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Signs You’re Not ‘The One’ For Him (And It’s Not Your Fault)

Signs You’re Not ‘The One’ For Him (And It’s Not Your Fault)

Sometimes, two people get together and they are perfect for each other. They are like two pieces of a puzzle.

But, sometimes, no matter how well two people click, they’re just not for each other. Maybe, in theory, your relationship is perfect, but it’s a whole different story in practice.

I know that sometimes, despite the fact you’re aware that your relationship isn’t going anywhere, you trick yourself into believing there’s still hope—when there’s not.

This sucks so badly, but the truth is that two amazing people don’t have to hit it off.

Sometimes you’re just not right for each other, and sometimes you’re just paranoid and you’ve made yourself believe you don’t belong by his side.

If you’re not sure which of these two scenarios is yours, check out the signs that will make you see if you’re not ‘The One’ for him.

There is no trust

sad young woman sitting on the couch alone
He doesn’t trust you and trust is the most important thing in every relationship—it’s the foundation.

If you don’t have trust, you can be positive that your relationship will crack sooner or later.

Fighting for a relationship without trust is just avoiding the inevitable—avoiding the crash.

It is in our human nature that we have to have someone by our side to feel stable and to feel protected.

We know we have someone who will comfort us when we’re sad and someone who will enjoy our happiness with us.

That’s why we need to develop that bond of trust with that special someone we chose.

That’s why YOU need to realize you’re not the one for him if there is no trust in your relationship.

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He keeps his problems to himself

sad lonely blond woman
There’s no communication between the two of you. Whenever there’s a problem, he quiets down and pulls back.

You were probably in situations like this, begging him to tell you what’s wrong, but he continuously refused to, numerous times.

He tried to convince you everything is peachy, although you know it’s not. If he avoids talking about his problems with you, he doesn’t feel your support.

Support is one of the major reasons why we strive to find someone to be with in the first place. It takes time to develop a support system in a relationship.

But, in your case, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship and still, there’s no feeling of support, something is wrong.

You should have developed a deep bond until now, and that bond includes supporting each other.

You feel something is missing

woman sitting by the windowYou feel that you’re not loved as you deserve to be.

Maybe this seems like it’s your problem but, when the two people love each other, they need (and usually do) find a way to love each other in the ways they need to be loved.

Usually, it takes time for two people to figure out the ways to love each other, but if you get the feeling your partner is not even trying to break the code on how to love you, be sure that you are not the right one for him.

You have to understand that relationships can never be perfect.

But there is something more you have to know—putting a constant effort in your relationship is the key to its success.

There too much or too little passion

lonely woman wearing glasses lying on the couchPassion is that essential key for every relationship. It’s the first thing the two of you will feel—it’s the reason why you are together.

Passion is that feeling when the two of you touch and something deep inside you burns and it’s good—it’s perfect.

No relationship can survive if there’s no passion.

But also, a lot of passion can be destructive because passion goes along with—jealousy, fear, or sadness which show their faces when there’s too much passion involved.

You don’t have a feeling of security

beautiful sad young woman sitting on couch thinkingYou have to ask yourself: “Does he make me safe?”, “Do I feel like home everywhere I go with him?”

These are the most important things because, at the end of the day, we all seek security. We all want someone by our side who will take care of us and who will pick us up when we fall.

Sometimes, relationships lack that important segment.

But, when you think about it, no matter if the two of you are the best couple there can be, if you don’t feel safe in each other’s arms, you’re not going to last.

And that is completely fine—that is not your fault. That is just how things are and probably should be for some reason.

So, don’t force love to happen because you’re maybe forcing ‘The wrong love’ which could make you miss ‘The Right One’.

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Signs You're Not 'The One' For Him (And It’s Not Your Fault)