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Yin Yang Meaning In Love And Relationships Explained

Yin Yang Meaning In Love And Relationships Explained

Yin Yang philosophy was first mentioned in Tao Te Ching, a foundational text for Daoism, a Chinese philosophy, teaching, and religion. It is a seemingly simple concept that actually explains all of life’s secrets.

Yes, that includes romantic relationships as well. It helps us understand what a perfect relationship should look like, and it gives us some precious secrets for building healthy unions.

So, what is the yin yang meaning in love, you must wonder? Wonder no more because I’m about to tell you everything there is to know about it.

Yin Yang Meaning In Love

This traditional Chinese philosophy is connected to matters of the heart in more ways than one. Here are the most important things yin and yang teach us about romance:

1. Different roles

According to the yin-yang theory, both people in a romantic relationship have different roles. No, this doesn’t mean that one is dominant while the other is submissive.

It’s just that they both have their set of responsibilities. That is exactly what makes their relationship so perfect.

I’m also not talking about responsibilities such as household chores or participating in financial expenses. The best way to understand this is to see these roles through the concept of yin yang energy and vibes.

For example, one person’s job is to keep the relationship exciting while the other is responsible for keeping the peace. They don’t offer the same things, but they don’t require the same things either.

2. Staying true to yourself

The yin and yang teach us to stay loyal to ourselves. When you look at it graphically, you’ll see that yin is in the yang and vice versa. The black is in the white, and the white is in the black.

But neither side is corrupted by the other one’s influence.

How is this connected with the yin and yang meaning in love relationships? Well, it means that you’re allowed to let someone into your life and heart.

However, just because you’ve given them that privilege doesn’t mean that this romantic love should change you. It’s okay if it makes you a better person and introduces some novelty into your life, energy, and spirituality.

Nevertheless, you must always stay true to yourself, no matter what happens. After all, yin always remains yin, and yang always remains yang.

If you look at things closely, you’ll realize that yin and yang philosophy teaches you a lot about self-acceptance and self-love.

3. Accepting the other person

Nevertheless, you mustn’t forget one thing: self-acceptance always goes hand in hand with accepting others. What does this have to do with the yin yang meaning in love?

Well, in the same way, you should expect your romantic partner to accept your true self, and you should return the favor.

It doesn’t matter how far you enter someone’s heart and mind. It doesn’t matter how much you invade their personal space. It doesn’t matter how deep you infiltrate their life.

One thing is for sure: you can never change them. That is until they decide to do it themselves.

But that’s not even the point. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t try doing it in the first place.

You want them to respect your integrity. Well, what makes you think that you don’t have to act in the same manner?

4. Equality as a basis

That brings us to the next yin yang meaning in love: equality. When you look at the yin-yang symbol (taijitu), you’ll see two entities that represent duality. However, if you pay close attention, you’ll see that the circle is precisely divided into two equal parts.

What is that telling you about the meaning of yin and yang, and how can this be translated to romantic love? Well, isn’t the yin yang symbol proof enough that it is a concept of equality?

We’ve already discussed the idea of different roles and responsibilities. Nevertheless, despite this notion, men and women are always equal in relationships.

There is no oppression and no control from either party. They represent a whole, but this union wouldn’t be possible without the yin or the yang because they’re both equally significant.

Basically, this Chinese philosophy recognizes gender differences. It’s not teaching us that males and females are nor can be the same. They both have their own virtues, attributes, qualities, and strengths.

Nevertheless, it is also a clear example of gender equality. Yin is not depicted as more important or more spiritually powerful than yang.

5. Stronger together

Yin and yang represent two united energies. It’s a symbol of integration and unification. A symbol of strength and a coalition of what two parties bring to the table.

When seeing this from romantic love’s point of view, it means that the couple is as strong as their union is weak. Yin is worthless on its own, and the same goes for yang.

However, when they stand united as a team, they present a powerful concept.

When a couple stands together against people who want to harm them and against all life difficulties along the road, there is nothing or nobody that can break them.

Together, holding each other’s hand, they can accomplish anything – if they fuse the right way. Nevertheless, as soon as they’re apart, they become vulnerable and can be broken easily.

But please, keep in mind that their individuality remains intact, despite this deep connection they’ve built. Yin always remains yin, and yang stays yang, no matter what.

That’s the art of a happy relationship: remaining yourself while allowing the other person to become part of you!

6. Opposites do attract

Here’s an ongoing question: do opposites really attract? When you see yin and yang, you see an interplay of energy. You’ll see two opposing forces and energies completing each other. I mean, is there anything more opposing than black and white?

So, I guess that yin and yang give us the answer to that question: opposing forces can function together. However, that doesn’t mean that you’ll make things work with someone you have absolutely nothing in common with.

Complementary opposites

Yin and yang are opposites, but they’re also complementary to each other, and that’s what matters the most. This complementary opposition frequently means compatibility.

Sometimes, it’s all about the little things. For example, you like to drive on a road trip, and you’ve found a partner who enjoys sitting in the passenger seat.

You two are different. However, your differences complement each other, and consequently, you two complete one another.

In most cases, it’s about bigger things. For example, if you’re impulsive, you need a cautious partner. Sometimes, you’ll inspire them to make a spontaneous decision, while at other times, they’ll teach you to slow down and think things through before acting on them.

It’s like fire and water. Fire keeps things warm, while water cools everything off when needed.

Those are the kind of differences and opposing traits the yin yang meaning in love teaches us.

7. Growth is a must

It’s no coincidence that the yin-yang symbol is a circle. Actually, when you look at it, it looks like it’s constantly moving. Well, that’s exactly how our lives and relationships should be as well.

Everything in yin and yang philosophy is about flux. It’s about the flux in nature and, according to traditional Chinese medicine, about flux in the human body.

If you remember physics from school, you know that energy cannot be created or destroyed. Nevertheless, it’s constantly changing and transforming from one shape to another. This process of flowing in and flowing out can be applied to love and relationships.

It means that growth is mandatory. You both have to grow as individuals, and your relationship has to grow. That is the only path towards spiritual awakening and the only way your spiritual journey should work.

8. Yin yang balance is everything

I’m sure you know that yin and yang originate from Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy. One of the key principles of Taoism is that balance is key to a fortunate life. Is it also a way to have a healthy romantic relationship?

Every Taoist and feng shui practitioner will tell you that it is. And modern relationship experts couldn’t agree more.

The balance of yin and yang is exactly what every relationship needs to be successful. Once again, if you look at the yin-yang symbol, you’ll see this balance I’m talking about.

Two energies are actually balancing each other, and that’s exactly what makes this union so perfect. The same goes for real life.

A happy relationship needs a perfect balance of excitement and peace, emotional and physical intimacy, arguments and reconciliations, male energy and female energy, and even love and hate.

But for your relationship to be balanced, your energy (chi) must reach the state of its own balance. Taoists recommend rai chi or qigong as well as meditation to help you through this process. These practices are explained in I Ching (Book of Changes) in detail.

Principles Of Yin Energy

Simply put, yin is a representation of the divine feminine energy. Yin is dark, and it represents peace, shadows, and silence.

Yin is passive energy. It is cool and dark, and it can easily be represented by the moon.

If someone has a yin personality, they’re probably introverted and in touch with their mysterious or even dark side. These people are calm and sometimes even too static.

Principles Of Yang Energy

Yang represents divine masculine energy. Yang is the light – it represents the sun and fire.

People with yang energy are spontaneous, active, fast-going, adventurous, and easy-going. They’re usually extroverts who enjoy the spotlight and who capture everyone’s attention.

But at the same time, they can also be quite immature, reckless, impulsive, or even aggressive.

Is A Yin-Yang Relationship Good?

If all the principles of a yin-yang relationship are fulfilled, it’s actually the most perfect kind of romance. First of all, it’s about gender equality. Another important notion is balance and harmony.

Let’s not forget that it teaches us more about self-acceptance and self-love, as well as accepting and loving the other person just the way they are. It teaches us the importance of compatibility and teamwork. This kind of relationship is all about mutual respect, peace, and spiritual growth.

What Does Yin-Yang Symbolize?

Yin and yang symbolize divine masculinity, feminity, and the balance between the two energies. It represents harmony between two opposing forces, darkness and the light, the moon and the earth.

It symbolizes flux and growth. It shows us how everything in this world is interconnected and how the only way to acquire strength is through a union.

If you dig beneath the surface, you’ll see that yin and yang actually symbolize life and death and everything in between.

Does Yin-Yang Mean Marriage?

A healthy marriage can definitely be represented by yin-yang dynamics. Everyone has their set of roles and responsibilities, but both parties have an equal say in the marriage.

It teaches us the importance of family by showing us the importance of a healthy union and the significance of having your partner going through life shoulder to shoulder next to you.

Besides, yin and yang show you that you have to be compatible but complimentary with your future spouse for things to work out.

How Can You Tell If Someone Is Yin Or Yang?

Women don’t have to be yin, nor do men have to be yang, even though yang is masculine and yin is feminine. The best way to assess whether they’re yin or yang is to pay close attention to their behavior patterns and, most importantly, the energy they send you.

If they’re loud, energetic, and even aggressive, they’re yang. On the other, if they’re more gentle, vulnerable, and quiet, that is yin.

To Wrap Up:

Now that you know everything there is to know about the yin yang meaning in love, I assure you that your views on dating and romance will never be the same. All of your dealbreakers will change. You’ll raise your standards, but not in a typical way.

For the first time ever, you know exactly what you are looking for: a yin to your yang.