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She Never Stopped Loving You, She Just Stopped Showing It

She Never Stopped Loving You, She Just Stopped Showing It

When you held her in your arms, she swore that she would love you with all of her body and heart, no matter what.

When you looked her in the eye, she promised herself that she would never forget your spark, no matter what.

But somehow you misinterpreted the part ‘no matter what’.

You thought that she would never stop showering you with her love and affection no matter how you treated her.

You thought her actions would always follow the directions of her heart.

But the truth is the opposite.

She never stopped loving you, she just stopped showing it.

sad woman standing in front of man outdoor

Her heart is a vast field of love that she never gives up on that easily. She takes good care of it, she nourishes it, she helps it grow.

But when her efforts become in vain, when her eyes become tired of tears, when her heart becomes scared, she stops showing it.

Only then does she stop showing her love even though she still feels it in every pore of her being.

And do you know why?

Because she’s been too strong for too long and she can no longer fight for the love that is not meant to stay.

She can no longer fight for something that is constantly hurting her, even though she still has the ability to love selflessly.

sad woman sitting on the floor

Her mind is telling her that it has been through enough and her heart is yearning to be reciprocated.

And that is when she realizes that no matter what she does, she will never stop loving you but she will stop showing her love to you.

She will never forget her past but she will no longer dwell on it.

Her past will always be buried deep down in her soul but she will never try to relive any of it again.

She will always remember your every kiss, every tear, every hug and every word but she will never kiss you, cry for you, hug you or listen to what you have to say again.

She got tired of fighting for something she should have gotten in return a long time ago.

She got tired of being the only one who cared and that is why she was forced to stop showing any of her affection anymore.

man trying to talk with sad woman

She never stopped loving you, she just decided that it was time to love herself, too.

She was always there when you needed her but you never bothered doing the same for her.

She was all giving and you were only receiving. And don’t think that she’s not aware of that. She knows all of it very well and more.

And despite all of that, she never stopped loving you because she’s not a coward like you.

If she loves someone, she makes sure to do so in the right way.

She made sure to be there for you and never stop fighting until she realized that there was no point in prolonging her pain.

worried young woman in deep thoughts

You might have her heart but you will never have her.

She is a woman with the strength of a warrior and once she decides to stop fighting for you, you will never see her again.

She is humble enough to carry you in her heart and brave enough to let you go.

Once she goes away, she never looks back.

You can beg her, you can kneel in front of her, or do whatever you want but nothing will ever bring her back to you.

She was there long enough waiting for you to change but you were too busy thinking that she would never stop loving you, no matter how you treated her.

worried woman lying in bed while man sleeping

And you were right. She never stopped loving you but she stopped showing her love to you.

She doesn’t regret a single thing she did for you because she did what she had to do.

She fought and she waited because she didn’t know any other way.

But now it’s time to start loving herself, too.

It’s time to close all of the previous chapters and start writing another book, where your role is no longer required.

You might have her heart but you will never have her presence. You might have her past but you will never have her future.

She Never Stopped Loving You, She Just Stopped Showing It