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Miserable People: 19 Habits Of Chronically Unhappy People

Miserable People: 19 Habits Of Chronically Unhappy People

Life will not always be easy. There will be some bad times and we’ll all have to deal with them. The only way we can make it easier is to be an optimistic person, someone who always believes that better times will come. 

Miserable people seem like they can’t understand that everything in life is temporary.

Those bad periods in your life won’t last forever. Your problems will be solved and then bad things will happen again because life is a circle.

If you are currently dealing with some bad things in your life, you should be patient and have faith because good times will come soon. You don’t have to worry about them because your perspective is what really counts. 

How you look at your problems is what’s important and that’s why you should always choose to be happy. Choose to see something positive in every situation. See only the best in others. Hope always for the best. 

Think positive. Be optimistic about everything in life. Choose to send only good vibes to other people. That’s how you’ll always be happy in life.

Unfortunately, some people can’t think like this. They are always miserable and they don’t think that they can help themselves or change it. Being miserable has become their way of life. That’s why you should be careful. 

The vibes they’re sending out are somehow addictive. Negative people like to make others feel miserable and you know, misery loves company

Here are some habits of miserable people. For your well-being and good mental health, try to avoid people who have some of these habits. 

1. They never see the good in anything

An eternal pessimist always hopes for the worst. Even if everything is good, they’ll try to find something bad in it and they’ll enjoy it. 

They choose to turn a blind eye to everything that is good and right in this world. Their perspective of the world is miserable and that’s what also makes them miserable. 

They’ll always point out only the bad things in every situation because that’s what makes them happy, in their own weird way. 

2. They create a negative identity

They weren’t born this way. Something happened to them and it made them create that whole new identity for themselves. 

Something bad happened to them in the past and left them with self-esteem issues. It may even cause them feelings of anxiety and depression. 

They weren’t strong enough to fight those feelings and they let them define them. They let those feelings create a negative identity for them. They became a toxic person full of unhealthy emotions. 

3. They always pick fights

Of course, we can have some disagreements with some people from time to time but these chronically unhappy people will pick fights out of the blue, just to make someone else unhappy too. 

They won’t even fight about important things, they’ll choose something irrelevant and absurd. Because for them, the only thing important is to fight with someone; the reason isn’t so important. 

It’ll be difficult to stop that fight because they won’t stop until they finish their purpose—to make that other person miserable. 

4. They are motivated only by personal gain

They never help others if personal gain isn’t involved in it somehow. The word ‘help’ just isn’t in their vocabulary.  

They’ll do everything to get what they want. They don’t pay attention to other people and they don’t care if they hurt others. 

Their personal interests are most important to them. They don’t like to please others because they are selfish and self-centered. 

5. They are selfish

We are all a little bit selfish at times. Sometimes we need to be a bit selfish to protect what’s important to us but if selfishness is one of your personality traits, then you are a miserable person

An egoist prioritizes their own needs over someone else’s. They don’t care about other people, their well-being is what’s only important to them. 

They don’t have an understanding of the needs of other people. They aren’t generous and they don’t do things for other people if that doesn’t involve personal gain.  

6. Their biggest fear is economic loss

Miserable people are always greedy. Money is one of the most precious things to them. They don’t realize that money is a material thing and it won’t make you happy

You’ll never see them participating in charity events because they consider those events stupid. They aren’t generous and you won’t see them giving their money to anyone, not even to their partner. 

They always have a big saving fund and they never do anything with that money.

They think that vacations are a luxury for them and they never spend money on traveling or vacations. They just save money because they are greedy and they always want more. 

7. They are jealous of successful people

Other people’s success makes them envious. They hate when they see that some of their friends or people they know have succeeded at something. 

They’ll never have any good comments on that; they’ll just try to find and point out all the negative things about someone else’s success. 

They envy your success because they always think that they are the only one who deserves to be successful. As strange as it sounds, they believe that your good fortune steals from their own. 

8. They always compare themselves to other people

It seems like some people can’t understand that we are all unique individuals and that we all have different lives. 

Miserable people don’t appreciate anything and no matter how good their life is, they’ll always be jealous or envious of other people’s lives. They just can’t help themselves with those feelings. 

Someone will always be more successful, richer or more famous than them and comparing their life with someone else’s will only make them realize it and bring them more misery. 

9. They like to gossip a lot

We have to be honest and say that we all love to gossip sometimes and that’s perfectly normal as long as that doesn’t happen every day. 

Gossiping about other people’s lives all the time is a habit of highly miserable people. The truth is that other people’s lives are more interesting to them than their own lives

They spend hours on their social media accounts, spying on other people just so they can gossip about it later. 

10. They are always bored

Nothing is ever adventurous enough for them. They don’t like to try new things and that’s why they feel bored all the time. 

They complain about it all the time but they don’t want to do anything about it. They want everyone to know how bored they are and when someone suggests that they do something, they immediately resent that person.  

They never participate in any free time activities with their friends because they like lying around the house all day long and all the people close to them have already gotten used to their comments about being bored.

11. They can’t admit their mistakes

We are all human beings and we all make mistakes but we also should admit our mistakes and apologize for them. 

An apology is unfamiliar to these kinds of people and you should never accept one from them. They don’t think that they can make mistakes and if they have made one, they would never admit to it. 

If you’re the one who made a mistake, then they’ll expect you to apologize immediately and they still won’t forgive you that fast. They’ll expect you to prove to them that you are truly sorry.

12. They blame others

After they have made a mistake, it will be easy for them to point their finger at someone else. They won’t mind lying because lying is easier for them than admitting that they are wrong. 

In fact, they intend to blame someone else for all the bad things in their life as their emotional intelligence lets them play blame games with others. 

It takes courage to admit that you are wrong and that you’ve made a mistake. These people aren’t that strong and that’s why they choose the easy way—shifting the blame onto someone else.

13. They want to have control

If they have a partner, they will try to control their life. They’ll want to have control over every single thing in their life. 

They would like to know more about their partner’s life than they should because they’ll think that they have every right to it.

Their emotional intelligence is high and they’ll first use it to make their partner dependent on them; then they’ll be able to have complete control over their life. 

They crave control. They think it’s how they’ll prove to themselves that they are a real alpha. 

14. They don’t trust anyone

Maybe someone hurt them in the past and those past hurts still hold them back so they don’t think that they should trust anyone. 

They consider that no one is trustworthy and they’ll use your secrets against you sooner or later, which is why they don’t have so many friends. 

They don’t think that they would survive confiding in someone and then getting their trust broken again. For them, it’s safer for them to keep it all to themselves. 

15. They never want to have a serious talk

They are afraid of responsibility and every time you ask them to have a serious talk, they’ll find a way to avoid it. 

They are always satisfied with their life and they don’t want to change things so often; in fact, they are afraid of change. 

The first time you ask them to have a serious talk, you’ll see how nervous they’ll look. They won’t immediately have an excuse ready but you’ll see that they’ll manage to successfully avoid the conversation. 

16. They are always seeking attention

They are like little kids. They’ll behave so silly just to be in the center of attention, as it’s important for them to feel important. 

We all want and need a certain degree of attention. However, you have to draw the line somewhere. Unhappy people don’t know when to draw the line. They will always be prone to attention-seeking behavior. 

17. They are never satisfied with their physical appearance

They always have a negative body image and they don’t like anything about their looks. It affects their self-esteem and makes them feel miserable. 

They always compare themselves to others and they are jealous of every person who has a prettier nose than them or who is more handsome or more beautiful. 

That jealousy is what makes their life miserable. God created all people different and unique and there will always be someone more beautiful or more handsome than you. 

You should only focus on yourself and on creating the best version of yourself but this is something that miserable people can’t understand.

18. They don’t have any plans for the future

They don’t like to make any plans for the future. They are pessimistic about the future and they always think of the worst. 

They overthink every decision they make and that is how they actually create problems that don’t exist. It’s like they can’t accept the fact that there are good things in life and that those good things are happening to them. 

Overthinking doesn’t allow them to enjoy any situation in life.

They don’t have any expectations in life because they think those expectations would always lead to disappointment and suffering. They are living empty lives, without any dreams and goals.

19. They don’t want to improve

They are never satisfied with anything in life. They don’t like their job, they hate their looks and nothing in their life seems to be right. 

Still, they don’t want to do anything about those things. They will complain about those things every day but they’ll never be ready to change anything.

To wrap up

‘A man’s as miserable as he thinks he is’ says Seneca. Being miserable is a choice. If you decide to be truly happy, no one can make you miserable; only you have control over your feelings.  

Some people will always choose to be miserable people, because they have pessimistic perspectives and they really enjoy being chronically unhappy.

Don’t try to help those people because they don’t want to change. They are addicted to their misery and it has become their way of life.

It’s easy to recognize these people because you’ll immediately feel the negative vibes coming from them. That’s why you should try to avoid these kinds of people because their vibes can be contagious. 

Life is short, don’t waste your precious time around people who have negative energy. Ignore them. Don’t let anyone’s negativity ruin your happiness.