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Start By Dating Yourself Because It All Starts With Self-Love

The worst thing you can do is let your feelings for a guy control you. It’s like a special, magical eraser of your self-worth and self-love.

He told you your hair was too long, so you cut it short, your glasses were making you look nerdy, so you put in lenses (suffering in the process of course but he would like it more), your bestie was too ‘childish’ so you stopped hanging out with her.

WHY GIRL, WHY? Is he really worth it? Is any man worth losing who you are to make him happy?

What kind of man is he if he can’t love you the way you are but the way he shapes you to be??! You’re not a cake to be molded, you are a human being, A WOMAN!

So, WOMAN, you must know, wherever you go in this world, whatever you do, at some point it ends up with you looking for love.

What we often forget is that love is actually here all the time. The most beautiful love is within us; the love for yourself.

Everyone but absolutely everyone, no matter what they say, needs love, as do you, and very often, even too often, you seek it from other people, thinking that they are the ones who can give it to you.

In this process of seeking, you seem to forget one important thing: You are also giving lots of love. So what, you’ll ask. “What is the point?”

Well, my dear, the point is, never but absolutely never give more love than you receive; otherwise, you’ll end up losing yourself in the worst way possible.

You’ll end up leaving little pieces of yourself around, not knowing where they are and not being able to put them together ever again.

Every healthy relationship is based on two people who love each other and who love themselves.

You show others how they’ll treat you by how you treat yourself. You cannot expect love and respect from others if you don’t give yourself either.

Men will come and go in your life but you will always be there. That is the main reason you need to date yourself before you start dating anyone else.

No matter how your relationship develops, whether you break up or you get married, YOU CAN NEVER BREAK UP WITH YOURSELF. You’re stuck with yourself forever.

You have to be your number one priority, girl.

In any case, you might end up being someone’s backup plan, their punching bag or the place where they go when no one else is around and they know you’ll give them love again, even if they betrayed you before.

Why would you stay with someone who cheated on you, who humiliated you any chance he got and eventually, somehow, made you feel it was all your fault?

You must know, it is not. It is him who chooses to hurt you and that’s why you have to be your own number one.

Do not get me wrong, if you want to receive love, you have to give love, it’s unavoidable, but it mustn’t be blindly giving and never receiving any.

You should never chase love at any cost and neglect every other part of you just to make someone love you.

Business success, family, friends, even pets should not be suffering because you are fighting for someone who won’t fight back for you with the same strength as you do for them.

Do not disregard all your previous life parts to create this new one, as it might not be worth it at all.

Sometimes, being selfish is not completely wrong.

Not in the sense of hurting someone else to get what you want but in the sense that your priorities must be set in a way that you know what you want and that you never bend for anyone.

And I do not mean it in a good, fun way of bending but mental bending.

When you let a man get into your head and heart so much that you think you cannot live without him, you are being unfair to yourself. Then you’re saying that he is more important than you.

You can live without him, without any man actually, so make the question about whether you want to, not if you can.

But the truth is, of course you can.

You’re a woman, you can do anything.

Do not ever in your life, I repeat, DO NOT EVER, give all your power to a man.

Do not let him think he can treat you poorly and that you’ll stick around no matter what. That is not love, that is him being aware that you love him more and using it.

Don’t wait for a second longer. Start the most beautiful relationship in your life. Start dating yourself. You are the only person you can fall in love with blindly.

Remember, the more you love yourself, the less nonsense you’ll tolerate.