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Respect Yourself Enough To Walk Away From A Man Who Doesn’t See Your Worth

Respect Yourself Enough To Walk Away From A Man Who Doesn’t See Your Worth

How you treat yourself sets the standard for others and there isn’t anything more valuable I’ve learned in my life so far. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect others to love you?

If you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect others to respect you? Please, don’t be one of those who learned this the hard way. Listen to what I have to say.

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have.

The way you treat yourself and the way you let others treat you will be the path of life you’re gonna have to walk, whether you like it or not.

They say as you make your bed, so shall you lie on it; I say if you don’t see your worth, how can you expect others to see it?

You are not a backup plan and you should never let anyone treat you like a second choice.

Regardless of what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror, I say you are a wonderful creature who beside her flaws has so many amazing and wonderful sides too.

And a creature like this deserves to be a priority, deserves to have someone next to her who’ll always put her first.

You deserve to be next to a man who sees you’re worthy and who treats you as such.

You deserve a man who won’t ever make you question your worth, who won’t bring up your flaws constantly just to bring you down. You deserve a man next to whom you’ll be happy and not miserable.

I understand you’re in love but there is a difference between being in love and being an idiot.

There is only so much you can give to a man. There is only so much of your time, your efforts and your love that you can invest into a relationship with someone who doesn’t see your worth and who doesn’t see the things you’re doing for him.

If you choose to stay by his side even when this line is crossed, then it’s no longer about loving him, it’s about not respecting yourself enough and not being aware of your own worth.

How you treat yourself sets the standard for others, you know.

If you still text him after he hasn’t responded to any of your  messages, if you still pick up the phone when he calls even though there has been radio silence for a while, if you continue seeing him even though he refused to commit to you, if you’re giving him boyfriend privileges before he’s your boyfriend, you’re sending him the wrong message.

You’re telling him he can count on you whenever he needs you and that you’re okay with him disrespecting you. And I know you’re not, so why are you allowing him to treat you this way?

The more you love and respect yourself, the less nonsense you tolerate.

So please love yourself to the point where you don’t need anyone else’s love.

Please, respect yourself enough to the point where others can see clearly that they can’t treat you with disrespect. Know your worth and never settle for less.

If someone is constantly taking you for granted, then there isn’t much you can do except walk away and burn all the bridges behind you.

You can’t force a man into being faithful, loyal and honest. You can’t make him appreciate you for everything you are but you can force him to live without you, as you invest your time into someone better than him.

You’re not the only one guilty of giving people more chances than they deserve. There are plenty of people like you and me out there.

But the time has come to learn when to walk away. The time has come to demolish the bridges behind us and to leave us with no choice but to move forward.

At some point in your life, the relationship you’re constantly dragging forward on your own will be too much of a burden to carry and you’ll need to learn the art of letting go if you don’t want to get stuck in the same spot forever.

If a man can’t see your worth, if a man doesn’t respect you, then he doesn’t deserve you.

And no amount of love you give him, no amount of time you give him, no amount of efforts you put into it will change it.

Eventually, you’ll come to realize that you’ve been wasting your time trying to show the rainbow to a man who’s colorblind.

Eventually, you’ll come to realize that while you’ve been bending over backward to show one man you’re worthy enough, there was another man waiting for a woman like you his whole life.

Eventually, you’ll realize there isn’t anything else to do when a man doesn’t see your worth except to pick up your pride and walk away.

One day you’ll have to learn to respect yourself and it might as well be today. Show him how you want to be treated, show him you respect yourself.

“One of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what is hurting your heart and soul.” — Brigitte Nicole