Ever since you can remember, people have been classifying you as a strong woman.

And in all of your past relationships, you’ve always been the one who put more effort in and the one who tried harder. You’ve always been the one fighting for the relationship and the one making it work.

When you come to think of it, you’ve always been the one chasing the guy, even while you were in a relationship.

People keep telling you that men are scared of strong women, that independent women intimidate them and that is the reason for all of this.

And yes, you see that when you get to the bottom of things, you’ve always been with men who were weaker than you.

Those men always needed your guidance and your hand to lead them through life. And once you helped them become better and more successful, they would always turn their back on you.

That is when they showed their true colors and true face. It was always like they were holding their frustrations inside of them until you gave them wings.

And that is when they would start acting like they wanted revenge. As if they wanted to punish you for being the more successful one and the stronger one.

And that is when the hell would begin. That is when all of these guys noticed that you’d fallen for them and when they started feeling they could treat you the way they wanted.

With time, you saw that this became your relationship pattern. And you don’t know why that is so.

Are you the problem? Why do all of your relationships begin and end in the same way?
Why do you keep choosing men weaker than you?

Do you deliberately choose this type of man because you are afraid of being with someone strong and powerful? Or do you choose weak men because you feel you’ll be their savior and the woman who will change their ways?

Whatever that is in question, the point is that you’ve had enough. You’ve had enough of being the only one who takes all the responsibility for everything good and bad in the relationship and you’re sick and tired of being the only one initiating everything between you and your boyfriend.
For once, you would like to have a man who would chase you. You would like to have a man who deserves you and everything you have to offer. A man who won’t hold you back but a man who would push you forward.

You know you are a strong woman and you would like to finally have a real man.

You would like to have a man who would be equal to you, who would be your shoulder to cry on, your advisor and who would give you a hand when you need one.

You would like to have a man who would look forward to your successes, a man who wouldn’t be intimidated by you and your accomplishments. A man who would cheer for you and who wouldn’t do everything in his power to diminish your achievements or to try to ruin everything you put your hand to.

You would like to have a man who would be your number one fan and supporter, someone who would be there for you through thick and thin. A man who would love you at your worst and a man you could rely on.

You would like to be with a man who won’t be scared of you or of your strength. A man who won’t run away when you show him your power or your weaknesses. A man who could handle your vulnerabilities without using them against you.

You would like to have a man who would be proud to have a woman like you by his side. And you would be proud to be with him as well.

A man who won’t put his ego in front of his emotions and in front of your relationship and a man who won’t be threatened by you in any way possible.

Instead, this man will walk shoulder to shoulder with you through life and he will be your partner in every sense of that word.

I know you’ve probably given up on finding a guy like this but trust me, he’ll come along.
You just have to wait patiently and give him a chance when he comes into your life.

Because believe me—it will be worth it.