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He’ll Regret Not Treating You Right, But When?

He’ll Regret Not Treating You Right, But When?

My dear, this is your wake-up call. Please answer and hear me out.

You can’t wait for someone to recognize your worth your entire life. You can’t wait for someone to decide whether he loves you or not.

You deserve to be happy right now. You deserve to start feeling loved this exact day and every other, too.

You deserve someone who’ll offer you the world, not someone who’ll only crush yours.

Yes, he’ll understand it all one day. He’ll regret treating you so badly one day.

He’ll understand that he lost a once-in-a-lifetime woman one day. But how can you know when that day will come?

Maybe then, it’ll be too late. Maybe then, you won’t even want to be with him.

Maybe you’ll stop loving him by then so you won’t even care about his apologies.

I know you honestly and really love him but I also know something you’ve been hiding even from yourself. I know that you’re tired.

Tired of having to prove your love. Tired of waiting for the man you love to love you back the same way.

Mostly, you’re tired of how he treats you, like you don’t even exist.

Everyone is always like, Wait… be patient… he’ll change… just wait…

It seems this is the best advice people can give you nowadays. It seems to you like all those people are rooting against you.

But what if you can’t be patient anymore? What if you just can’t wait for him any longer to acknowledge your worth?

No, no, no. It’s enough. You must stop wasting your precious time on someone who doesn’t treat you the way he should.

You shouldn’t waste a minute of your time anymore on a man who never even deserved you in the first place.

Put an end to all of that. You don’t deserve to wait for someone.

You’re so much better than that. You are a woman now and for the rest of life too.

You put your whole life on hold because you thought that things would change soon.

You thought he’d be treating you better by now. I’m sorry for bursting your bubble but he won’t.

The worst thing is that he isn’t even aware that he has made a mistake, he isn’t even aware that he has hurt you.

How can someone apologize when they don’t even see their mistake?

Men like him don’t know the true worth of a woman until they lose her and that’s a sad truth, unfortunately, and you should make peace with it and accept it as soon as possible.

The other sad truth you must accept is that he never even truly loved you.

He just didn’t. When you truly love someone, you would never do anything that would hurt them on purpose.

You’ll understand it better when the right man walks into your life. The right man will show you how a man who loves you honestly should treat you.

He treated you like you didn’t even exist and the right one will treat you like you’re the only person alive on earth.

You’ll understand it all way better then and you’ll be thanking God every day for sending the right man into your life and for giving you the strength to move on from a man who only made you miserable.

I know that the way he treats you is breaking your heart every day, piece by piece.

I know that right now, you’re feeling that the love you have for him will make him soon regret the way he treats you and that he’ll start loving you even harder than you love him.

There’s a battle happening right now, a battle between your heart and your mind.

Please, for once, listen to your mind because in this situation, it’s completely right.

It’s rooting for you and your well-being. It’s rooting for your future, a much better future.

It’s going to save you from many tears and disappointments.

Most importantly, it’s going to save your heart from being completely broken… forever.