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Romantic Gestures Girls Make That Lets Men Think ‘Girlfriend Material’

Romantic Gestures Girls Make That Lets Men Think ‘Girlfriend Material’

1. A smile every time he walks into the room

A subtle smile is a sign of endearment. Men feel privileged that girls they like are so happy to see them.

A smile is a hint that she has been looking forward to the moment when the two of you will meet.

2. Compliments

Who doesn’t like compliments? A lot of men would say that they don’t care about them but who doesn’t like to hear something nice about themselves from time to time (not too often, that’s overdoing it).

They especially like those compliments that make them stand out and are unique to them. They like to feel appreciated.

It has a greater meaning for them because they rarely get compliments outside of a romantic relationship.

3. Cuddles

Though they like to act tough and some of them are reluctant to show their emotions, they like cuddles.

That’s the best way in which they can feel your love and warmth.

4. Small, sweet things

Just about anything that shows them how much you care. Something that will let them know you were thinking about them. It can be as small as texting him good luck before some event, like a work thing or something else.

Tender touching like touching their arms or shoulders or running your hands through their hair, kissing them on their cheeks, will make them melt.

5. Paying attention

Listening is one of the best gestures a girl can make. A man likes to have somebody who genuinely cares about what he has to say.

It can be from everyday stuff to some deep conversation and things that happened to him in the past or even about future plans. The key is to listen.

6. Good morning kiss

It beats any alarm clock. There is no better way to start a morning, especially one of those early ones that will be followed by a hectic day.

If a good morning kiss is backed up with morning coffee or breakfast, it will make his day.

7. Humming songs while doing whatever

A lot of men say that their girls look so sweet while driving or doing things around the house and humming a song that’s on the radio.

It’s just nice to see somebody so cheerful and thinking, “I made her happy” makes them proud of themselves that they could put a smile on a girl’s face and cheer in her voice.

8. Something that shows imagination and effort

Like buying them a small toy model of the dream car they were talking about. Buying their favorite ice cream/ Making heart-shaped pancakes with their favorite jelly.

Any small detail that will show that you paid attention to his interests and that you made an effort and gave some thought to what you could do for him.

9. Hugging a bit longer and a bit tighter

Doing this from time to time will make it different from other hugs. That way they will know that they are your safe haven.

Burying your head into their chest will make them go into that protective guardian angel mode that will make them hug you and keep you safe so much more.

10. Massages

A back rub after a long day at work can go a long way in showing your affection. Innocent massages can also turn into those sensual ones if you are in the mood. Then it’s a win-win situation for both of you.