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25 Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman & Genuine Reasons Why

25 Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman & Genuine Reasons Why

Since you’re looking for signs a younger man likes an older woman, I’m going to take a wild guess and assume there’s a younger guy who has captured your heart.

Maybe this young man has been sending you flirty signals or you’re simply unsure why he’d fall for a mature woman in the first place.

Either way, I’m here to give you the relationship advice you need.

First off, let’s just get one thing out of the way. The whole age difference thing really isn’t as controversial as it used to be.

Younger men fall for older women all the time, for reasons that actually make a lot of sense, but more on that later.

If you’ve found yourself seriously attracted to a young guy and you have a feeling like he’s more into you than girls his own age, you’re likely right.

While younger women have a lot going for them, one thing they lack is life experience.

And this is one of many things that draws men toward smart, successful older women, commonly referred to as cougars.

Below, I reveal signs that show younger men are expressing an interest in mature women and 25 fascinating reasons why that is.

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Indications That A Younger Guy Has Fallen For A Mature Woman

Move over, younger ladies, the cougars are here! Find out once and for all whether you have a chance with this young dude and whether older women/younger men relationships can stick.

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Constant displays of affection

Here is one of the surest young men/older women relationship signs or at least a possible relationship sign.

This could be her male best friend or co-worker who just keeps doting on her.

Calling her sweet names, giving her a reassuring hug when she needs one and constantly being affectionate without crossing any lines; these could all definitely be considered not-so-subtle signs of his attraction.

He can’t stop finding excuses to talk about her

No matter where he is, this older woman is a frequent topic. It’s either about something really inspiring she said or a funny anecdote that he just needed to share.

It doesn’t really matter what it is. As long as there’s any excuse to mention this woman, he’ll find it.

If you recently heard that this particular younger dude has been talking about you non-stop, there’s your chance to make a move.

A lot of subtle touching on his part

A gentle touch on the wrist, grabbing your hand to hurry you up on your way out or a not so subtle lean-in as you’re standing next to each other. Have you recently experienced any of these?

He makes an effort to leave a good impression on her kids (if she has any)

If this older lady has children, he’ll make sure to leave a good impression.

Whether she brings them along for a (friendly) coffee date or to the office, he’ll talk to them, maybe do a magic trick or buy them a soda.

These tiny gestures signify a huge interest on his part. Think about it.

Why would he try to make friends with someone else’s kids if he didn’t have to? Hint: He’s REALLY into their mother.

His pupils dilate whenever she’s nearby

This needs no further explanation. If you’ve noticed this on more than one occasion, you’ve got someone really swooning over you.

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He always finds a reason to spend time together

Ahh, quality time together. See, he’s really sneaky in this regard (in a good way though).

He’ll always find a great excuse to spend some time with you, no matter the nature of your relationship.

If you’re work friends, he’ll think of a joint assignment and if you’re friends through your kids, he’ll make sure to always arrange a playdate for them. But there will always be something in the works.

He asks around for her contact information

And naturally, she almost always finds out. Usually, he goes to her best friends, as he can’t go wrong there, so it goes without saying that the friends will inform said woman.

Think about it. Why would he be asking around for your number? You only do that if you want to get in touch with someone.

He shows an avid interest in the things that she’s into

He’s covered his ground. He most likely knows this woman’s interests and hobbies and he’s not afraid to get into it too.

Maybe she’s into tennis, rock-climbing or horseback riding.

No matter what it is, he’ll give it a shot if it means more opportunities to see her. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

He calls or texts her a LOT

Of all the subtle signs that a younger man likes an older woman, this one is clear as day. He calls her, texts her and DMs her.

He tries not to be too pushy but there’s definitely interest on his part. Why else would he keep persevering?

There’s a lot of flirtatious behavior on his part

He can turn his flirt on when needed. Naturally, this doesn’t happen as much during work hours, if he’s a co-worker, as it would be inappropriate. But when you’re off the clock, it’s game time.

And honestly, that’s kind of refreshing. At least this isn’t as subtle as some men tend to be and you can actually flirt back and go somewhere.

Being open is always the best chance to make any sort of progress.

He shows up at places that she frequents

It’s so easy to find out where someone goes to unwind as all it takes is asking someone else.

But if this younger man is a friend of yours, it goes without saying that you’ll see a lot of him around.

Be it coffee shops, parks, supermarkets or libraries, he wants to see you and he’s going to give himself as many opportunities for that as possible.

He is strangely protective of her

Whenever someone has a negative thing to say about her, he’s going to be in her corner.

He’ll most likely vocally express his opinion that goes in her favor and he’ll strongly stand his ground protecting her.

… but also really shy and dorky around her

But at the same time, he’ll be kind of awkward around her but in a totally cute way.

Maybe he’ll forget what he was talking about or he’ll spill his coffee when he sees her. Cute little things like that.

He engages in more mature activities

He used to be all about playing video games and bar-hopping with his buddies but now, his effort to engage in more serious activities is more than evident.

That shows that this dude is seriously trying to score points.

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He is true to his word and never flakes on her

If he promises to pick her up at a particular time, he’ll be there on the dot.

If he assures her that he’ll take care of her assignment while she’s sick, she can consider it done. Whatever he promises, he delivers.

While these are the attributes of any kind, mature, thoughtful person, when you combine them with all the other signs from above, you have yourself a young guy trying really hard to be noticed by an older woman.

When he asks her something, he genuinely cares about her answer

He doesn’t just ask her about her family for the sake of asking. He truly wants to know. And that is something you can totally see.

It’s easy to spot the fakers but when someone has genuine intentions, it shows.

His sense of humor is always on point to impress her

This guy will always be cracking jokes when she’s around and will just try to be fun and chill all-around.

He wants her to see that he can show her a really good time (and I don’t mean in a creepy way).

He constantly gives her compliments

It can be either work-related, praising her mom skills or a general compliment about being a go-getter who somehow always finds time for everything.

He’ll make sure she knows just how much he admires her. If he’s too shy to make the first move, maybe this will encourage her to chat him up.

She often catches him gazing at her

When we’re deeply drawn to an individual, it’s difficult to not stare at them.

If this person is right there in your proximity, it’s only natural that you’re going to glance at them every now and again.

There is nothing wrong with that. Oftentimes, it’s completely subconscious. But you should definitely consider it one of the surest signs a younger man likes an older woman.

Her opinion matters to him more than those of others

Yeah, he’ll ask for advice from a few people but yours is the advice he’ll listen to. Almost always.

Why? Because it’s the most valued to him. He greatly appreciates you as a person and therefore, your input trumps that of others.

He is happy to do what she wants

If she wants him to do something, he’ll happily oblige, just as long as it isn’t something too out there.

One of the best ways to determine whether someone’s interested in you is by asking a favor and watching their reaction.

If this person is indifferent to you, they’ll only do it if there’s something in it for them.

But the more they care, the more likely that they’ll accept (sometimes even with a smile on their face).

He doesn’t have a problem changing plans just to be with her

If you ask him to hang out, he’ll do so regardless of his previous engagements.

You may not be aware of this but this guy is impatiently waiting for you to suggest something like this.

So when it happens, you can be certain that he’s going to be there come hell or high water. What does that tell you about his feelings toward you?

He claims to be tired of young women’s immaturity

Quite a few times, you’ve heard him say that he’s grown tired of how girls his own age act.

They’re supposedly immature, self-conscious and need constant reassurance.

But with older ladies, it’s the complete opposite and he’s made sure you know how he feels. You can’t say that he doesn’t have a point, can you?

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He regularly likes all of her social media posts and photos

If you’re friends on social media, you’ve probably noticed that he’s very into your photos and posts.

There isn’t a single post of yours that he hasn’t liked or commented on. And don’t even get me started on your pics.

He so obviously wants to be alone with her

This is one of the ultimate (and hottest) signs that a younger man likes an older woman. He simply wants her all to himself.

He wants her to see him in a different light and the only way to do that is one-on-one.

Think about it. Have you had a younger guy repeatedly suggest going for your coffee break alone (if you work together)?

Maybe he’s suggested drinks, just the two of you, to get to know each other better?

He’s doing everything in his power to get a chance to make his move. Help him out. You could really be missing out.

What Makes Young Men Go Crazy About Older Women?

Now that we’ve established the real signs that you’ve caught his attention, you’re probably eager to know what made him fall for you so hard.

So here’s what young guys find so appealing about mature women.

Life experience that young women lack

This is truly the best thing about the age gap. Mature women are just that. Mature.

They’ve been through a lot, so they know what’s worth stressing over and what isn’t.

They probably made a few mistakes along the way that in turn helped them figure out the best ways to accomplish things. You can’t teach experience. You simply have to live it.

Older women are generally more established and accomplished

In Older Women, Younger Men: New Options for Love and Romance, by authors Felicia Brings and Susan Winter, you can find out much more about the allure of older women to younger guys.

They go into great detail explaining how their sense of accomplishment makes them a much more likely choice than young girls, as guys are more and more into well-established women nowadays.

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They know what they want

Their self-esteem thrives at their age, as they have gone through a number of experiences (both good and bad) which have shaped them into well-rounded, confident women who go after what they want.

Men (or should I say weak men) were sometimes threatened by a woman’s prowess and self-esteem in the past but luckily, that’s no longer always the case.

Now, this is precisely the thing that makes them so incredibly appealing and hot.

There’s no sugarcoating, they tell it like it is

One thing an older gal will never do is sugarcoat things. And believe it or not, men actually find this refreshingly real.

They want to hear things for what they are, not for what they want them to be.

In my humble opinion, this makes older women so special. They’re not here to elevate anyone’s low-self esteem or to nurture guys’ fragile egos.

If you can’t handle the truth, they don’t have time for you.

They don’t care about the social media craze

Selfies, dating apps, likes and whatnot are all commonly associated with young girls.

They thrive on being liked on Instagram and followed by a number of men who hold them on a pedestal.

But older ladies are not fazed by this. They cannot be bothered with the opinions of complete strangers as they know they hold zero value.

This, in turn, makes them so appealing to younger men as they just don’t care about unimportant stuff.

Younger men can learn a lot from mature women

Just take the French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte for example.

She is 24 years his senior and their marriage seems to work just fine.

This will partly be because he is aware that there is a lot to be learned from a woman who has been through a lot of shaping experiences that allow her to give advice based on first-hand knowledge of a great number of things.

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They push and encourage men instead of holding them down

Another thing that separates older women from young girls is their drive but other than being driven themselves, they also push their partner and encourage them to take risks and follow their dreams.

There is no backstabbing, jealousy or putting them down. They genuinely want their man to feel just as fulfilled and as accomplished as them.

Why? Because that’s what all the best relationships are made of; cheering each other on.

There’s a whole new outlook on life that rubs off on them

It cannot be denied that mature women have a perspective that is probably different from those in young girls.

They think differently, more maturely, and it shows. Their outlook on life is inspiring to witness, which makes young men want to get closer to them.

When a younger man likes an older woman, that is a direct testament to how much things are changing.

Instead of chasing after one of the superficial twenty-somethings, they go after something much deeper and more meaningful in the long-run.

They are fiercely independent

An older woman was a completely different person as a 25-year-old, which helped her learn the importance of independence.

The most significant attribute of older women is their fierce need for independence.

They don’t depend on a man to look after them (or anyone else for that matter), not physically and definitely not financially.

They are their own hero, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

They don’t need to constantly be told they’re good enough (as they already know)

There’s much available advice for women and guys to help increase their self-esteem but when it comes to mature women, they simply don’t need it.

They are past the point of needing constant reassurance.

They have been there and luckily, they are perfectly comfortable in their own skin; or at least, significantly more so than a younger girl would be.

A man loves having a woman by his side who knows her worth. It’s deeply attractive.

Older women follow their own pace

They’ve probably had a healthy relationship with an old man (or at least an older one) and they’ve dipped their toes in the pool of younger men.

And they’ve learned that true love cannot be rushed.

No matter someone’s age, it’s important to follow your own pace. Older women do not conform for anyone, not men and not society.

They know what works for them and at which pace they’ll get there. And that is all that they take into account.

They are emotionally mature

This may come as a surprise but men are sick and tired of immature behavior and head games that young girls put them through.

Relationships aren’t about all that. And who knows that better than mature gals?

With them, what you see is what you get. They don’t expect you to read their mind and they don’t need you to prove your love with expensive gifts and pricey restaurants.

They know you cannot put a price on love. That’s emotional maturity.

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They don’t live in a fantasy world

They know that not all older woman/younger man relationships last forever; they know better than that. But they also aren’t afraid to give their male best friend a chance to see if it could work.

This is real life, not a fantasy, so if they want something, they aren’t afraid to make an effort, even if it means possibly failing.

They would never deny themselves any sort of pleasure out of pure fear that it may not work out. Because what if it does?

Older ladies can offer words of wisdom

A meaningful conversation is something that you can expect in abundance from an older woman.

And no, they won’t be overwhelmingly annoying with unsolicited advice but they will be there to help you out in a major way, should you need them to.

No, they aren’t a shrink but the life experience I have touched on a few times in this article is precisely the thing that allows them to offer some pretty fantastic advice.

But only if asked for.

Intellectual discussions as opposed to tedious small talk

The inability to communicate is a long-term relationship deal-breaker. Who can say differently?

While it’s nice that you can engage in cute small talk with your partner, you also have to be able to broach the tough stuff.

Men love women who challenge their opinions and beliefs. It allows for intellectual discussions and perhaps even learning something.

When you think about it, it would be weird if men weren’t attracted to older women.

Financial security

Similarly to being fiercely independent, older women are also financially (much) more independent than twenty-something-year-old girls.

This, of course, isn’t a rule, as there are ambitious young ladies out there for sure.

But who’s more likely to have saved enough money for rainy days while being able to live a fairly comfortable life?

They handle issues as the mature grown-ups they are

This is one of the best relationship tips you’ll hear today. Find someone who can work through relationship downfalls like a mature adult.

You need to have a partner capable of communicating and this is where older women excel. They won’t throw a fit if something doesn’t go their way.

They won’t act immaturely if you break-up with them, as they’ve been through far too many break-ups already. They handle stuff according to their age.

They are much more body-confident

Not that there’s any judgment on my part for anyone who’s struggling with body image. Never. But it has to be mentioned that older ladies are more likely to be comfortable in their own skin.

They have likely gone through periods of struggle at some point but now they’re past that.

And in my experience, men are more drawn to women who love their body the same way they do. (Feeling confident is hot.)

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When they commit to something, they stick it out

They won’t give up at the first sight of trouble and they will never commit to something that they cannot accomplish.

It takes a lot for them to admit defeat and guys respond well to that.

This translates into their relationships as well.

An older woman is a stable romantic partner and while this doesn’t sound like the hottest attribute, it is definitely a much-needed one in the long run. And luckily, guys appreciate it.

Their confidence levels are high

This includes older single women too. Younger women (at least in my experience and opinion) suffer from much lower self-esteem. But that kind of goes with the territory of young age.

You have to go through a lot to realize that this is something you can work on and that it’s not an external thing.

Once you learn to be happy and confident in your own skin, your self-esteem sky-rockets.

And don’t think for a second that guys don’t notice these things. Why do you think they go for cougars so much?

They have a lot of experience in the bedroom

One very important thing that cannot be left out is their bedroom experience.

They’ve probably done a lot and are much more comfortable to try new kinky things under the sheets. Do I even have to say that guys live for that?

While anyone’s bedroom activities are totally their own, mature gals are more equipped in that department, plus more likely to go for stuff young women wouldn’t.

No shame of course but this is something that makes men go crazy in all the best ways.

They know how to live a happy-go-lucky life

One may say that they have the key to a happy life.

Of course, things aren’t so black and white but older men and women in general are much more carefree in life. Why? Because life experience has taught them to be.

They know that you cannot live your life constantly stressed over the little things.

Life is far too complicated to expect everything to be perfect so they know how to find beauty in life’s curveballs.

I don’t know about you but I could definitely use someone like that in my life. Someone who will make me feel happy even on the worst of days.

Because as you grow older, you start realizing that whom you surround yourself with makes all the difference.

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All Things Considered…

I genuinely hope that these signs a younger man likes an older woman have helped you figure out where you stand.

Because honestly, a big age difference means nothing if the bond is real.

So go after your young man if that’s what you really want. Now that you know that he’s most likely into you, flirt back!

This could be the beginning of something really beautiful. Age doesn’t define how a relationship will unfold; it’s a tad more complicated than that.

As evident from the numerous reasons why men go after older ladies, you can’t deny that it makes a lot of sense.

Who wouldn’t want a mature, stable, experienced and independent woman by their side?

Older women have tried a lot, which makes them more than capable of making smart, educated decisions that will benefit their life. Who cares what someone else might say?

It’s your life, not theirs. So live it however the hell you choose and with whoever makes you feel happy to be alive (no matter their age).

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