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When You Know It Will Never Work Out But You Keep Going Back To Each Other

When You Know It Will Never Work Out But You Keep Going Back To Each Other

Sometimes, your love for someone is stronger than everything else. Sometimes, your mind simply can’t control your actions, no matter how hard you try. Sometimes, you need to put a stop to some things but you just can’t help yourself.

If you have ever been in a situation where you are crazy about a guy but you know that there is no future for the two of you, you know exactly what I am talking about.

This guy has rocked your world from the first moment you saw him. And you know that he feels the same way about you.

The two of you are madly in love with each other and you can’t keep your hands off of one another.

But from the moment you met him, you knew he was trouble. You knew that the two of you could never find peace next to each other.

Yes, you’ve always thought that he is your other half—you could never imagine loving someone that much.  

You both want things between you to work out badly but somehow that is not happening. You keep fighting and breaking up because you simply can’t get along.

And you don’t know why that is so. You don’t doubt his feelings and you are certain that you love him as well.

Despite everything, you keep going back to each other. Deep down, both of you know that you will never succeed in having a healthy, strong relationship but there is some unexplainable force dragging you to one another.

Every time you break things off, you decide to call it quits for good. You decide this is the last time you’ll let this man into your life, because you know he is toxic for you.

It doesn’t have to mean that he is a bad guy—you two are simply not right for each other. He wakes up the worst in you and that is something you don’t need in your life.

But every time he comes crawling back, you take him back, as if nothing has happened.

Although you know there is no future for you two, you secretly hope that this time will be different. And I am here to tell you that it won’t.

Neither of you is obviously ready to change. You are both grown-ups and it would be absurd to expect either of you to change so that you could fit the other person’s standards.

It is possible that you are both hot-tempered or that your personalities simply don’t match.

The two of you have been together for ages and by now, you should’ve learned how to function together. But, obviously, that didn’t happen.

And if it hadn’t happened by now, why would you think it would in the future? Why do you think this time will be different, when things ended up the same every time in the past?

Whatever it is that is keeping you two from being happy, it is obviously something that you can’t surpass and it’s time for you to stop running from that fact.

It’s time you accept the fact that your partner is not someone you need in your life, despite all the love you feel for him.

I know you think true love can defeat anything. And it certainly can. But it’s obvious that this is not true love, as much as you wish for it to be.

True love shouldn’t make you feel like this. Yes, this guy gives you butterflies and passion you’ve never felt before, but admit it—you feel stressed and overwhelmed all the time.

You never know where you stand with him and you never know what the future brings for the two of you. Although this can seem exciting in the beginning, with time it becomes exhausting.

True love will make you feel peaceful. It will feel like home. It will make all the puzzles fit in place and it will be everything you’ve been looking for all along, without even knowing it.

So please, for the sake of your mental and physical health, be the one to walk away. Because this is not true loveit’s torture.

I know you are scared of making the wrong decision and I know you don’t want to hurt yourself or your partner. And I am not going to lie to you—it won’t be easy.

You will be devastated once you finally put an end to this charade. And you will miss like him hell.

You will cry, you will feel like you can’t live without him and you will want to go back to him. And this is when you’ll have to be the strongest.

This is when you’ll have to realize that sometimes love is just not enough and this is when you’ll have to accept the fact that you’d never be happy with this guy.

But all of this pain will go away in time. And you’ll be grateful you finally ended it. You’ll be thankful you saved yourself from a lifetime of misery.