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Save Your Efforts For Someone Who’ll Appreciate Them

Save Your Efforts For Someone Who’ll Appreciate Them

Instead of giving your all to someone who doesn’t deserve you and trying everything in your power to make that someone notice you, save your efforts for someone who’ll actually appreciate it.

Save your efforts for someone who’ll value everything you do for them and who’ll see how hard you are trying.

Save all the date planning for someone who’ll actually show up. For someone who won’t cancel all the plans last minute but for someone who’ll look forward to taking you out for a date for a change.

Save all your texts for someone who won’t take hours to reply or totally ignore them. For someone who’ll eagerly wait to hear from you, who’ll call just to hear your voice or someone who won’t wait for you to text first but who’ll be the first one to text you.

Save all your efforts for someone who will appreciate them. For someone who’ll see all you do, how much you’re trying and what a kind and amazing person you are.

Save it for someone who’ll be thankful for the things you do. For someone who won’t forget everything you did with the first bump you hit on your road.

Save your loving for someone who won’t break you. For someone who won’t use your love and never give you anything in return. For someone who won’t be toxic, who won’t play games with you and for someone who won’t shatter your heart in million pieces.

Save it for someone who will give you all the love he has without thinking twice. For someone who’ll love you wholly with all your imperfections and perfections. On good and bad days.

Save yourself for someone who won’t take you for granted. Who’ll always know how much you’re worth and who’ll always appreciate you for who you are.

For someone who’ll always appreciate your efforts and everything you are. Save yourself for someone whose admiration won’t fade away but will rise with time.

Save yourself for someone whom you’ll be able to count on. To someone who’ll pick up the phone when you call at night, someone who’ll worry that something bad happened when he doesn’t hear from you the whole day.

Save yourself for someone who’ll be there when you need him, who’ll show up when he promised and who’ll stick by your side no matter what.

Save yourself for someone who’ll truly love you. For someone who won’t only be there on the good days but on the bad days too. For someone who’ll love you even when you show him you’re not perfect.

Save yourself for someone who’ll choose to look beyond your flaws and see the real you. Someone who’ll love your soul as much as he loves your body.

Save yourself for someone who’ll stay by your side even when things get ugly, someone who’ll choose to fight for you instead of taking the easy path and leaving anytime.

Save yourself for someone who deserves you. Someone who’s worthy of your love and someone who’ll add extra value to your life.

Save yourself for someone who won’t ever do anything to make you sad purposely, who’ll choose you every single day and who’ll know what kind of woman he has next to him.

Don’t waste your time loving the wrong people. Don’t waste your time giving yourself to those who don’t deserve you. Don’t waste your life trying for people who will never appreciate your efforts.

Be patient and wait for someone who is worthy of your love. Wait as long as it takes. Because once they walk into your life, all the wait will be worthwhile.