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Are You The Target Of A Sociopath? 10 Ways To Find Out

Are You The Target Of A Sociopath? 10 Ways To Find Out

Usually, when I think of a sociopath, my mind immediately goes to horror movies and TV shows about serial killers. 

But the frightening truth is, you’ve probably encountered a sociopath more than once, without even being aware of it. Freaky, huh?

It’s a scary thought thinking that your next-door neighbor could be a sociopath in disguise or that your ex-boyfriend could very well have severe sociopathic tendencies and that you had NO idea the whole time you were together.

But it’s perfectly plausible. Sociopaths learn to blend in and go about their lives unnoticed for the most part.

Their charm is what helps them deceive you so well and that is what truly scares me personally.

Do you think you may have been involved with a sociopath? Or do you perhaps feel like you’re being pursued (romantically) by one right now but are too scared to actually believe it?

If your gut feeling is trying to tell you something, my advice is to listen to it. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Your gut feeling is there for a reason and I’m sure it hasn’t failed you so far.

Here are 10 signs that you may very well be the target of a sociopath. You should in no way ignore this.

Read carefully and do the best thing for yourself.

1. He can easily charm even the toughest audience

Sociopaths know how to use flattery to compliment people to their utmost pleasure.

He knows just the perfect balance of not overdoing it but still push just the right amount.

You’ve noticed him charm the pants off the most difficult people to impress. And not many can do that.

And this is what’s making you wonder if there’s more to the story than what he’s letting on.

Be careful though; charm is only indicative of a sociopath, it is not a sure thing. There are more signs to look for.

2. He pushes your feelings aside

Sociopaths don’t care about anyone’s feelings because they lack empathy.

If you express your dissatisfaction with a situation or inform him that he’s causing you sadness, he’s going to disregard it.

He doesn’t care and he most probably won’t try to hide it, unless he’s using it as leverage.

And if you keep pushing him to feel something, he’s going to put all the blame on you for trying to make him appear a certain way.

3. Sometimes you get the feeling he doesn’t even believe the shit he’s saying

The things he’ll tell you and promise you will seem so implausible that you’ll get the feeling he knows it as he’s saying it but he just keeps going at it.

He can lie his ass off, and while he’s convincing for the most part, sometimes you just know he’s not buying his own shit.

4. Lying is in his nature

Being a liar comes as part of the package with a sociopath.

It can be anything from those little white lies you wouldn’t think twice about to those severe, problematic lies about relevant things.

You caught him in a lie many times but he always had the perfect excuse that you totally fell for.

But now that you think of it, who lies that much and gets away with it every single time with such ease?

5. You can never stay mad at him

And this is because of his expertise manipulation! He always knows what to say to ease you up, to make you think you over-exaggerated or to give him another shot.

He’s perfect at that. And even though you’re aware of it, you just fall for it every time. Staying mad at him is almost impossible.

6. He’s ALWAYS there (you can’t escape him)

You can’t go anywhere without him. He’s somehow always there.

He wants to accompany you wherever you go under the guise of not being able to get enough of you.

But it’s become a bit creepy. You can’t shake the feeling he’s somehow observing you, studying you and controlling you.

You want to be able to go somewhere (anywhere!) without him but you can’t and this is causing you major anxiety and fear.

7. He’s flaky and you can’t count on him

He almost never does what he promises he would. He almost never comes when he assures you that he will.

There is always a prior engagement he couldn’t say no to. There is always something at work that he just can’t escape.

But the truth is, he just doesn’t care enough to be there for you.

He needs you to be there by his side but when it comes to you, he’ll always make excuses and do as he pleases.

8. He’s always in-between jobs

This man can’t hold on to a job to save his life. Sociopaths are most often unemployed due to getting fired because of their temper.

He can blow up very easily and he doesn’t know how to control himself when that happens.

Sociopaths want everything their way or no way and they don’t respond well to criticism.

This is why they never last at a job for longer than a few weeks. The fact that they flare up so easily makes it impossible for them to work under anyone.

9. You’re always the one to blame

Whatever he messes up, he’ll find a way to pin it on you. If he has trouble with his attitude (which he does), he’ll make you guilty for putting him in that situation.

Whenever you get yelled at, you’ll have had it coming because you’re a bad partner and making him behave this way, when in fact it’s in his nature, as is his need to assign blame.

10. He feels entitled to what is yours

Sociopaths don’t care about what’s his and what’s yours.

If he’s dating you or courting you, he feels entitled to your money and possessions. And he’ll have no problem letting you know.

He’ll ask to take your credit card or expect you to pick up the check at a restaurant.

He won’t feel obliged to partake in any expenses and this is the final sign that you are in fact dealing with a legit sociopath.