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Someday, The Pain You Feel Right Now Will Make Sense

Someday, The Pain You Feel Right Now Will Make Sense

You’re a mess, and nothing’s going right. Your eyes are swollen from all the crying, and your body is too tired get out of bed anymore. You feel like your heart could burst at any moment and you don’t seem to be doing any better. It’s been weeks of feeling this way…when are you supposed to start feeling better?

You are overwhelmed by the array of emotions that are consuming you, and all you are able to do is just let them. You can’t fight it anymore. The pain is too much, and you don’t know how you’ll ever survive this.

The thing about pain is, it needs to be felt in order for you to heal properly and be able to get over it. The pain is there to teach you that you are stronger than you think. It’s there to show you what you’re really made of and how much you are capable of enduring. You’ll be surprised at how tough you are and how much you can take.

You need to let the pain take you over. Give yourself to the agony you are feeling right now. Let it consume you and rush through your body like a storm on a gusty day. Let it creep in and stay for as long as it takes, and someday you will be better for it.

That is how pain works. It arrives as an uninvited guest when you least expect it, and it lingers longer than you would like it to.. but be patient. When it finally goes away, you will feel like a new person who’s ready to take over the world. There will be nothing you won’t be able to conquer.

Give yourself time to get there.

Just remember. When you feel like you’ve hit rock bottom, crying on the kitchen floor, surrounded by more bottles of wine than you would like to admit, and feeling like this is the lowest you could possibly get, THAT is when you need to make a choice.

This is the moment that will make you or break you. This is the time you need to decide if you’re going to pick up all of your broken pieces, get up from that floor and decide that you’ve had enough. You are at your lowest, and you can’t even see your face from all the mascara that is smudged across your face. This is exactly when you need to decide that this is the last time you’ve done this to yourself.

Nobody is going to help you unless you help yourself first. You need to WANT to get better, in order to actually feel better.

This feeling won’t last forever. I know it seems as if the sun has set on your happier days, but there is so much more sunshine waiting for you. All you need is to want to get rid of that cloud of misery that is hanging above you so dimly.

And one day, you will be able to look back at this woeful time and feel an overwhelming sense of pride at what you were able to survive.

Someday, you will be able to wake up from the bed you once shared with him and get up from it with a positive outlook on life. At that moment, misery will have nothing left to do with you. It will have vanished from your body and soul, and you will feel like a brand new person who can do anything she sets her mind to.

And you know why?

Because you welcomed your pain with open arms. You embraced it and let it stay for a little while, for as long as it took for you to get to the place you’re at now. And aren’t you glad you did?

Because of that pain, now you know how strong you really are. Because of that pain, you are able to appreciate the calmness you are feeling right now. And because of that pain, you feel ready to step into the light again and let yourself feel again.

To those still trying to weather the storm, feeling like a lost cause—you will get through this, I promise. It always feels like the end of the world when life blindsides you like this, but one day, you’ll realize that you are the only one keeping yourself from healing. And that is when you’ll decide enough is enough and do everything you can to get yourself back to that happy place.

Someday may not be tomorrow or next week even. But it will damn well happen, and when it does, you will see that all the tears, and sleepless nights were worth it because they are what got you here.

Just hold on a little longer.