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Stay Single Until You Find A Man Who Does These 18 Things

Stay Single Until You Find A Man Who Does These 18 Things

1. He asks for your opinion

Because a man like this already sees you as a part of his world and he wants to talk to you about the most important things in his life.

2. He doesn’t push sex

When a man is in love with a woman, he won’t be pushing anything, especially sex. He will wait for you to be ready and then he will make love to you in the most sensual way because he wants you to feel good.

3. He wants to meet your parents

If a man loves you, he will want to meet the people who helped you transform into the woman you are now. His relationship with your parents will be of high importance and he will try to show them that he loves you unconditionally.

4. He won’t abuse you in any way

A man like this will never abuse you, emotionally or physically. He knows what kind of woman he has next to him and he will never let you down. He will treat you the way you actually deserve and that will never change.

5. He likes your friends

A man like this knows that your friends were a part of your life way before him and therefore he will cherish them as if they were his. He will never try to isolate you from them nor will he try to make you fight with them.

6. He respects you

He respects you as a woman and as a human being. He values your honesty and has the will to make everything between the two of you work. Every single effort that you make means the world to him and he will always give you credit for that.

7. He remembers the small things

Maybe some guys don’t find it important to remember the small things about the girl they date but the fact is, the small things matter the most. And a real man will recognize that.

8. He will never put you down

In fact, for a man like this, you will be his one and only option, the light at the end of the tunnel and the rainbow after the rain. Your happiness will be more important than his own and he will always do what is the best for you.

9. He cancels his plans to be with you

When you are the most important person to him, he will cancel all his plans to be with you. And you know why? Because there isn’t a place he would rather be than in your arms.

10. He holds your hand proudly

The thing he likes to do the most is to hold your hand while the two of you are walking down the street. He loves to see others look at you and think what an amazing couple you make. And the feeling of your hand in his makes him scream from the rooftops how much he loves you.

11. He is not jealous

He is not jealous because he knows how much jealousy can damage a relationship. That’s why he will try to handle things in a calm way and ask you if anything is bothering you. He will always ask and never make presumptions.

12. He tries to make you laugh

A real man will always try to make his partner laugh. He knows that laughing makes people feel better and he will always try to do that in your presence. The thing is that he is trying to impress the girl he really likes and he doesn’t mind going the extra mile for her.

13. He never stops trying

A man like this will never stop trying because he knows that he will lose you if he does that. So, he will try to make you smile, make you feel good and pamper you. In the end, that is what every girl deserves, right?

14. He supports your career

When a man finds a woman important, he will support everything that she does, including her career. And that is extremely important because there are so many guys who just don’t want to support their lady’s job because they are too jealous of her . If you find a man who supports you like this, don’t ever let him go.

15. He will like you even at your worst edition

He won’t mind if you look like a mess, because he loves you. He knows that we all sometimes have days when we feel down and when we don’t want to do anything. But a real man will love you just the way you are because you are the whole package.

16. He will kiss you in public

A real man will never be ashamed to kiss you in front of his friends or anyone else in public. By doing so, he wants you to know how much you mean to him and that he is so blessed to have you in his life.

17. He tells you that you are beautiful even if you don’t have any make-up on

For him, it doesn’t matter if you are dressed to kill, with heavy make-up on your face and high heels on. He loves the real you. He loves every single lock of your hair in the morning and every wrinkle on your face. And he wants you to feel good in your own skin.

18. He shows that he is proud of you

When you make big things happen, he will always tell you how proud he is of you. He will always be your best friend and support in everything that you do. And with him, you will feel like you won the lottery.

Stay Single Until You Find A Man Who Does These 18 Things