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4 Promises Your Forever Person Will Never Break

4 Promises Your Forever Person Will Never Break

A huge part of all relationships is based on trust. It’s based on believing the other person and trusting them that they’ll keep their promises.

However, sadly, in most cases, most promises turn out empty and false. Men lie to you until they get what they want and their actions often don’t match their words.

Well, this is exactly where your forever person will stand out. Here are 4 promises he will always keep, no matter the obstacles and excuses.

1. That he’ll remain faithful

Fidelity is something that should never even be questioned between romantic couples. Of course, this is true when the relationship is healthy and real.

However, sadly, in many cases, men promise to be faithful to their loved ones as long as they breathe, but break that promise as soon as the first opportunity arises.

Well, this is one of the first promises your forever person will always fulfill. It doesn’t matter what happens, he’ll never fall into the temptation to be with some other woman and to go behind your back.

For a guy like him, no other woman besides you exists. He would rather be alone than with someone else.

Your forever person will be aware of the fact that cheating is actually an act of treason – an act of stabbing someone in the back, humiliating them, and betraying them.

If it ever happens that this guy falls out of love with you, he will be honest about it. He won’t have parallel relationships until he makes up his mind.

2. That he’ll stick by your side

Your forever person won’t be your lover only. He will also be your best friend.

This means that this guy will remain by your side, no matter what. His love for you is timeless and unconditional, and it can’t be destroyed by anyone or anything.

You know what the wedding vows usually say: That you two will be together through sickness and health, good and bad times, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…?

Well, even if you still haven’t married your forever person, he will stick to these vows and take them very seriously.

This is a man who will never turn his back on you. A man who will protect you at all costs and never violate your trust.

3. That he won’t break your heart

Let’s be real. Whenever you meet a new guy, he promises you that he will never be like the rest. He does everything in his power to convince you that he is different from all other men you’ve ever met and that he wouldn’t hurt you, even if his life depended on it.

However, the truth is that most of them end up lying. One way or another, most guys eventually tear your heart in pieces.

Everyone besides your forever person, of course. He is the only one who will keep his promise to keep your heart whole.

I’m not saying that he will never cause you any pain. There will probably be times when you’ll feel sad or upset about some of his actions.

Nevertheless, the key here is that this man will never do anything intentionally to hurt your feelings. He will always think of the possible consequences of his actions.

4. That he’ll be honest

Another promise your forever person will keep no matter what is that of honesty. This man will tell you the truth, even if it’s harsh and painful.

At first, you might think that the ones who lie in order to protect you love you more. However, your forever person will know how strong you are and he will always face you with reality.

It’s not that he doesn’t care about you. He just wants you to be aware of how things are at all times. He won’t sweet-talk you just to make you feel better in the moment.

Instead, he’ll be completely honest, even when you feel like you can’t handle the truth. He’ll do it all for your good and for the sake of your future.

He won’t try to change you, but he will definitely call you out on your actions instead of keep silent and allow you to keep on making mistakes.