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9 Powerful Ways To Use Your Feminine Energy To Attract The Right Man

9 Powerful Ways To Use Your Feminine Energy To Attract The Right Man

If you’re wondering how to use your feminine energy to attract a man, you’re in just the right place!

Now, to learn more about “the origins” of masculine energy and feminine energy, first we need to take a short trip back into the past. 

In the past, men were the ones who were the hunter-gatherers (providers of the family) which is related to their masculine side.

Opposite to them, women were responsible for preparing meals, cleaning, nurturing and similar tasks which is related to their feminine side.

According to traditional gender roles, a masculine man and a feminine woman create balance, and they are the keys to creating a successful and fulfilling relationship.

You see, we are naturally drawn to the opposite polar energy which is the main reason why men are madly attracted to feminine energy!

Now let’s shift back to reality. We no longer live in the old times where only men were the dominant ones and women were in a more passive position.

In today’s world, men and women have become equal, and many women have lost their feminine essence. 

And that is where you come into the story.

If you’re sick and tired of attracting all the wrong types of men into your life, chances are that you aren’t connected with or that you’ve lost touch with your feminine energy!

In order to attract the right man’s heart, you need to use the power of your femininity and self-love.

The only way to attract men—alpha males who are protective, future-thinking and initiating gentlemen—is by connecting with your feminine self.

Once you start exhibiting your powerful feminine energy, your love life will flourish! 

And if you’re wondering how to use your feminine energy in order to attract the type of men who are genuinely great guys (and perhaps your soulmate), check the following 9 powerful ways that will change your game!

1. Allow him to court you

Do you fall too soon for every potentially ‘nice’ guy you meet?

Do you feel like they often take you for granted when they realizehow much you like them?

If this sounds familiar, I’m sorry to tell you but you’ve been doing it all wrong.

Attracting a good man into your life is all about letting him court you, letting him open doors for you, letting him pick you up and arrange a date, letting him keep up the conversation and similar (and I bet that any dating coach out there would confirm that)!

By letting a man court you, you’re making him naturally drawn to your feminine energy because men are those who are supposed to make an effort and do nice things for a woman they want to win over.

Always keep that one in mind!

2. Allow him to reestablish communication (if he hasn’t called or texted in a while)

If a man feels like he has to be the one who will reestablish communication and text or call you first, he will take you seriously, and he will never wait for you to call him or text him first.

Why? Because he will know that if he doesn’t do all of that, you certainly won’t. 

And that’s the type of man you want to attract into your life, right?

You want a man who knows what he wants and who knows how to get what he wants—and that is you. But, you don’t want to be an easy target.

You want to use your feminine energy, patience, and self-love that will make him work hard to win you over.

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3. Honor your sexuality as sacred

I personally don’t have anything against women who sleep with a guy on the first date. After all, we’re equal, right?

We can do whatever the hell we want and whenever we want without the fear of being judged for it.

But, if you want to attract a high-quality man (who is not only interested in jumping into your pants), it is essential that you show him that you honor your sexuality as sacred.

What does this mean? It means taking some time to get to know each other’s true personality, taking some time for him to make a serious effort to get your attention, and then, when you’re ready, you can start taking small steps to the bedroom as well.

It is important to make your guy feel that he needed to make a serious effort in order to finally make love to you. 

And, trust me, that guy will appreciate you, court you, and love you like no one before!

4. Don’t be needy

There’s a thin line between being needy and asking for help or advice from time to time.

So, if you want to attract a masculine man, you should never show any sign of neediness. 

It’s true that men are drawn to helping women in need, but psychopaths are also drawn to such women.

In order to avoid toxic men and attract the right ones, you need to be a woman who knows how to take care of herself and who doesn’t need a man to make her feel complete. 

You need to be a woman who doesn’t need a man, but wants one (if he’s right for her, of course).

5. Listen to your inner, gut feelings

Do you often get sensations in your stomach or you hear that little voice in your head telling you that something’s wrong, something’s right or when something important might happen?

If yes, know that they are your gut feelings, and you should never neglect them no matter what.

So, one of the ways to connect to your feminine energy and attract the right man for you is definitely by listening to your inner feelings and acting accordingly.

Your feelings create energy, and that is why you need to listen to what your soul is telling you.

6. Be vulnerable

If you want to learn how to use feminine energy to attract a man and make him crazy about you, you will have to learn how to express your feelings without fear and show him how you really feel and what is really going on in your head. 

You see, a masculine-energy man is attracted to a feminine-energy woman and your vulnerability is one of the most  powerful ways that will help you attract the right man into your life.

Men connect with your feelings, your personality, and your way of thinking and that is why it is important to show your vulnerable side.

Once he sees your true self, he will want to protect you, take care of you, and never let you go. 

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7. Be honest

Always make eye contact when talking to him and always be honest with him.

Honesty is a part of feminine energy and your biggest friend when it comes to attracting a great man into your life. 

By being honest, I mean even teasing him a little bit (if you feel like it), telling him when you think he’s wrong about something, saying exactly what you mean, and not expecting that he agrees with you.

Being honest will help you get in touch with your true self and exhibit a more powerful feminine energy that will make him completely crazy about you!

8. Show appreciation for his efforts

When a man does something nice for you, when he gives you a massage, makes coffee for you or when he makes a nice gesture, he wants to know that you enjoyed it and that you appreciate it because that is what makes him do more of it! 

So, one way to use your feminine energy to attract a man is by being grateful for everything he does for you and always showing appreciation for his efforts (even for the small ones).

By doing this, you will make him feel happy by knowing that he’s capable of making you happy, and he will want to keep doing it because making a woman happy is his main priority. 

9. Be present

One of the biggest mistakes that many women are guilty of (when trying to awaken their feminine energy) is not being in the moment and not enjoying the time spent with their man because of overthinking or something else. 

In order to exhibit your feminine energy in its most powerful form, you need to always be present in the moment and focus on what’s happening in front of you.

By allowing your mind to roam through your past events or overthinking about future and potentially dangerous events, you will block your feminine energy from floating to the surface.

So instead of attracting the right guy, you will attract someone who is completely wrong for you (and you certainly don’t want that, right?).

Final Thoughts

If I had to single out the three most important things from the list above, it would be being honest, giving him some space to court you, and showing appreciation for his efforts. Why? 

Because the right men fall in love with who you really are, they court you because they want to win you over, and they expect your feedback to know they’re on the right track to making you happy.

Also, keep in mind that you deserve to be treated with respect.

You deserve to be someone’s priority, and you deserve to be loved unconditionally.

And your feminine energy will make sure to deal with the rest and attract the guy who is meant to be in your life!