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She Fought For You Until She Realized She Was Fighting Alone

She Fought For You Until She Realized She Was Fighting Alone

Remember that girl who was ready to move mountains for your sake, while you couldn’t lift a finger because of her?

The girl who wasn’t afraid to stand up in front of the entire world to protect you, despite the fact that you never gave her your support when she needed it the ksor?

Remember the girl who loved you more than she loved herself?

The girl who always had your back, the girl who pushed you forward and a girl who stood by your side, no matter the circumstances?

The girl you never cared enough for?

The girl who could never count on you, the girl you stood up and betrayed millions of times and the girl you thought you could treat however the hell you wanted?

Well, guess what: the thing you never imagined happening really happened–this girl finally gave up on you.

After all these years, she opened her eyes and for the first time ever, she saw you for who you really are: a selfish jerk who was never worthy of all the sacrifices she’s been making.

After all these years, she realized that all of her efforts were pointless and she accepted that you could never become a real man, as much as she tried to inspire you into becoming one. 

You know, everyone saw it coming.

Everyone wondered why she was putting up with you and everyone was aware that sooner or later, she’ll get sick and tired of your crap.

Everyone except you.

I don’t know how but you thought that she’ll never leave you, no matter how you treat her.

You were convinced that she will always remain next to you, despite everything you made her go through.

You thought that there is nothing you could do to make her stop loving you.

That no matter how much harm you cause her, she will forever remain your guardian angel and your arm of salvation.

Well, now you see that you thought wrong because despite all of your expectations, she’s had enough.

Enough of being the only one trying, enough of putting you first while you treat her like your second choice, enough of not getting back any of the unconditional love she’s been giving you… 

To put things simple, she’s had enough of you.

The truth is that she was ready to love you until the end of time.

That she was willing to overcome each obstacle life throws at you and that she had the desire to build a life with you.

All she wanted was for you to be there, holding her hand, while she is doing it.

She just wanted for you to take part in this process, for you to be her partner in crime and for you to put the same amount of effort she’s putting.

However, even that was too much for you. 

The fact is that you never gave a damn about the future of your relationship.

You never cared about the challenges it faced and you never gave a damn about whether things will work out or not.

In fact, you were the one who kept destroying you love and the one who kept failing the tests destiny threw at you.

The one who pushed this girl away, the one who let her go and the one who made her leave.

Yes, it took her awhile but she figured out some things.

She saw that you two weren’t fighting on the same time together–you were actually fighting against one another all along.

For this entire time while she was convinced she was struggling for love, she was actually begging you for it.

For this entire time while she was convinced she was fighting for your relationship, she was actually chasing you to come to your senses.

It was almost as if you were putting all of your efforts to crush her love while her, on the other side, was putting her entire strength in attempts to preserve yours.

As if you were trying your hardest to tear down your relationship beyond the point of reparation while she was doing everything in her power to rebuild it.

So basically, you got what you wanted all along, didn’t you?