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Feeling Like An Emotional Wreck? (And How To Stop It)

Feeling Like An Emotional Wreck? (And How To Stop It)

A sensitive heart can be a heavy burden. Your heart is so fragile, so gentle, and so delicate that even the smallest things can disrupt its balance. But that’s okay.

You are crying now and you can’t focus your mind, right? I know the feeling.

That feeling where you’re choking on your own fears, emotions, and tears. It’s like your own body can’t handle itself. It’s an emotional state almost impossible to escape. 

Sometimes I feel like it’s just anxiety playing with me, or that it’s the people around me who are the only ones to blame for my emotions.

But at the end of the day, does the cause truly matter? Or does the way you react to it matter more?

Can I just tell you: what I’ve learned that helps the most in these moments is accepting that minute of feeling lost and out of your mind.

You are always so busy, you want to achieve something in your life, and you stress out about everything.

You make plans, you organize things, and come nighttime, you fall asleep exhausted from all those things you did that day.

At the end of the day, you completely ignore your mental health and can’t understand that you’re under a lot of unnecessary stress.  

But let me just tell you that being productive and following your dreams doesn’t always mean that your heart is protected.

It takes just one person in your life to say something before thinking  or do something that makes you wonder if they ever loved you, for you to fall onto your knees and feel your heart sharply breaking inside your chest.

He hurt you. He did this to you. When you look back at it, you remember that time you were there for him when he was so lost.

You wish for him to be right next to you and help you get through this. But he is not.

He’s not there with you and you know that he won’t even come.

You’ll be crying your eyes out for a while, but that is fine. You’ll feel that churning sensation like you’re about to throw up.

But it’s all normal. You shouldn’t be blaming yourself for this emotional moment.

Your mind is blank, isn’t it? You feel everything so deeply that your mind has shut itself down, because there’s nothing it can think at this moment to make you feel better.

So let me be the one to tell you: Accept yourself for what you are right at this moment! You are an emotional wreck, so embrace it!

The more you try to silence your emotions, the more you try to hide them away from the world, the more damage they will cause on your body, mind, and soul. The destruction is not a matter of seconds.

It’s a matter of months, or even worse – years. It’s so slow that you don’t notice it coming!

The damage will go beyond tears because you will continue carrying those emotions with you wherever you go!

Isn’t it better to just let it all go? It feels awful right now, but in the morning you will feel relieved! You’ll feel lighter, like you have let go of a huge burden.

You shouldn’t be angry at yourself for feeling all of these things! You’ll only be adding another emotion, and anger aimed at yourself isn’t going to do you any good right now.

What you need now is unconditional, lasting love for yourself! You need it now more than ever before.

You need to realize that even though it’s harder to breathe through all these tears, even though your face is swollen and blotchy, there’s still no reason for you to not love yourself.

When you wake up in the morning, with those bags under your eyes, you will remember how you felt and respect yourself enough to not let that happen to you again.

You won’t let anyone treat you that way again, because it hurts too much to be let down by someone you loved with your entirety.

But at this moment, it’s better to let it all out than to  drag it along with you, because you’ll meet someone and want to give them everything, but you won’t be able to due to your emotions being held inside for so long.

That’s why you have to let go of all of it. And this is how you’re going to achieve that natural state of ease.

How to stop being an emotional wreck: 

1. Distract yourself 

We all know that when you have nothing to do, you think about stuff.

The more you think, the more you worry. Your anxiety kicks in and you start overthinking. 

Therefore, if you’re determined to avoid becoming an emotional wreck, the smartest move you can pull is to distract yourself.

Find something to do on social media – there are always interesting things on every platform. 

Google things you’ve always been interested in, but never quite investigated. Try things for the first time – you never know what you might like.

Maybe exactly that turns out to be your new hobby that will help to distract you and enable you to move on from the terrible emotional state you’re in. 

2. Keep the negativity out 

Are you in a toxic relationship? Break up – it’s not as hard as you think. Get rid of all the things that are causing you pain in life. No one is forcing you to be unhappy. 

That negativity you surrounded yourself with is only pulling you down to the bottom.

It’s so dark there… when you hit rock bottom. Sadly, many never find their way back to the top. They get stuck in. 

Why you made certain choices is your secret to keep. You don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.

In the end, do you really have to explain yourself for wanting your life to become less miserable? 

3. Blame who you need to blame

Although this doesn’t look quite healthy at first, in-depth it really is. By blaming someone, but only platonically blaming, you’re doing yourself a favor and you’re healing faster.

It’s always easier to point your finger at someone and blame them for your problems. 

The end result of this is – you appear to become a victim because it’s not your fault, it’s someone else’s.

If things go this far before you realize you should own up to your own mistakes, then you are potentially in a dangerous situation of self-delusion. 

If you have a close friend, you should use them now to snap you out of this while it’s still not too late. 

4. Analyze your situation

By analyzing what has happened to you, you’ll be able to find a solution to feel better.

Succeeding in achieving that is called personal growth – when you finally realize by yourself what is best for you and which way you have to go to fulfill things you’ve dreamed of.

For example, you’ve gone through something extremely painful. Now, you’re dealing with it, but instead of lying back and letting what happened to you disappear, you’re obsessing with it.

You put so much pressure on yourself that at some point you become a loner. You refuse to hang out with anyone because you’re only stuck in your head. 

You’re only thinking about what happened to you over and over again. Do you really think that things would be different if you knew about the betrayal or that person’s intentions towards you?

You have to decide to get better. You have to get out of the black hole that hideous emotional state is pulling you to.

Because one day when you meet someone who is completely worthy of every little piece of you, you will regret not being able to give them everything you are.