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She Doesn’t Want The World; She Just Wants To Feel Safe In Yours

She Doesn’t Want The World; She Just Wants To Feel Safe In Yours

You don’t need to bend over backwards to win her heart, but you need to be a decent human being. 

Treat her right. Respect her.  Be honest. Support her. Show up when you said you are going to show up.

Text at least once a day. Make plans.  Be better to her than you have been to any other woman before her because she deserves it. 

She doesn’t want your life to stop or drastically change because you met her.  She just wants to be an important part of that life.

You don’t have to neglect your friends, your interests or forget about your goals because of her; she just wants you to make time for her. 

She doesn’t need to spend every waking hour with you.

She has a life of her own to live as well and she respects yours.

But that doesn’t exclude you two seeing each other on a regular basis. She wants you to be her partner in crime. 

woman embracing her man from behind

She wants you two to have a great time together. She wants you to be a team. Best friends. Lovers. Yin and Yang

She wants someone who she can be herself with. She wants someone she can trust completely.

She wants to know you are proud to have someone like her by your side.  She wants to meet your friends, and she wants you to hang out with hers. 

She wants to feel irreplaceable. 

She wants to know you won’t go after another woman when opportunity knocks on your door.

She wants to know you wouldn’t risk losing what you have for anything or anybody.  She wants you to chose her above any other woman.

She wants to look into your eyes and feel like the most beautiful and unique woman on the planet. 

Even if she doesn’t feel that way about herself. 

happy young couple in park on winter

She knows that there are tons of women out there who are prettier, smarter, and more successful than her.

But she is trying, day in and day out, to be the best she can be. If you are the right man for her, that will be more than enough. 

If you are the one for her, you will reassure her and let her know that other women don’t matter because to you, she is the best, she is everything. 

She is caring not clingy.  When a woman is in love, she will do nice things to surprise you.

She will be kind, supportive, and understanding, but that doesn’t mean she will be a doormat you can wipe your feet on. 

She needs to be treated with respect.

She needs to know you are not playing games and that you care for her as much as she cares for you. 

Some things are implied when you are in a relationship, and that doesn’t make her needy.

couple standing outdoor hugging

But she needs you to keep in touch, initiate texts, and call her every now and then.

Emphasis on now and then—she didn’t say you need to text her every moment of every hour.

She just needs to know you are there, in love, and interested. 

She wants to see you are eager to spend time with her and that you will make sure you see each other often.

She doesn’t need somebody who will string her along and make her more sad than happy. 

She doesn’t want you to support her (financially)she wants your support.  There is a huge difference.

Don’t jump to conclusions. she doesn’t want your money. She is more than capable of earning it herself. 

She is a strong and independent woman who takes care of herself.  Luxury gifts, expensive restaurants, and material things don’t wow her. 

man holding his girlfriend face

Your attention and your time are the gifts that she really needs.

She doesn’t mind you two grabbing a hot dog from a stand—she is there for your company. Hell, she’ll even buy you the hot dog herself. 

She doesn’t want you to make stars fall into her arms.  She wants to reach them with you.  She wants you there. She wants you close.

Close to her heart, body, and mind, and she knows that there is nothing she can’t do with you by her side.

She wants someone who stays through good and through bad. She wants someone who is ready to be a part of her life. 

You can build a life with her—a life much better than you could even imagine or dream of, and all you need to do is make her feel safe in your arms. 

Hug her tight enough, so she knows that you don’t plan to let her go—that you are here, committed and want to make things work. 

Hug her tight enough to let her know that in spite of all her imperfections, she is perfect for you. 

She Doesn’t Want The World She Just Wants To Feel Safe In Yours