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Woman Reveals 5 Non-Negotiable Rules Her Boyfriend Must Follow

Woman Reveals 5 Non-Negotiable Rules Her Boyfriend Must Follow

Everyone has different expectations when it comes to their dream partner. I might even had too many at one point. However, I always thought it’s good to be direct with what you want and communicate your boundaries so there’s no room for misunderstanding.

Although we sometimes assume some expectations are normal and common, for some they might be outrageous. We differ in our opinions of what’s right and wrong and therefore it’s important to be clear from the very beginning.

Taylor Donoghue definitely made herself loud and clear by showing her list of 5 rules to the whole world on TikTok! Now guys can’t say they didn’t know what they got themselves into!

1. No girl best friends!

She started the video by stating her first and foremost rule:

“First is super obvious, but I would never allow my boyfriend to have a girl best friend. I don’t believe in them.”

Before anyone gets pissed off, she explained that it’s okay if he has female acquaintances, but the best friend spot is reserved for men only! She added that having a girl best friend could get messy and no one wants that. 

Some agreed with this and one woman even said she didn’t think this would be a problem so she allowed her boyfriend to have a girl roommate. Let’s just say it didn’t end well. 

2. Location must be on at all times!

This one is a big red flag for some people. They consider this as invading the privacy of their partner but Taylor thinks it’s more a safety measure. She said:

“I feel like you get to a point where when you’ve been dating someone for so long, having each other’s like locations on like “Find My iPhone” is more of a safety thing. I just want to make sure he’s okay.”

However, she’s not purely concerned with safety because she also thinks not letting your partner know where you are is shady. Others think she just has trust issues.

I kinda agree because me and my partner never have our locations on. If he tells me he’s going to some pub with the boys, I know he’s going there. But we’re also grown-ups who have free will to go where we want without someone breathing down our neck.

3. Strip clubs are a big NO!

She proceeded with the third rule saying this might be controversial but her record is set straight – no strip clubs! As she explained:

“The third thing I never allow my boyfriend to do is go to strip clubs. And I feel like this is a controversial one, and some couples go to them together. But nope, not our scene. You can go to bars, you can have a guys’ night, but strip clubs… Absolutely not.”

Are there really people who allow their significant others to go to strip clubs? Couldn’t be me, but you do you.

4. Finances are split 50-50!

I feel like guys really loved this one…wonder why. Women on the other side had different opinions. They think men should at least pay for their dates. However, Taylor said:

“The fourth thing I would never allow my boyfriend to do is pay all the bills. I feel like the men paying for 100% of everything is just like wrong. And I’m not even trying to sound ‘pick me.’”

I think paying 50-50 is slowly becoming a standard set for women. They want us to be homemakers but also contribute financially. And while this would be fine if men did the same, they mostly don’t participate in the homemaking part at all. 

5. Liking bikini pics is off-limits!

Taylor thinks liking provocative pictures of girls on Instagram is a major red flag saying it simply doesn’t look good from the perspective of others:

“I feel like there’s been so much more awareness on this, but it always makes me sad when I see someone that’s like married with kids or just in a relationship and they’re like, liking girls’ photos, especially very like provocative ones. I’m just like, it’s not a good look.”

She considers this a pretty obvious expectation that doesn’t need further explanation. And while some agreed with everything she listed, others said it doesn’t make sense to have these rules. 

Is she controlling or reasonable?

One said these are the basics:

“I agree with you on every one of these. It is basic respect and for the health of the relationship.”

Someone agreed saying:

“These are all completely normal things everyone should expect in a relationship. How is it a red flag? Basic respect has just gone…”

One man was shocked by the negative comments:

“What are these comments!? it’s not controlling or being insecure. It’s called being reasonable and having standards.”

A lot of people said Tayor is controlling and they wouldn’t set these rules:

“I hope this works for you cause there’s no way I’m telling my man what’s allowed and what’s not… he’s an adult.”

Some think we shouldn’t have any rules:

“I have one rule … you won’t tell me what I can and can’t do and vice versa. Been happily married for 25 years.”

While people were arguing if this was normal or not, others wanted to know if her boyfriend had some rules for her and she happily made another video about that.

Her boyfriend said he only has 4 simple rules – no flirting with guys, no liking pictures of other men, and no lip fillers. He also said he wants her to update him every hour or two when she’s out without him.

Everyone seemed more chill with his boundaries and said this is a bare minimum. Of course, everything’s fine and nothing’s “controlling” or “insecure” when it comes to men sharing their rules. 

What do you think? Do you have any rules in your relationship? 

Watch the full video below:


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