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Read This If You Feel Like His Second Choice

Read This If You Feel Like His Second Choice

Have you ever been with someone who never had the decency to choose you?

But I mean choose you for real? With someone who has never made you feel loved or wanted?

With someone who never showed you that he would rather be alone than with anyone else besides you?

With someone who was never ready to make you feel like you were his priority and who never wanted to put you first?

With someone who has been constantly putting you at the bottom of his priority list? With someone who has always made you feel like you are second best?

If you have, you know how painful this is. If you have ever gone through something like this, you know how humiliated and unworthy this can make you feel.

It makes you question your value and it makes you doubt yourself. It makes you feel like you are not enough for this man to give you his love and attention.

But the truth is quite different. The truth is that none of this is your fault. This man isn’t giving you his entire self and that is exclusively his loss.

Because you have a lot to offer. You have many qualities and you are worthy, no matter what he tries to make you think.

So please, come to your senses and walk away from this man who plays with your head and with your self-esteem. Because you don’t deserve anything less than to be someone’s first choice and someone’s priority.

You deserve to have a man who will never compare you to other women and a man who will never make you wonder if you are enough.

A man who will proudly hold your hand in front of all of his friends and family.

You deserve to be with a guy who won’t have any doubts about you or your relationship.

Who won’t have any second thoughts about whether he should commit to you.

A guy who will be certain of his feelings and who will want a future with you.

You deserve to have a man who won’t call you just when he needs you or when everyone else is busy. You need to have someone who will always have the time and energy for you.

Someone who will miss you and think of you even when he is in the most crowded place. A man who will be more than happy to share his every thought and deepest fear with you.

A man who will be interested in everything you have to say and who will always want to know how your day has been.

On the other hand, your boyfriend will always remain the guy who calls you only when he needs you, the guy who uses you, the guy who takes whatever he wants from you and leaves you hanging.

He will always remain the man who thinks you are convenient and nothing more.

So what exactly are you waiting for to walk away from someone like this? From someone who clearly doesn’t deserve you?

Are you waiting for him to change? For him to finally see your worth? Waiting for him to stop taking you for granted and for him to start putting you first?

I hate to be the one to break it to you but the truth is that you are waiting for something that will never happen.

He will always remain the same selfish asshole he has always been. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Actually, there is nothing you should do about it. You should stop giving him any more of your time and energy.

You should stop giving him endless chances and you should stop putting effort into this relationship which is doomed to fail.

You should turn your back on him, without even thinking if this is the right thing to do.

You should walk away from him without ever looking back and wait for a man who will have no trouble putting you first and giving you everything you deserve.

I know you don’t think this now but trust me—this man WILL COME. You just have to be patient enough and get rid of this guy who is only putting you down and preventing you from being completely happy.