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7 Things You Definitely Need To Know Before You Start Having Sex

7 Things You Definitely Need To Know Before You Start Having Sex

You think you’re ready to have sex? You think this is the perfect time for that? Maybe you should think twice about it. There are some things you must know if you’ve decided to take that step in your life, and here they are:

1. Learn how to say NO

If you feel like it’s time for you to lose your virginity, then do it. But, in case he’s pressuring you, it means it’s time to say goodbye to him.

If he’s not able to wait and respect your wishes, it means you definitely picked the wrong guy. Sure, your first time won’t be perfect. In fact, it could be extremely awkward, but if there’s one thing it shouldn’t be – it’s pressured.

2. Educate yourself

A lot of girls don’t educate themselves about their bodies and anatomy in general. They just let the guy lead. It is actually strange how girls, nowadays, assume that guys know everything about sex and that they’re experts even if they’re also virgins.

Take your time and explore. You have access to the Internet, medical books and magazines, which means you don’t have an excuse to be uneducated.

But, don’t trust the Internet too much. If you grab a chance, go see a doctor and ask him/her whatever’s on your mind.

If you explore and educate yourself, not only will you get smarter (obviously), you will know what works best for you and maybe losing your virginity won’t be that awkward after all. If you educate yourself, you will be prepared for anything.

I bet you’ve already heard that knowledge is power. Well, in this case, it’s pleasure, and please, for the sake of your health, take your pleasures seriously.

3. Don’t confuse sex with love making

In order to make love to someone, you have to truly love that person. And, you can not love someone you’ve been dating for two weeks.

So, if you sleep with that guy you just started dating, it means you had sex with him. Making love is a whole nother level and you will see the difference only after you sleep with someone you love with all your heart and soul.

If you lost your virginity to some guy, it doesn’t make him ‘the one’ and ‘the love of your life’, so don’t get too attached.

Maybe he was the one for the job or maybe he will end up being the love of your life. Time will give you the answer, so you don’t have to think about it. Simply enjoy the moment.

4. Don’t ever feel ashamed because you’re a virgin

No matter what someone said to you: It’s okay to be a virgin. Don’t try to hide it and don’t lie about it. If you lie to your partner, it could only make your first time worse.

Being a virgin is not something you should be ashamed of. It’s your body, your choice and your needs. You are not obligated to justify yourself to anyone, especially not your partner.

If he doesn’t understand, you then you picked the wrong guy.

5. Don’t make yourself regret anything

A lot of people don’t lose their virginity to someone they love. They just chose to get it over with with their friend or maybe with someone they don’t even know.

And, they usually regret it. If it’s a guy you’ve been dating for some time and you truly care about, then you probably won’t regret it.

Because, even if you two end up breaking up, you will always know that that person has been an important part of your life at some point.

But choosing a random guy to sleep with is very risky. Not only you you remember his name, but you could get some disease. (Seriously!) And, not matter who’s the guy you’re losing your virginity to – always use protection.

6. Lower your expectations

Your first time won’t be magical. The majority of girls don’t experience orgasm the first time they have sex, so don’t expect too much.

Yes, it could be a bit painful, but that’s perfectly normal. Some surveys showed that girls actually start having orgasms and feeling pleasure during sex after their third or fourth time. It takes some time for your body to understand what’s going on, so be patient.

7. Peer pressure is not a factor that should affect your decision

Every one of your friends lost their virginity? They constantly talk about it? They keep telling you you should lose it as soon as possible?

They make you feel like an outsider because you’re a virgin? If you think that this means it’s time for you to have sex, you’re wrong. It means it’s time for you to find some new friends. If they slept with someone, it doesn’t mean you have to.

Don’t let them get to you. You are the owner of your body and you are the only one who knows your needs. It is immature of them to pressure you like that.

They should be understanding and be there for you in case you need something about sex explained. And after all, that’s not even something they should be bothering with. It’s your intimate thing.