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Read This Every Time You Start Comparing Yourself With A Prettier Girl

Read This Every Time You Start Comparing Yourself With A Prettier Girl

It’s when you’re sitting in a waiting room, walking down the street or scrolling down your feed on social media that you notice hot girls with perfect bodies, hair and make-up.

And then you think: “I’ll never look that good no matter how hard I try because God blessed me with an apple-shaped figure instead of an hourglass one.”

You’re automatically convinced that in order to wear the crown of the prettiest girl in the room, you need to meet certain standards because beautiful girls all have one thing in common: ‘They look flawless’.

You suddenly feel like you’re not good enough and that you should’ve tried harder because being just a pretty girl is not enough.

But what if I told you that a prettier girl doesn’t exist?

There are attractive women, pretty women, good looking women and beautiful women oozing with self-confidence but NONE of them is prettier than you and neither will they ever be.

And the only reason why you think that they are prettier than you is because you’re being too harsh on yourself!

The only reason why you think that new girls at your high school or work and even your female friends are prettier than you is because you’ve forgotten your own self-worth .

You have forgotten how pretty you truly are and that you’re just a human being with your own unique qualities and flaws and all those little things that make you who you are!

You have forgotten that you don’t have to be perfect in order to compete with that one prettier girl .

All those perfect models you see on TV and social media are not real!

The media is full of 22 to 25- year-old young girls, bloggers and other famous girls whose appearances are each taken care of by a minimum of ten people.

To be more precise, the media is full of shit!

The media is one of the major culprits who has started this prettier girl syndrome by advertising perfection and perfection only.

So, if you’ve ever thought that one of the girls on the small screen is prettier than you, you have no idea how wrong you are!

Even ‘the prettiest girls ’ have huge issues with self-esteem , have regular problems with best friends , falling in love for the first time and finding the right person and even ‘the prettiest girls ’ sometimes do desperate things to feel better in their skin.

You see, ‘a prettier girl ’ is just another girl next door, with the same problems as you, and with the same thinking as you.

That prettier girl also thinks someone else is prettier than her and that is how we all end up getting stuck in this vicious, never-ending cycle.

After all, what makes a girl prettier ? Is it her appearance, perfect mind or something else? Is there perhaps a tool for measuring levels of beauty that we’ve been ignorant of?

Of course not!

If Instagram was considered a tool for measuring beauty, then we’re on a highway to hell, which, apparently, was predicted by AC/DC a long time ago. The only truth is the following:

You are beautiful in your own way and not a single soul on planet earth can tell you otherwise or make you feel otherwise.

Not a single soul on the planet is prettier than you because we’re all created in the image and likeness of God.

There isn’t a wrong way. There isn’t a right way. There isn’t perfection. There isn’t imperfection.

Everything you observe, feel and think is a product of your inner self!

If you convince yourself that someone else is prettier than you, you will spend your entire life living in an illusion just because you were too cruel on yourself.

What you think is a reflection of how you feel about yourself!

If you constantly feel like ‘She’s prettier than me,’ it is because a lack of something inside your soul has invented it. It’s not real!

If you think that others are prettier than you, it is not because they are prettier . It is because you yourself feel empty, dissatisfied and less worthy. It is because you created it and not because it is true.

And trust me, there is no reason to feel that way! Why?

Because you’re amazing!

Yes, you’re amazing. You spent nine months in your mother’s belly, you spent three years shitting in diapers, you gave your parents nightmares as a teenager, you spent thousands of nerves (and years) finishing school, you spent an eternity finding the right guy who ended up being your best guy friend , you got fired at the worst possible time and guess what?

You’re still here! You’re still here because you’re fucking amazing, so don’t you dare compare yourself with others!

Don’t you dare think that you’re not good enough or that others are prettier than you because they’re fucking not and they never will be.

There isn’t a single person like you in the entire universe and if that’s not enough to make you feel like the prettiest creature on earth, I don’t know what is.

Seriously. I’m not even kidding now. You have no idea how powerful you truly are inside out. You have no idea what potential you have!

You can achieve anything and everything you want, so why waste your time feeling like shit and thinking that you need to change yourself in order to beat all those ladies who you think are prettier than you?

No. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, let alone bother yourself with such nonsense because guess what?

You already are the prettiest because you are you and no one will ever be you!

You have your own unique perspective, you have your own ways of dealing with things, you have your own silly habits and you have your own way of eating noodles and dealing with annoying people.

You have your own beautiful aura and energy that can attract the greatest things on earth, if only they are redirected to real values.

So, why would you ever compare yourself with others or think that they are prettier than you? Why would you ever even think for a second that who you are is not good enough?

The moment you start living a life where you no longer give a shit about trivial things is the moment when you’ll realize how wrong you were.

The moment you start noticing all those great things about you inside out is the moment when you’ll realize your TRUE BEAUTY!

So, open your eyes and promise yourself that you’ll never, ever again think that someone else is prettier , more successful or better than you because the only truth is that we are as beautiful as we think we are!

If you treat yourself with care, spoil yourself with long bubble baths and drinks with your best friends and enjoy every single second of the day, the next day and the day after that, it means you’re living life to the fullest and that is the only thing that matters.

The only thing that matters is feeling fulfilled, loved, healthy and grateful at the end of the day .

And the sooner you realize that, the sooner you’ll awaken your true beauty and you will no longer be overly critical toward yourself.

Remember that love is the most powerful force in the universe and if you’re living by the principles of love, you will discover how powerful, brave and beautiful you truly are.

Because it’s what you’re feeling in your heart that reflects on the outside.

You might be Miss Universe but with an empty heart and soul, it just means nothing. Even if you were officially declared the most beautiful woman on earth, if you’re not content with yourself and if your outer beauty doesn’t match your heart, everything would be meaningless.

If you had perfect hair, nails, body and outfit, you still wouldn’t be happy and you would still keep looking for someone who looks prettier than you.

The secret to living a happy life and being in love with yourself is in accepting yourself as a perfectly imperfect unique human being and giving your best to be the best version of YOURSELF and not the best version of OTHERS.

There are thousands of prettier cars than yours, there are thousands of prettier boyfriends than yours, there are thousands of prettier apartments than yours.

But none of them is like the one you have!

None of those cars has the charms of your car. None of those boyfriends has the charisma of your boyfriend. None of those apartments is as comfortable as yours.

The same thing goes for you. There are thousands of girls who might look prettier than you but none of them is YOU and that is what makes you truly special and beautiful!

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