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10 Signs You’re Being Too Available And It’s Pushing Him Away

10 Signs You’re Being Too Available And It’s Pushing Him Away

Have you ever heard the saying that we’re never too busy for the people we love? While that’s true, the problem is that we actually take those words too seriously.

It’s true that you have to be there for your partner whenever he needs you.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your personal interests or some other important people in your life and become too available for your man.

You have to set and respect some personal boundaries. You have to show him that you have a life besides your relationship.

Trust me, sometimes you have to play hard to get because there is no fun in always being too available for your man.

Sometimes love can make you blind and it may be hard to realize you’re being too available for your significant other, but here are some sure-fire signs that you should watch out for.

1. You organize your time according to his schedule

man and woman sitting on concrete fence

You have your job, maybe some hobbies, your family and friends. You have so many things to do every day but still, you organize your time as your boyfriend wants or according to his schedule.

Even on the busiest day, you always have time to talk or hang out with him. For you, nothing is as important as he is. Not even your family or friends.

2. You always call him first

woman holding glass of water while talking on the phone

You are deeply in love with him and no matter how much time you’ve spent together, you start missing him the moment he leaves.

You miss him whenever he isn’t around. That’s why you always call him first. You always initiate contact because you just want to hear his voice or see how his day was.

Put that phone down and wait for him to give you a call for once. You have to see if he also misses you and whether he would call you just to hear about your day.

Let him chase you for a change.  

3. You reply to his texts immediately

woman using phone while lying on bed

Each time you get a text from him, you reply to it instantly as if you’ve been waiting for it all day. You even apologize to him every time you don’t reply immediately.

You’re so happy when he texts you that no matter what you are doing or how busy you are, you’ll always make time to chat with him.

4. Your friendships are suffering

man and woman sitting on bench near water

It’s not a problem for you to bail on your friends every time he reschedules. You want to show him that you always have time for him even though it may cost you your friendships. 

If you think that he’ll appreciate it, you’re wrong. All he’ll see is how easy it is for you to bail and let the people you love down.

5. You accept his last-minute invitations

man and woman talking while sitting at table in cafe

Inviting someone over at the last minute is rude and disrespectful. I know you enjoy spending time with him, but you should make him respect your boundaries.

Don’t be afraid to reject him. Make him realize that you are no one’s option. Also, tell him that you have your own life and that you can’t reschedule your daily obligations to suit him. 

6. You forget your personal boundaries

man and woman sitting on grass looking at mountain

Healthy boundaries are good for every relationship. If you want your relationship to last, you have to set some boundaries and your partner should respect them.

If your partner crosses the line, you don’t get mad because you don’t want to initiate a fight in your relationship.

7. You tell him all your secrets

man and woman sitting near water and talking

Even though you don’t know him very well, you reveal all your secrets to him. You think that he shares the same feelings for you and that he’ll keep your secrets safe.

Whenever something new happens, he is the first person you tell. Be careful, you may reveal some things he won’t like.

8. You agree on everything

man and woman sitting on rock looking at mountain

You are different and it’s only natural that you have different perspectives and opinions about some things. However, you forget this and start agreeing with him about everything.

The word NO isn’t in your vocabulary anymore. You agree with everything your partner says because you are so in love with him that you are afraid to say NO to him.

You don’t want to express your opinions because you’re afraid that it might cause a conflict and that he’ll leave you.  

9. You become dependant on him

woman holding man's hand while standing outdoor during sunset

You want to be with him all the time because you are sad when you don’t see him even for a day. You can’t plan anything anymore without including him in your plans. 

You even start asking him for advice about your job, or maybe you start asking permission to do things. You should know that kind of behavior in a relationship is just one step away from a toxic relationship. 

10. You don’t want to date anyone else even though you aren’t official yet

man and woman in black leather jackets standing outdoor

Even though you haven’t still defined your relationship, you don’t want to date other people. You are ready to wait for him to decide whether he is ready for a relationship or not, even if it takes a while.

If you’re doing some of these things, then I have to tell you only one thing: get a life outside your relationship.

After all, you show people how they’ll treat you. If you make yourself too available for them at the beginning of your relationship, they’ll always expect the same behavior from you.

10 Signs You're Being Too Available And It's Pushing Him Away