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Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Makes You Laugh So Hard Your Stomach Hurts

Stay Single Until You Meet The Person Who Makes You Laugh So Hard Your Stomach Hurts

Somehow, along the way of growing up, we learned that it has become normal to cry in our relationship.

We have come to realize that we really are unable to resist it, because we get hurt, even a little bit from time to time. We get left alone with our thoughts and we cry.

We have cried ourselves to sleep too many times because we forgot that we need to be in a relationship for the happiness it brings, not for the pain and the misery. I realized it at the right time, because the right person came into my life.

The first time I saw him, he put a smile on my face without any particular reason. Just the look of him made me happy.

But it’s not because he was so handsome or that he was funny looking—no. He was just a spark of sunlight that came into my life that day without any announcement.

When we would go out in a group, he wouldn’t talk too much, so I thought that he was very serious.

At that time he was studying at university and also working; he was ambitious. So, I never thought that he would make me cry tears of joy so many times.

But I was wrong, because he was fun and he wasn’t serious about life at all. All he wanted was to be happy.

We would talk about our childhoods and about deep topics that I had never discussed with anyone else but even if the things we were talking about were sometimes sad, he would stop for a moment and tell me that we had found each other and that was when he made me smile.

Throughout the entire relationship, he would always pull off scenes that made my stomach hurt with laughter. He would tell jokes and come to my doorstep dressed silly.

It’s not that he had nothing better to do but he wanted to make my day better by making me laugh.

He just wanted us both to be completely happy and he still lives by that philosophy today.

That’s when I realized that we settle for giggles and cute nicknames and we forget about passionate laughing and the way it feels when our partner makes our stomach hurt with laughter.

We settle for tears and fear, we settle for less even when we could be with someone who makes us happy and makes us feel loved and appreciated.

To every woman out there, I say: find yourself a man who makes you laugh, because he’s the one who will always make you a priority, because he will do his best to make you happy.

We always put the blame on someone else but the only one we should blame is  ourself. We are the ones who let those negative, toxic and manipulative people into our life.

We are the ones who allow these things to happen because we think that falling for someone who loves to make us laugh is way too easy. But it’s become the hardest thing ever.

When a man puts your happiness as a priority, it means that your happiness, at one point, became his happiness.

It means that there is nothing more important in his life than to never see you shed tears in your life.

Even if you do feel sad, he’ll be there for you, he’ll understand you and cheer you up.

A man who makes you laugh, a man who makes you happy, is a man every woman needs in her life. To make sure she knows what a real man looks like, because it’s more than muscles and a cold heart.