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12 Sexy Body Language Signs That Make You Irresistible To Men

12 Sexy Body Language Signs That Make You Irresistible To Men

What Is Body Language?

When it comes to your best friends, parents, and people you’re generally familiar with, you have zero problems communicating with them. But when it comes to a man you’re head over heels for, it’s like the cat caught your tongue!

Suddenly, uttering a single word feels frightening. And that is when body language comes in handy.

You see, whether you know this or not, you give out a lot of vibes with your body, without even being aware of it. This is how people communicate with each other when words fail them.

Body language has probably saved your ass more times than you’re aware!

Eye contact, facial expressions, good posture, and many others can all be used as extremely attractive body language signs that will lure in the opposite sex. Granted, you need to know how to use them wisely.

Luckily, you’re probably already doing okay, but here you’ll learn to perfect your craft.

The following three are the most important means of communication between people (in this order):

•  Body language

•  Tone of voice

•  Words spoken

So you see now how crucial body language is. This is something that can come in really handy when you want to win over that hot guy you can’t stop dreaming about!

Words are practically unnecessary if you use these awesome body language tips and take it to the next level.

If you simply put your mind to it, your body will know what to do.

Sometimes, all it takes is to gently lean in, lock eyes with him, and flirt without using words.

Give him a sexy yet coy look, and when you lean back from him, he won’t know what hit him.

But there are plenty more tips and tricks on how to seduce a guy without spending too much time contemplating how to approach him and what to say.

Seduction is not a test, so let’s not make it into something tedious, but rather make it fun and spicy!

Female body language is a powerful (and seductive) tool when used the right way.

It can create sexual tension that will drive you both insane and make you feel like it’s the first time you’re feeling this way.

So, let’s get going and learn the art of using your gorgeous body to make him yearn after you!

1. Use the power of your smile

smiling woman wearing black hat

You don’t have to be among the most attractive women on the planet to be able to seduce a guy.

All it takes is an honest and genuine smile that will light up his world for a second. 

A smile is something so simple, yet has so much meaning. It signifies happiness and brings out your inner kid.

It tells him you’re genuine and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Life will suck sometimes, but instead of wasting hours on worrying, put on a gorgeous smile and make him see your positive point of view.

Show him that when he’s worried, frustrated, and in a bad place, there is still someone out there who will be there with a smile on her face showing him it’s not all that bad.

And yes, I’m aware that a smile won’t solve anyone’s problems, but it WILL make it better for a short period of time. And I’d take that any day.

2. Aim your belly button at him

man hugging smiling woman

I know that right now you’re probably thinking that I’m insane, but hear me out. It’s actually really simple.

Researchers have discovered that guys respond very positively to seeing a girl’s belly button! It shows him you’re comfortable around him and establishes trust!

Even if your head is turned from him, it’ll still do the trick!

3. Touch him moderately

man and woman lying on grass

If you’re on a date with a guy and you’re constantly invading his personal space, touching him (or his crotch), rubbing him, and not giving him any breathing room, it doesn’t really make him lust after you.

It feels a bit excessive and it’s suffocating him. The guy literally has no space to sit without you being all over him. But check this scenario.

You’re sitting at dinner, having a lovely conversation, keeping eye contact, and you both pay attention to what the other one is saying.

Occasionally, you softly touch his hand (almost as if by accident) and pull back within seconds.

You give him a little smile and then fix your T-shirt (or whatever you’re wearing) which makes you accidentally brush his shoulder.

This will feel sexy, mysterious, and he’ll be wondering if you’re doing this on purpose or by total coincidence.

Either way, he’s going to feel very open to this. A touch can mean so much when you don’t overdo it.

4. Never cross your arms

couple sitting in trunk of car

Crossing your arms gives out the exact vibes that you want to avoid. It makes you look disconnected from the guy and you appear uninterested in your date.

It can also make him think you’re feeling attacked and insecure.

So unless these are the signals you’re going for, my suggestion is to keep your arms how you normally keep them and avoid crossing them at all costs.

5. Strike a power pose

couple hugging beside sea

This sounds way more complicated than it actually is. You don’t have to be a boss ass bitch to strike a power pose.

It’s all about carrying yourself with confidence and grace! ANY girl can do this with ease.

Don’t slouch, but rather stand firmly with your shoulders to the back.

As I’ve already mentioned above, keep your hands down or on the table if you’re sitting, but never cross them.

Another idea is to put your hands on your hips, or simply choose one. Keep your head high, your eyes locked at the ”target,” and act as fiercely as you look.

6. Lock eyes with the guy

Couple drinking at cafe

I’ve already mentioned it, but the importance of eye contact cannot be stressed enough.

This is an extremely powerful body language tool that makes anyone feel more at ease in your presence. Just think about your conversations for one second.

Try to remember how it makes you feel when the person you’re having a conversation with keeps evading your look and twirls around the room as if totally uninterested.

And now remember the complete opposite effect firm eye contact has on you. 

It makes you feel validated, heard, and seen. It shows respect and character.

So you can see how important it is that you look him straight in the eye while flirting with him.

You want him to know that you’ve got eyes only for him. And that’s all there is to it. Pay attention to him and you’ll get him hooked.

7. Use your lips to seduce him

young blonde woman standing beside leafs

Your lips are probably the first thing any guy will notice about you, and honestly, who can blame him?

Your lips are the most attractive body part to him and he is probably fantasizing about kissing them more than you know.

Use this to your advantage. Guys love the color red. Especially on a woman’s lips. It screams passion and fierceness.

It makes you look bold, confident, and sexy AF. Try on a sexy red lipstick and see how he responds. My guess is he won’t be able to stop staring at you.

Next thing you can do is bite your lower lip (it NEVER fails to make the guy hot for you) or to subtly lick your lips. It’s always the simplest things that do the trick!

8. Play with your hair

young blonde woman wearing pink jacket

You can do so much with that hair of yours. And don’t even feel bad if it’s not that long, so what?

You can still seductively  play with a lock of your hair over your ear. But for those with long hair, the options are endless.

You can flip your hair to the back. You can look him in the eye as you’re placing your hair behind your ear.

You can pick a lock of your hair and play with it as you’re having a conversation with him. Put your hair in front of him and proudly display it.

The trick is to not overdo it. You don’t want the guy to think you’re some hair-obsessed gal. Pick one or two of these, tops, and use it wisely.

Hair is a sexy part of a woman that guys are extremely drawn to. So you really don’t even have to try that hard. He’s probably already hooked.

9. Use facial expressions to show interest

cute young brunette playing with her hair

Were you aware of the mind-boggling fact that people make around 25,000 facial expressions a day?

People use their faces to express their feelings much more often than using their voices, so take note and use your face to show him how you feel!

You can do this very simply. At first, pay attention to what he’s talking about and nod as he’s speaking.

That will show him that he hasn’t lost you.

Then, you can tilt your neck to one side a bit, which reveals your neck (the most vulnerable body part) and insinuates that you trust him.

Mirroring his expressions is also a fun idea. Just carefully observe not to smile if he’s talking about something serious or actually laugh if that wasn’t his intention.

Everything in moderation. He’s going to notice that you are carefully listening and reacting accordingly, which makes you look like a desirable partner in his eyes.

10. Lean in gently toward him

woman leaning on man in front of water

Imagine you’re talking to a friend, colleague, or really anyone you normally converse with, and you notice they’ve leaned in as you’re speaking on a serious matter.

How does that make you feel? I’m guessing quite nice, as it shows you’ve got their undivided attention.

Do the exact same thing to this guy. Lean in when you want him to know you’re listening.

If you lean back, it shows lack of interest, so never resort to that.

Always lean a bit forward, as it shows him you’re interested in what he’s saying and it subconsciously makes him more attracted to you.

11. Wear something that makes you look (and feel) fierce

pretty woman wearing high heels and sitting outside

My opinion is that one should never do, say, or wear something they aren’t comfortable with. If it doesn’t make you feel good, just leave it.

So be true to yourself. The best way to feel good in his company is if you wear something that makes you feel like yourself and completely comfortable.

It can be any T-shirt in which you feel amazing and a pair of skinny jeans.

It can be a hot little black number in which you feel like a bombshell. Or it can be something completely different. It’s up to you!

If you feel comfortable, it is much more likely that you’re going to appear relaxed and like you’re having a good time with him.

So don’t listen to your friends who keep telling you to slut it up (unless that’s what YOU want as well). Be YOU!

12. Don’t plan too much, go with the flow

low angle photo of man holds woman hand

I can give you all the tips on sexy body language signs in the world, but at the end of the day, it’s all up to you and him.

You really can’t know what this guy likes until you try! Some guys like it when you seductively lean in and shamelessly flirt, and others love it when you play coy.

You can’t plan these things. All you can do is read up, keep all of these useful tips in mind, and if it feels appropriate, use them!

You’ll be able to tell then and there, and not a minute sooner.

So my last tip is to simply be yourself. Don’t change your behavior excessively.

Use these to your advantage, but merely to accentuate and emphasize your already amazing traits.

This guy should love you for who you are. Use your body language to seduce him, but never cross any lines you’re not comfortable with.

Final Thoughts

man kisses woman forehead

Seducing a man might seem like a mighty task, but it really isn’t. It is all about using what God gave you to the best of your ability.

All of these fabulous tips and relationship advice are here simply to help you use what you’ve already got. And I’m sure you’ve got plenty!

It’s not about becoming somebody you’re not. It’s about showing yourself that you’ve got what it takes to win over any man that you want. And if it doesn’t work, know that it’s not you.

Some men are just blind to the amazing things that are in front of them.

Put on something that makes you feel good, wear as much (or as little) makeup as you wish, and put on your favorite sneakers or heels.

When you feel the most like yourself, you’ve got the best shot to impress your desired man. And if he doesn’t like you for you – his loss!

12 Sexy Body Language Signs That Make You Irresistible To Men