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8 Reasons Why Your Ex Moved On With Someone Else Before You Did

Break-ups are never easy; that’s why you should never jump into a new relationship too soon. You have to give yourself some time to process it all and think about your feelings.

No matter what the reason was for your break-up, seeing your ex with his new girlfriend is always painful.

You just can’t come to terms with the fact that he has moved on so fast while you’re still suffering and coping up with the break-up.

Well, things aren’t always as they seem.

Just because you see him walking hand in hand with his new girlfriend, it doesn’t have to mean that he has moved on or that he is happy and in love with her.

Men are actually great actors. They can act like they don’t give a damn about you, but actually, they are hurting on the inside.

Sometimes, the truth is quite different from what you hear and see. That’s why you shouldn’t always believe your ears or eyes.

There are several reasons why he moved on before you did and here are the most common ones.

1. He thinks it’s going to help him get over you

There is nothing worse than jumping into a new relationship too soon. Unfortunately, men tend to do this because they think it’s going to help them to get over their ex sooner.

If your ex thinks that a new girl will help him to get over you immediately, he’s wrong. It’s also wrong to hurt that new girl because she might fall in love with him.

2. He probably just wants to make you jealous

Have you ever thought that he didn’t really get over you? Well, that’s also possible. This new relationship is maybe just his new technique of how to get you back.

Especially when he knows that you’re the jealous type, he’ll try to win you back by parading his new girlfriend in front of you for sure.

3. He doesn’t know how to be single

This is probably the most common reason. He got used to having a girlfriend. You did everything for him.

Not only were you his partner and lover, you were also his assistant, his secretary, his maid and his cook. Now that he is left without all that service, he just doesn’t know how to manage on his own.

He isn’t dating her because he fell in love with her, he is dating her because of his own needs. You know him, only looking out for his own interests.

4. Luck was on his side

I know it’s unfair. It makes you think, “Oh well, even God is on his side.” Trust me, you are wrong.

God is not on his side. He is always on the side of those who are suffering and those who didn’t do anyone wrong.

He just got lucky and that’s all. He found a new victim. Another naive girl fell for his stupid smile and his ‘bad boy’ behavior.

You must know that it’s not going to last. He’ll hurt her the same way he hurt you. You can only be sorry for that poor girl because soon, she’ll be going through all that you’re going through now.

5. He didn’t need time to heal because he didn’t care as much as you did

What’s the reason why you can’t move on as fast? Because it’s all still fresh. You still care for him and you were hurt by the break-up and you need time to heal, I know.

He didn’t care for you as much as you did for him, he wasn’t hurt, then why the hell would he need some time to be alone and heal?

He only now needs to boost his ego a little more. He wants to continue chasing women as if we are some kind of trophy.

6. He’s finally ready to settle down

Haha, I know that’s funny, you can laugh too. But as ridiculous as it sounds, it can be true, especially if you broke up because you weren’t quite ready to settle down.

He probably found someone who looks like you and he knows what he lost once and he doesn’t want to make that same mistake again.

7. His new partner is just a distraction

A toy. That’s what that new girl is to him. Someone who’ll help distract him for a while, from the pain of the break-up.

She’ll end up much worse than you. When he heals completely and becomes ready for something new, he’ll throw you away, like an old rag.

8. It’s his way of saying that he has won

He looked at your whole relationship as one big competition. Now, there is nothing strange about the fact that he is even looking at this as a competition—who’ll move on and find a new partner sooner.

It’s how he wants to tell you that he’s won. After a while, once he is alone, he’ll realize it all. He’ll realize that he is actually the biggest loser ever for losing a girl like you. You’ll see, just wait.