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5 Things Every Girl Who Is Hiding Her Pain Can Relate To

5 Things Every Girl Who Is Hiding Her Pain Can Relate To

They say that the strongest souls suffer in silence. They are the ones who don’t want to burden others with their problems and the ones who go through life by themselves.

The ones who never ask for help and the ones who usually appear to be the happiest on the outside while they are actually falling apart.

If these are the things you can connect to yourself, it means that you are in the right place because you are about to read 5 things almost everyone who is hiding their pain from others can relate to.

Sometimes, you even hide your feelings from yourself

You’ve worn the mask of a tough girl for so long that somehow it became a part of who you are.

You’ve been pretending to be heartless for so long that eventually, you forgot you have a heart at all.

You’ve been lying to people that you are OK for so long that you’ve started believing it as well, even though deep down, you know it couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that there are times when your pain reaches such huge intensity that you can’t even stand facing it yourself, let alone sharing it with someone else.

Even though that is something you shouldn’t be doing, with time you’ve learned that the only thing that brings you at least temporary relief is pretending that the suffering you are feeling is non-existent.

You are scared

Even though this is the last thing you would ever admit even to yourself, the truth is that deep down, you are scared to the bones.

You keep wondering how much you’ll be able to take and for how long.

You are scared of getting your heart broken once more and going through the same emotional pain again.

Scared of letting new people in and scared of making lousy judgments and decisions.

At the same time, you are also scared of someone coming and tearing down the walls you’ve been building so carefully.

Scared of being emotionally and mentally naked in front of another person, whomever that person is.

Scared of exposing your vulnerabilities and showing your weak sides to others.

You are your own hero

Hiding your pain from the rest of the world made you expect less from people.

It made you believe that there doesn’t exist a person in your life whom you can always count on or someone you can rely on one hundred percent.

Instead, you took matters into your own hands and became your own hero. You became your own savior, wind beneath your wings, number one fan and guardian angel.

You’ve realized that nobody has the ability to get inside your head with a magic wand which will resolve all of your problems in an instant.

You are the one who has to fight her own battles and do her best to chase her own demons before expecting someone else to do so.

You expect to break apart every day

When you come to think of it, lately, it’s been like you are losing faith in yourself.

You keep expecting to shatter into a million pieces and you see every new day that comes as the day in which you’ll reach your breaking point—as the day in which you’ll have had enough and as the day in which you’ll break beyond the possibility of reparation.

But you keep going because you are stronger than that

However, somehow, none of this is happening. Somehow, you always make it and you always find a way to rise from the ashes of your broken heart.

One way or another, you always keep on going, despite all the pain you are experiencing.

You know why that is so? Because you are much stronger than you could ever imagine. You yourself are not even aware of all the power you carry within.

You are obviously not aware of the fact that you are actually a badass who always comes out as a winner in all life battles. And the biggest proof of this is the fact that you still haven’t given up on yourself.