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She Was Worth The Fight

She Was Worth The Fight

In case you forgot, she was worth the fight!

Too bad that you realized that too late. She was the girl who was madly in love with you but you treated her like a piece of shit. You never gave her all your love. In fact, I don’t know what the hell you were doing with her if you weren’t prepared to go all in?

What happened? Did you get cold feet? Or you thought it was bad timing? Oh, wait, you got that promotion you wanted so badly so you need to focus on your career now?

You know what? Cut the crap. You were a coward for letting her go, because when you let her go, you left half of your soul with her. Can’t you see that she still loves you but she is afraid to make the first move? She simply thinks that she will be hurt again. She is afraid that she will be abandoned again.

Abandoned by a guy whom she loves the most in the world. The one who steals her heart every time he looks at her. The one who gives her butterflies in her stomach every time she sees him. Yes, that’s how much she loves you. That’s how much she would sacrifice for you.

But you didn’t fight for her. Instead, you were fighting with her. And that’s not what she wanted.

She craved your love. She craved you to fight for her. And she gave you reasons good enough to do that. But you decided to close your eyes to that decision. It was better to ignore things, thinking they would be better gone.

You see, a man like you always wants a girl who is perfect but destiny doesn’t listen to our wishes, it does things in its own way. So that same destiny sent you a broken girl. Her heart was broken before and that is something that could be seen in her eyes.

And when you found out about that, you just decided to let her go.

Because it was much easier to let her go instead of fixing her.

And trust me, she needed just a little bit of your love to be fixed. She just wanted to be taken care of. Her fragile heart wanted to beat with the same strong rhythm again. But you decided she was not worthy of that.

You decided that she was not worthy of you. Oh, silly boy, what have you done? You let go of the only girl who loved with the love that feels like home.

She was the only one who knew to pull you up when life got hard. She was the only one who would do anything for you to be happy and satisfied. And you, selfish like you are, decided to dump her like she was garbage.

You didn’t want her in your life anymore because you didn’t think she was the kind of woman you needed.

You know what kind of woman she is? She is a woman to love.

But you were too stupid and blind to see that. And the worst thing is that you don’t have her anymore. You let her go and she was proud enough to leave without a word. Now that she is happy with another man, I want to know if you feel sad? When you see her perfect life now, would you like to be in her husband’s place?

I bet you would but all that you can do is sit and cry. Cry for being an asshole to the only girl who loved you. So, if it ever crosses your mind to try to win her back, don’t ever try.

Come on, even you know that she deserves a better man than you!