If you want your relationship to grow and become indestructible, you have to find a way to emotionally connect with your partner on an even deeper level. Only then, your relationship will be stronger than ever.

Being with someone and listening to someone is not enough if you want your relationship to last. You have to work with your emotions 24/7. You have to open up to your partner completely—show him the way to the core of your heart. Show him your vulnerable side and share your biggest fears and deepest secrets with him.

Let him understand how you’re really feeling. Show him your true emotions. Make your relationship last forever. Find your common emotional language because we all know that the honeymoon phase won’t last forever.

If you didn’t connect by the end of that phase, the two of you won’t last. So, if you want to find that deep connection, keep reading and make your relationship a happy and long-lasting one.


1. Support him in what he believes

Show him that you will be by his side no matter what. Even if you have no interest in what he’s doing. Any kind of encouragement from a loving person is all he needs.

If the two of you have completely different beliefs and attitudes towards life, it’s normal that you will argue about certain things that come up because you have different views. During these fights, bear in mind that he’s only standing up for what he believes and you are doing the same thing. Show him support and don’t discard his beliefs but try to find a compromise.

The two of you will connect as soon as you learn to give support to one another and as soon as you learn how to respect each other’s attitudes. You have to find a middle ground—a neutral field where the both of you are satisfied.


2. Learn to express your true feelings

Learn to trust your partner. He is there for you and if you want to work on your relationship, he will be there for you for the rest of your life. You have to learn to express the real stuff that is hiding deep in your heart—no false expressions, no false feelings. Now, it’s time to play in the big leagues.

If you get into a fight and you’ve realized that you were wrong but you have a hard time saying ‘I’m sorry’, admit your difficulty. Tell him you want to apologize but somehow it is stuck in your throat.


3. Act in an emergency

Before a lover, be a true friend. When you partner needs you badly or he is stuck in a serious situation, act quickly. Leave all you’re doing because nothing is more important than the love of your life. In this way, you will show him you will be there for him in times of distress and there is nothing that deepens a connection more than a true sign of selfless love and trust.

Sometimes, in long relationships, people can take each other for granted. They can forget how much they meant to each other once, and what they were ready to do for their partner—don’t let this happen.

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4. Don’t avoid conflicts

This is a healthy way of blowing off steam. Couples fight and you will fight, too. If a little bit of yelling is necessary to smooth things out, then do it. Avoiding conflicts can make you distant from your partner. Confront your partner on whatever is bugging you and try to find a solution.

Some issues can be solved in a few minutes but some take days. The important thing is not to give up. Honest communication with no bullshitting is the true key to a successful and long-term relationship. Putting it all under the carpet only makes things worse because the fight will come and it will be your last one.


5. Find a way to forgive

Woman holding man's hands


As it has been said already, relationships are all about compromise. Don’t be stubborn. Bear in mind that the two of you are building a life together and there is no more ‘I’ but ‘we’, as far as your relationship is concerned. You’re working together as a team to make your life beautiful.

If your partner screwed something up and he is sorry for that, don’t make it any harder for him than it already is. Find a way to forgive him, even if you’re still angry—you won’t be angry your whole life. Remember, you will make mistakes too. Put yourself in his skin and imagine how you would feel like if the situation was reversed.

Make an unbreakable bond by sharing your inner worlds and your relationship will be stronger than ever.

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