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This Is Why They Say I Have A Gypsy Soul

This Is Why They Say I Have A Gypsy Soul

They say I have a gypsy soul. The soul of a traveler and constant wanderer. The soul that makes my free spirit long for some new parts of the earth I haven’t discovered yet.

There is nothing better than having your bags always packed and ready to go, just in case some new traveling opportunity comes along. I am always looking forward to the people I have never yet met in places I haven’t visited yet. That’s what memories are made of. The stories I hear, the experiences I live and the feelings I carry back home with me fill my soul.

I like having a home. Somewhat of a base, that I can always come back to. My own personal shelter. Even though I know I can live just about anywhere in the world. Home is not something made of bricks. Home is where you make it. Home is the people you love. Home is a feeling. I learned that very early on.

They say I have a gypsy soul because I seem lost. I am lost at moments. I don’t always know what I want or what I am trying to accomplish and that’s OK. There is a certain beauty in uncertainty. I don’t have to know what’s going to happen next. Future is a fortune teller herself and she must hold some magnificent things in store for me. I have a lifetime to figure them out and to find myself.

They say I have a gypsy soul because I am one with nature. I love spending time in nature, no matter the season and no matter the weather condition – rain, snow or sunshine, I love it all. I love the wind going through my hair. It always feels like there is some free spirit inside it, too, and he can understand me. The sound of the water streams or listening and looking at the waves as they hit the shore. For me, there is nothing that can calm me more.



They say I have a gypsy soul because I am good on my own and I am happy among people. I enjoy life as it is. So on some days I will go hiking alone, while other days I will be with a group of people on top of a hill, talking, singing along with the guitar sounds, with a bonfire in the middle of us.

They say I have a gypsy soul because music carries me. Dancing is my drug of choice. It carries me to a completely different dimension. I don’t know if I am much of a dancer but I always dance for my soul like no one else is watching.



They say I have a gypsy soul because I don’t like anything that burdens me or ties me down. I like all my relationships to be based on freedom. I can’t stand controlling or overwhelming relationships. I love deeply and my emotions run high. I am passionate and I get attached easily but I don’t believe that I have to stop being myself for someone else. I believe that freedom is what connects soulmates.

They say I have a gypsy soul because I am not scared. I stare life in its face and I take everything as it comes. I take risks. I slam doors and then I find some other ones that I can open. I have been through a lot, and I crashed and I burned and I came out stronger from all of it.

They say I have a gypsy soul because I am a hopeless dreamer. I keep my mind open to new possibilities and new things. I always think that something great will come my way. Maybe it’s unrealistic but it works. When you think positively, positivity finds you.

They are right, I am a hopeless dreamer with the soul of a gypsy, who won’t settle unless it’s on her own terms. So, I will keep on dreaming and I will create my own life on my own terms. My soul will show me the way.