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10 Definite Signs You Have A Friend Crush On Someone

10 Definite Signs You Have A Friend Crush On Someone

A friend crush is a non-romantic crush on someone. It is a specific kind of feeling you get when you meet someone truly special. 

It’s when you meet a guy or a girl who is the epitome of cool and you get addicted to their charisma. They are charming, witty, weird, sarcastic, bad-ass and a little mysterious.

You want to know everything about them and their way of thinking keeps you mesmerized. You can’t help but wonder to yourself: What planet are you from because I’d like to stay with you there forever!

You also can’t help yourself from sharing everything with them because they are your new best friend, brother/sister, and friend soulmate all in one! 

Not sure whether this is happening to you? Here are all the legit signs you have a friend crush on someone:

1. You get too excited about all the things you have in common

OMG, you’ve watched that TV show? Me too! Wait, you also find that one movie ridiculously weird? Thank God I’m not alone! You’re listening to that underrated band? I love them too!

The moment you hear that they are also crazy about something at the same level as you, your happiness levels multiply. 

You get that feeling of fulfilment and finally being understood once you learn about all the things you have in common!

And you can’t stop asking them tons of questions about their likes and dislikes, movies, songs, genres, and all the interesting things you find on social media

Every time you hear they dig the same thing as you, your respect for them and admiration significantly increases. 

All these little things you have in common make your bond stronger and at the same time boost your BFF‘s awesomeness!

2. You love every single thing about them

Their personality is totally addictive – so much so that spending time with them is more like getting high on their vibes.

You love the way they laugh their ass off when you say something funny, you love the way they dress, walk, talk.

You love when they enter “No fucks given” mode and entertain everyone around them. You love the way they sometimes get mad at something you say or do.

You love every single thing about them. And most of all, you love that they are your bestie and you’re not ashamed to admit: I totally have a friend crush on you!

You know that your life would never be the same without their presence because they make every day brighter and more exciting!

And no matter what they do or say, you could never get mad at them for longer than a minute. 

3. They’re the only person you want to attend every single event with

Concerts, clubbing, conventions, debates, masquerade, fashion shows… Before, you used to go to these events with your regular people, but now you couldn’t imagine attending them without your BFF!

You know that every event will result in the ultimate fun no matter what you do or where you go. Their addictive personality can turn even the most boring events into pure bliss!

And even though you love hanging out together with all of your mutual friends, you still prefer going duo with your bestie to certain events. 

Once you’re there, you can’t help but take thousands of photos of you two having fun, even though they’re all practically identical.

With them, hours turn into seconds. No matter how much time you spend together, it is never enough and you can’t wait to go on your next adventure!

4. Your list of hilarious inside jokes is regularly updated

Every moment spent with them is an opportunity for a new inside joke. You literally have a list of hilarious inside jokes and it’s updated on a daily basis.

When other people listen to your conversations, they feel like total outsiders because they don’t understand a thing from those inside jokes of yours. And you couldn’t give a single damn. 

Even if the jokes are totally silly and something you would never say in public, you still do for the sake of it and because it just feels right. 

With every new joke, you feel like you’re creating and updating a world of your own –  your favorite place on earth.

5. You notice every single detail about them (and you never forget to compliment them)

Every time they change their hairstyle, outfit, or even nail polish (if they’re a girl), you notice it! You notice every single detail about them, and most importantly, you never, ever forget to compliment them.

As a matter of fact, complimenting them is like breathing. It comes naturally to you and you don’t even think about which words to use anymore. You just automatically say: OMG I love your hat! I love your shoes! (God, I love everything about and on you!)

Complimenting them is like eating your favorite food. You can never get enough of it no matter how many times you repeat yourself. 

And whenever you see them for the first time after a while, the first thing you do is scan everything on them so that you can see what’s new. And, of course, you don’t forget to compliment them. 

6. You often have weirdly meaningful conversations for hours

They are literally the only person with whom you have meaningfully weird conversations for hours!

Even though they are your new friend, you can’t stop wanting  to tell them everything and talk about every topic that comes to mind.

Your meaningfully weird conversations include talking about tweets, the times you were 16 year-old high school teens, about aliens, unrequited romantic feelings, breakups – the list goes on and on.

Basically, whatever topic comes to mind, you propose it and you can’t wait to get weird with it.

When you can’t fall asleep, the first thing you do is grab your phone and call them to retell all the funny things that happened recently.

Your potential fifteen-minute call turns into hours and you realize it a little bit too late (when it’s already dawn).

Still, you don’t give a shit about a sleepless night because it was the best night of your life and you’d do it again any day! 

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7. Sometimes you get nervous around them (because they’re too cool)

You swear to God that they are the coolest creature on earth and you’re so happy that you met them. Indeed, they are so cool that sometimes you get nervous around them.

You don’t want to say something out of the blue or uncool because you wouldn’t survive ruining the moment or disappointing them. You get nervous because you want everything to be perfect when you’re with them. 

You experience similar emotions to those when you’re around a regular crush. The only difference is that they’re not your regular crush, but a friend crush!

They are more than just a good friend – hanging out with them is beyond cool and your only wish is to maintain that level of coolness at any price. 

8. Texting them is like breathing (you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to)

Perhaps you’ve never really been a texting person, but since you’ve met them, you’ve become a legit one. After all, texting them is like breathing. 

It goes smooth and natural, and it’s so entertaining that you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to. 

You always send them your recent Snapchats, hilarious Urban dictionary definitions, and whenever something funny happens, they’re the first person to know it.

Before you didn’t really care much about your phone, but now it’s become your Bible. You always carry your phone around the house – even when on the toilet – so that you don’t miss all the funny things they send you. 

When you’re not with them in person, you feel like they’re living in your phone because that’s the main tool of your communication. 

Exchanging stupid ideas, funny pictures, and laughing your ass off to silly jokes is your daily friend crush dose.

9. You start adopting their cool words and phrases

You spend so much time together that you’ve started adopting their cool words and phrases.

So, instead of calling someone an idiot, you call them wanker (because it’s more cool and they’re using that same expression too). 

Everything they say, you absorb like a sponge without even being aware of it. And sometimes, when they say something so amazing, you make sure to write it down so that you don’t forget it.

The more time you spend together, the more you start to behave like them. All the cool words and phrases you were ignorant of before have become your conversational routine. 

Their influence is present in every aspect of your life and you couldn’t be more grateful for it! Perhaps you’re not aware of the change, but your old friends definitely are. 

They sometimes even ask you things like: Since when do you use that word? – only for you to give them a confusing look, not knowing what they’re talking about, since you feel like all these new words and expressions have always been an essential part of your being (you just needed someone to remind you of them).

10. Laughing out loud is the main activity you do when hanging out

No matter what you do, one thing is sure: Tons of laughs guaranteed. Laughing out loud is always on the menu no matter what time of day. 

Because that’s what real friends do. Despite the fact that sometimes everything seems fucked up, you still laugh together in spite of it!

To you, hanging out without a good dose of laughter would be considered a fail because that’s not your style.

And that’s how you know that you have a friend crush!

You can’t miss a day without their laughter because their happiness is a reflection of your own. When they laugh, you laugh. When they cry, you cry with them. 

They are your biggest inspiration and living proof that the best things in life come free to us! They are your treasure.

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