walls all around you to keep toxic people out.

You simply don’t open up to almost anyone and you refuse to allow new people to become a part of your life.

But sometimes, the people around you mistake it for rudeness and unkindness. Sometimes you are perceived as unfriendly, although you are not aware of this fact.