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9 Signs You Share An Incredible Emotional Connection With Your Partner

9 Signs You Share An Incredible Emotional Connection With Your Partner

Everyone craves a true emotional connection with other human beings, especially their romantic partner.

Emotional connection and emotional intimacy are at the core of every healthy and successful relationship.

How can I know if my partner and I share an emotional connection, you ask? Take a look at these signs that show an emotional connection is a strong feature in your relationship.

1. You both feel seen and understood

If you’ve ever been in a relationship where there was no true emotional connection, your strongest memory from that relationship is the feeling of never being truly seen by your ex-partner.

When you and your partner have a powerful emotional intimacy, you feel like they see every little part of you.

They don’t have trouble understanding YOU. You feel like you truly, completely understand the why and how behind their personality.

They are familiar with your essence and everything that lies at the core of your being and you are with theirs.

2. You really listen to each other

We usually hear what people are saying but do we really listen?

When you and your partner share an amazing emotional connection, you’ll notice that you both listen carefully to what the other person has to say.

Emotionally connected partners seem to ‘hear’ even what’s not being said.

You don’t tune out your partner when they’re speaking, you actively listen to everything they have to tell you and pay attention to every little detail.

3. You’re able to resolve your issues

Being superiorly emotionally connected doesn’t mean that you will never argue with your partner. There will always be misunderstandings, differences of opinion and disagreements in every relationship.

However, your emotional connection allows you to find the silver lining and to be able to understand where the other person is coming from.

Being able to resolve arguments on a calm, healthy level proves that your relationship is mature.

4. You don’t judge each other

Your relationship is a safe place for both of you. You are always open to hear about anything and offer your partner a hug and calming words.

Both of you feel comfortable really putting yourself and your vulnerabilities out there, never being afraid that your partner will use them to judge you or hurt you in any way.

You don’t wait for your partner to make a mistake so you can prove how wrong they are about something and they don’t do that to you.

5. You have empathy for them

You’re able to put yourself in their shoes and be empathetic at all times.

You both take the time to appreciate everything the other person does for the relationship and understand all the difficulties and issues you each have in your life.

You’re empathetic for everything that happens to them; it’s like everything that happens to them happens to you too.

6. You care about each other’s everyday thoughts

When you talk, you don’t only talk about everything every big thing that has ever happened in your past or in your current life but you pay a lot of attention to the thoughts you both have in your mind during the day.

If you have a weird dream, you’ll share it with your partner and analyze it together.

If you suddenly think about any random thing, you’ll talk about it with your partner, while they do the same with you.

You care about what they had for lunch that day or anything out of the ordinary that happened in their daily routine.

7. You try to fulfill each other’s needs

You can’t fulfill their every need but you do your best to think about what it is they need in their life and help them get that.

When you think they may be overly busy at work, you try taking on extra work at home for example.

You do your best to fulfill their needs in every aspect of life and they do the same for you.

They might not be an outdoor person but they will take long walks with you in nature because they care about you getting what you need too.

8. You know what their deepest desires are


When you’re emotionally connected to your partner, you’re able to share your most intimate thoughts, wishes and desires.

You know what their dreams are and they know yours. You’ve talked about it many times and you share their excitement when it comes to making their dreams come true.

It’s in both of your minds to keep each other’s dreams a part of your life goals and you both always keep in mind to respect each other’s wishes when making plans about the future.

9. You speak freely and openly

You’re not afraid of being misunderstood or judged for the things you say.

You are comfortable sharing your opinions and thoughts regarding any matter, even when you know your partner won’t agree with you.

You both try not to cross the line of hurting each other with your words but nothing is off limits and you can openly and honestly share whatever comes to your mind, about your relationship, each other or life in general.