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She Needed Someone To Rely On, So She Became Her Own Rock

She Needed Someone To Rely On, So She Became Her Own Rock

She knew from the beginning that she is and will be by herself. She knew that no matter how many friends she has, she will have to deal with her problems alone.

She knew that those problems won’t just go away. She just didn’t want to admit that to herself because she wasn’t ready to act on it.

She knew she couldn’t trust anyone because trust is almost always taken for granted.

People break it so easily without looking back. She knew from a very young age that she’ll have to rely only on herself.

She grew to understand that people lie and decieve. She learned that not everyone is honest and not everyone will look out for your best interest.

She learned to understand that people care only for themselves and as long as they are happy, all’s good.

She saw that hearts get broken and promises don’t mean anything. She learned that she can only trust herself.

She learned that she has to guard her heart, especially from the ones who mean the most to her because those are the ones who can hurt you the most.

That’s how she fell out of love with love. Yes, with love. She didn’t trust it anymore because all she has ever got was heartache and a ton of spilled tears.

Every time she trusted someone and leaned on them, she would fall. Every time she closed her eyes and let herself be at someone’s mercy, she would cry all by herself later.

She learned that life isn’t fair. She learned that destiny can crap all over you with no remorse.

She never gave up. Despite all of her downs, she never stopped trying.

Everytime she found another solution, she hit the wall. She had no way out. She couldn’t escape her life because all the doors to the exit were sealed.

She learned that everyone gets used. She learned that people who should care about you rarely ever do.

She learned that people get walked over by others, even though they didn’t deserve it.

She is a proud girl. She is strong and she never asked for help because she thought others didn’t care for her problems.

She knew that everyone has something that bugs them and she thought it wasn’t right to lay all of her burdens on someone else.

She found herself alone in this big world. She received blows every day, but she didn’t fall, and she didn’t give up.

When her life totally fell apart, she went for a walk, and she sat in a lonesome place where no one could see her. She swallowed her tears, and she silenced the screams inside of her.

She didn’t want anyone to see or hear them.

Even though, at that point, she didn’t have anything to live for, she didn’t want to give up. She found every ounce of strength left in her and she put it together.

She didn’t want to be destroyed.

But, in all of her strength, she ached for someone to come and save her. She ached for someone to listen to her, to just care for her.

So she found that someone. It was herself.

She was sick of depending on others. It’s only too bad that it took her so long to understand that the only hero she needs in her life is herself.

There will be no more broken promises, no more trust issues and no more disappointments from people you least expect.

She took her own life into her hands and she became her own hero. She became the person she can rely on the most.

She stopped serving others and taking everything in. She stopped being someone else’s punching bag just because life works that way, and you have to shut up and take it.

No, she won’t take it, and she won’t keep her mouth shut. She is now in complete control of herself. It’s her against the rough world she lives in.

It’s her time to put a stop to everything bad that’s happening to her. Because she can. Because she wants to.

She will never again settle for something she doesn’t deserve just because it has to happen. It doesn’t, and she has the power to change whatever she doesn’t like.

She no longer let’s destiny define her life. She never liked that and now she has changed for the better.

She no longer needs to protect her fragile heart. She no longer needs to put her guard up.

Her heart is no longer sensitive and soft. Her heart has become as badass as she has. She is no longer scared of anything because she is a fighter, ready for every next battle that awaits her.

She is her own person, her own hero, her own someone to rely on and trust. She has decided so and she has made it true.