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This Is What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

This Is What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Did you know that the way you sleep with your partner says a lot about your relationship? The amount of intimacy you show while sleeping in the same bed can say a lot about how close you are, or that you simply don’t feel so much love anymore. Looking at your sleeping positions, someone can tell if you’ve been together for a while now or if you’re a new couple who just freshly started a relationship.

1. Hugging while sleeping

You may have woken up in the middle of the night and you saw that you and your partner are hugging each other, with intertwined legs and you are both very close. This is the most intimate sleeping position and it occurs when you two have strong feelings toward each other. This sleeping position is commonly found in new couples, although many couples can maintain it for a longer period of time. But that should be a warning sign, because it means that you two are too codependent.

2. Spooning

The most common of all the sleeping positions is spooning. There are two ways of spooning. The first one is when he’s hugging you from the back, which shows security, trust and that he deeply cares about your well-being. But what happens if he’s playing the ‘small spoon’? What if you’re the one hugging him? If this is the case, your partner wants to be chased and he wants to see you put in all the effort. Also, this is a way of showing that he’s gotten emotionally distant in your relationship.

3. Sleeping on your partner’s shoulder

This position tends to be quite popular in long-term relationships. One of you is lying on your back and the other is lying on your partner. This position represents power. It doesn’t just have to be that you’re sleeping on your man’s shoulder, but he could be sleeping on your chest in order to find comfort and safety. That’s why the protector has the power of the safety of the seeker.

4. Sleeping on other sides of the bed

This one is a bit worrying because you two are drawn apart and you need space in the relationship. This position occurs after arguments and it also shows that you have a problem in your relationship that needs to be solved sooner or later.

5. One person dominates the bed

If you wake up in the middle of the night, just to see that your partner is dominating the bed and that you’re hugging your knees in one corner of it, it’s bad news. Your partner is selfish and your relationship is toxic. He just takes and never gives back.

6. You face each other, but don’t touch

If you and your partner are facing each other while sleeping (without touching) it shows an emotionally dependent and emotionally demanding relationship. You both want more and you show it even when you’re sleeping.

7. Sleeping back-to-back, touching

This sleeping position is common in a new relationship and it’s one of the most popular ones. It shows that you and your partner are completely comfortable with one another and that you don’t need to touch each other too much to show love. All you need to do is have a small part of your body touching to know that the other is there and it’s enough to make you both feel safe.

8. Both partners sleep on their stomachs

You are most probably hugging while sleeping this way. This position shows that both sides are feeling vulnerable and want to support each other, but are afraid of getting hurt.

9. Sleeping with tangled legs

If you wake up and you feel the legs of your partner reaching for yours or if your legs are intertwined, it means that there is a need for a stronger emotional and sexual connection. It can also mean that you can’t get enough of one another and that you are in a very loving and caring relationship.