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She Deserves More Than Only Half Of Your Heart

She Deserves More Than Only Half Of Your Heart

One of the worst things you can to do to someone is to love them with only half of your heart. Because loving a person this way is worse than not loving them at all.

When you give someone just a part of your love, you are doing nothing but leading them on. You are holding them back from moving on with their lives, and you aren’t giving them a chance to find their happiness somewhere else.

When you don’t love someone all the way, you are just stringing them along and wasting their time. You are keeping their hopes alive even though deep down, you know you don’t care for them the way they deserve. You are keeping their hearts open even though deep down, you know that you should let them go.

And this is exactly what you keep doing to this girl who loves you with all of her heart. You are using her as an ego boost or you are keeping her around because she is convenient. Maybe you are afraid to be alone or maybe you simply enjoy the love and attention she is giving you.

Either way, STOP doing this because you are hurting her more than you know. Because you are shattering her heart, and you are breaking her into pieces. Stop doing it because it’s simply not fair.

Instead, be honest and tell her that you will never be able to love her the way she needs to be loved. Be man enough and stop holding her back because she deserves much more than what you are giving her.

She deserves more than being in this almost relationship. More than this one-sided relationship in which she is the only one putting all the effort and in which she is the only one fighting.

She deserves more than you getting her hopes up when deep down, you know nothing will ever change. More than your lousy excuses and false promises. More than waiting for you to come to your senses and for you to become the man you should be.

She deserves more than your late night, drunk calls and crumbs of your attention. More than you showing up on her doorstep in the middle of the night, telling her things you would have never have told her while you were sober. More than someone playing with her head and messing with her feelings.

She deserves more than a man who isn’t sure about his emotions and more than a man who can’t make up his mind about her. More than a man who keeps showing her that she is not worthy of his love, while actually, he is the one who isn’t enough.

While actually, he is the one who can’t handle being in a real relationship, and he is the one who is intimidated by her. While actually, he is the one who is incapable of loving and incapable of letting someone in.

She deserves more than someone who isn’t ready to commit. More than someone who keeps their relationship a secret and who lies to her that he doesn’t believe in labelling. More than someone who doesn’t want to choose her for real.

She deserves more than some asshole who is pretending to be emotionally broken. More than some emotionally unavailable jerk.

She deserves more than being your second option. More than being your back up plan, your last resort and your safety net. She deserves to have more than a guy who only texts her when he is lonely or bored. More than someone who wants to see her only when no one else is available.

She deserves more than your half-assed love.

Instead, she needs to be with someone who will be more than proud to hold her hand in public. With someone who won’t have any trouble fully committing to her. With someone who will be certain about her and who will never make her question their relationship.

She deserves to be with a man who will have his eyes for her only. With a man who will make her his priority and who will match the effort she is putting into their relationship.

She deserves a man with whom she will have a deep, intimate bond. Someone who will give her the love she needs and wants. Someone who will love her with all of his heart and who will let her in completely.

And you are not and will never be that someone!