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Sometimes The Person You Want Most Is The Person You’re Best Without

Sometimes The Person You Want Most Is The Person You’re Best Without

We give ourselves so much to people who don’t know how to give us what we deserve. We tend to ignore all the signs because we think that the person will change or that we will change them for the better. They will love us. They will cherish and appreciate us.

Or at least that’s what goes through our minds. someone who doesn’t appreciate you the way you should be appreciated, you need to let go of them.

You can’t be the one who does everything in the relationship and expect someone to see that, when the only thing they are able to see is themselves.

You are loved. And if it doesn’t seem like that right now, you are loved, adored! If he’s not the one who can love you, there is someone else out there, just waiting for you to make your appearance in their life and be the center of their Universe.

After so much time spent with him, spent in this constant suffering, you are starting to believe that that’s the only form of love that exists.

Even though you see the suffering you endure and the words you swallow, you still have the courage to call the feeling you have ‘love’. But it’s not. It will never be. Love will never be hurtful.

It’s not about the way you treat him. You know that you are giving everything you have to make him feel loved and you are giving him everything you are.

You are giving him yourself unconditionally. But ask yourself: “Is he doing the same for you? Or does he, just maybe, take advantage of your generosity?”

Your bank account has been drained since he’s in your life. Your energy has been drained and your skin can’t handle any more hits. But you confuse those hits with sparks flying. Or at least something you deserved. No one deserves to be treated this way.

Strong. That’s what you are. You are strong. But sometimes, the bigger strength is hidden in the person you become after leaving someone as toxic as him.

Because, when you leave an abusive relationship, the fight has just begun. Now you need to rebuild yourself from the little pieces he has left behind.

It will need time and effort. It will take time to fall in love with yourself the way you loved him. It will be hard and you will break many times again. But it will be fine. You will get stronger with every passing day. But let it go now.

Let go of him and everything he has done. Because looking at him kissing someone else and not being able to breathe aren’t signs of love.

It’s more than just kissing another girl. It’s making you see that you are not enough for him. You are not able to keep him on your side and he makes it clear.

Even if you left now, he wouldn’t mind. Asking yourself ‘why’ is not necessary because he’ll find another victim. He will find someone else to torture. But make sure it’s not you anymore.

As much as you would want it to be OK again, as much as you would want to make it work, love isn’t enough when it comes from one person only.

You don’t want to be around someone who is OK with losing you. You might want him in your life more than anyone else, but you’re better off without him. Time will show you that clearly.

You are better off without the man who doesn’t know how to love you properly. Leave and find the right way to love yourself because you might have forgotten how to do that. So, pack your stuff and keep moving.

Every step of the way you will feel freer and more alive. Just keep moving and never look back at the man you once thought to be your soulmate because he turned out to be everything you didn’t need in life.

So, keep going. Life is better on the other side.

No one is worthy of your heart if they don’t know how to carry it with respect.